Sunday, July 27, 2008

uncomfortable sunday

suppose to wake up at 630am, my phone keep ringing and ringing, and i keep pressing the snooze ended up my mom have to wake me up at 7am..and i'm suppose to wake up van, bt i ended up nvr do tat, gosh..i was my mom wants to leave the house by my bro was late ended up we went out at confirm we kena bombared by our mom lah...and then..suppose to go and fetch wei she is not awake yet..and we're waiting at there..then things get worse...and while my mom was nagging..i was thinking ya i am wrong i decided to apologise to her...hope tat she dosent get tat mad lah..

reach temple, we started practise our singing..and i haven even open my voice so it sounds like a toad singing...finish the singing, xuan shan and i ran up to the class..gosh we are really late for class...then since today is my last week in the class, so i will teach, and ya i'm suppose to teach also..then of course have to shout in the class again lah...tat is part of my job in the class...tats why i can easily get sore throat every i started the class with morning exercise again..then banana..after tat teach the kids to sing a new song..haha..they learn quite fast bt still not good...of course lah they are 5 yr old kids wat..what can u expect them to do? then let the kids to do colouring..while doing colouring, one of my student suddenly came and hug me and kiss my hand..tat time i dunno wat to it was so sweet of i just ignore it and smile to him..then after awhile he came and did the same thing again..ahh..i just think tat he is sooooo damm bloody CUTE!!! (mei mei..finally got some1 cuter than u..hahaa) and he did tat for like dunno how many times i still like after the class when he is leaving..he nvr even say bye to me at cannot blame lah, he loves his mother more than me...

after class went for dancing class, then i got 1 misscall from sis. kezia..then she said she wan to meet me for interview...ok then i just go for interview..and interviewing halfway..i suddenly get stomach ache...and i was in this so damm bloody cold room...gosh..i dunno how i suffer like hell while interviewing...finish the interview i quickly ran to the toilet...i really feel so uncomfortable..gosh and then i have to go back for dancing..and i nvr dance tat well cz of the stomach. then finish dancing head to choir..and i actually forgotten tat i nvr even had smth in the morning...until 12 smth..bcaz of the stomach ache i'm not hungry still i cant sing well...bcaz of the stomach AGAIN...
and now i'm home, still not feeling well..and is so sad tat i dun get to stay back for meeting..and also felt so sorry for sui yuan..i really want to stay for due to smth..i cant stay..wat i can say is...i'm not having a nice sunday, bt at least i dosen't have a bad ppl don't be like me...u all must sleep earlier, wake up earlier and must eat for ur breakfast..and i got so many pimples nowadays due to lag to sleep...

Friday, July 25, 2008

just a normal week

well, i have no idea what to write now, but i just feel like FRIDAY!!!YAY!!normally on friday, me and anusha will gone crazy, we will poke each other, beat each other and disturb each other half way in the class...ya and we did tat today, but just tat we weren't as crazy as seems like every1 is sooo tired..including me!!every1 haven been sleeping well, or they sleep late lately..and mine is worse..everynight i slept so early, but i always woke up in midnight...well today i force myself not to do tat..i have to be normal again!!so that i won't be so tired everyday....

anyway, this week is just a normal week as usual, on monday went to college for assignment..and i tot that i would use alot of time to finish our wasn't wat i i have to wait until 5 smth for my bro to come and fetch me...and then i follow him to have his dinner with his friends..and guess bro's friends are soooo.....HOT!!!AHHHH!!!bt 1 thing that i don't like abt them is...they don't talk to sad..ya and most of it dissapoint me..bcaz they smoke, not tat i hate or dislike smokers.. no i dosen' i just don't understand why they want to smoke even though they knew is bad for health...well..i cant stop any1 from their body, not mine i still respect them...

ok..tuesday..i'm suppose to have social studies, bt another lecturer, which i dunno her name came in and teach us abt history..gosh when i see this HISTORY word...i have no mood in listening to the class anymore...history is my worst subject while i was in secondary we were actually late for the lecturer haven start she start by asking every1 how do we feel abt history..well every1 in the class dosen't like when is my it goes..

lecturer:so the next 1 pls...

me:i'm kelly, and i hate history

lecturer:oh so u also dun like why do u hate it?

me:errr..bcaz i hate it..

then the class burst with laughter...and some1 said, thats the good answer...hahaha
then the conversation continue again

lecturer: why do u hate history?

me: bcaz i dun understand what's the purpose of learning history...

ya..tats how i feel..well maybe in secondary school's history is different from the history that she for me history is like the 2ndary school that we have to memorise the whole text book...gosh...and wat can we do in the future by learning those??
so class goes on..and then when comes to this activity about time...the lecturer ask about days..and suddenly i sang a song out..which is abt days lah..sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday..i tot every1 knows tat nobody knows!!!and now i have no idea where i learn tat song..ok then i've been forced to sing out loud to the whole class tat song...finish tat song, then they had this game..which is quite fun...hahaha..yup and is good for kids to learn days by playing tat game....then she talk about she ask any1 knows how to sing the month song??some1 just said, "kelly, sing!"..i was stunt...and i dunno tat the lecturer ask the whole class who knows the macarena song or dance?then i tak malu just dance out..after tat the lecturer ask me to go out to the front and dance that embarrasing standing infront..then she sing the macarena song but with different lyrics..which is january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, imagine singing with tat lyrics and i'm dancing infront of the class..then the whole class laugh when i finish dancing...AHHH!!!tat was embarrasing...
bt seriously the class was least we have some laughter in the class... usual have to go class by met carmen in the same bus again..then we went to summit to buy sweets..yeap..i went to summit every wednesday to buy sweets b4 class...i'm so gonna get diabetes soon..anyway nth much tat day...

thursday..dosen't have enough have to wake up early and teach tuition..oh ya..forgotten to tell u guys tat i'm teaching tuition now...yup and tat day i got my salary!!hahahaha..damm happy bt i stilll have to save money lah..cannot simply spend...i am not rich..and ya i have lots of things to buy...gosh....anyway wasn't feeling well on tat wasn't really in the mood on tat day...

and i can't wait till sunday...sunday is always my best day!!!i love sunday the most..i get to meet all my kalyana mitras, my lovely students, have dancing class..choir...and also meeting...although it was tiring on sunday bt is always my favourite hoping for sunday to come...!!


there are many things that i want now!!!i know i'm greedy, bt there are alot things that i really want and some things i want to do, SO...

I WANT.....

1. to go for movies!!! i'm outdated d..i need to be update..

2. to SHOP!!!saw many things that i want, but always dosen't have the money with me

3. to do my hair....i really want to dye it, and straighten it...

4. to go for gym...have to keep fit lah

5. to go for yoga classes..i wanted it since 3 yrs ago

6. a car!!!without a car i can't even find a job!!argh

7. my own hard to always use mom's labtop

8. a new phone, my phone sucks!!

9. to get contact lens, bt i'm afraid of wearing it

10. earings...wats the point of having so many piercings at my ears if i'm not wearing any earings..i have 6 piercings at my ears all together, but i'm only wearing 1 earing..

11. to go for manicure..!!!you guys should know how i always wants my nail to be

12. holidays...

13. assignment to be vanished in the world!!

14. more MONEY!!!

15. and also a BOYFRIEND!!

ok i was just kidding for the last one..haha..i dun need that yet...
sometimes, ppl are just not satisfied even though they had so much..and i'm one of them..think abt it, there are some ppl out there don't even have what we sad..and life is not perfect!!!


lol..i just notice my blog can use to promote ppl, and i'm the only 1 doing one day, there is this girl, come to me and said "KELLY!!!i want to be promote in your blog also!!!"..hahaha damm cute lah her...and ya i do promise her and this is wat i'm gonna do what i've promised her..

Name: You Xin Yi


Relationship between me and her: friends!!

Reason to promote her: bcaz she asked to.!!!hahaha

About her:

she's pretty, cute, thin, nice, kind, she looks blur sometimes..
in times she can be.....
she loves day dreaming..(if i wasn't mistaken)
she's always curious of smth...
she loves to camwhore
there are more about her, bt i cannot be too detailed, bcaz she is so much way better than me...cannot promote some1 better than me!!hahahaha..xp
the most important 1...SHE IS SINGLE!!!bt i dun think she is available...
to xinyi:
see i kept my promise!!! happy lah u now..hahaha u're soon gonna be famous d..and guys will be asking me smth abt you..I JEALOUS!!!i felt regret tat i promote u...hahahha...and u ah..want ppl to promote you, but u nvr give your details to me...i have to guess some also...and guess wat you're the first girl that i promote in my u have to BE PROUD!!haha

Monday, July 21, 2008

to wei gin

suddenly rmb tat weigin asked me to try her muffin that she made yesterday...hahaha and SHE WANTS ME TO POST AT MY BLOG!!!so i full fill her..

SEEE I DO WHAT YOU SAID!!!!HAHAHAHA...anyway your muffin was nice lah...just tat i talk too actually taste like choc cake more than a muffin....every1 has diff style in doing dun take it serious from wat i said to u..okay???hehehe...anyway...I DON'T HATE YOU!!!so next time dun simply say ar...tat really makes me felt so scare and worried u know...okay...take care gal..and all the best in the competition...

suggestion for spicy food from now, sleep early everynight, drink lots of water, eat more fruits & vege, make sure dun fall sick, dun bake anything until after the u have to face the microvawe, is damm hot...and cut down 80% of choc..hahaha..although i didnt do tat while i was having competition last i tell you this is for each and everyone of u..and also to help van...hahahaha....n.n

crazy as usual

so into blogging mood, but i seriously dunno what to write about..hehe...
anyway, i've been crazy and silly nowadays, ya as usual i'm suppose to be like tat, but some of the things that makes me diff nowadays...stupid assignments..with all these assignments, i have to worry almost every night, hadn't have enough of sleep, and bcaz of that my pimples are all coming out...AAHHHH!!!i have scars on my face now....thx to my itchy hand which cannot stand to burst the pimple...and now i have a very bad skin...T.T.....

saturday, was having a performance for dunno what kind of event, so i reach temple around 4 smth..then we start practising. and while practising, i've been falling down and i cant even balance myself properly tat time..gosh my leg was so tired tat time..tat i really have to rest alot..then after practise, dinner....then went for make up and changing costume..well i've been helping most of the children there to put foundation on their face and also to the adults for the eye shadow..and then i look at the clock..gosh i only have 10 mins more and i haven tie my hair and make up..and bcaz of that rush..i had a very very light make up that shows not much difference..gosh tat time i was hoping tat i dosen't looks like a ghost on the b4 performing, van told me "kelly if you fall on the stage later, you will end your dance career"..omg tat time i was hoping that i dun fall on the stage later..and yup i didnt fall and every1 done a great perfomance compare to the last time...yipeee....

sunday, had our choir performance for cheif's bday, i knew tat i nvr sang that well today...bcaz i only get to sleep for 2 hours at night and i was soooo tired...then after everything meeting starts, well xuan shan and hvey jci wasn't there, so i have to drop down the minits..and van too do the minits together bcaz i seems so blur tat i cant even catch up wat they've been saying and keep jumping from this topic to another topic....ahhh!!!is not easy to be a secretery and i can never be a secretery..i salute to all the secretery in the whole world *salute*
after meeting went for awhile and went dinner with my uncle..yea..and i get to see my baby cousin!! so after dinner i rest for awhile, then receive some of my reply which is 2 hours ago and woke me up..and talk to van on the phone abt 1 hour...and now i lose my voice..might be having sore throat tmr...T.T

Saturday, July 19, 2008

17th july..TAN ZHEN LIN'S 19th BIRTHDAY

ya..i actually promise this fella that i'll post one bday post for him...bcaz i got no present for him!!!see how good am i...
anyway..i know this fella since last yr..i dunno how we really get along each other....maybe is from the chs idol..then we get to talk to each other..ya ah..he is DAMM GOOD in singing!!!
erm..seriously..i really dunno him that well..u know big gap between f5 and upper 6 last time (for those who are from chs) dun really get to know him tat well..anyway..still he is my friend and i have to wish him...n.n

to zhen lin:

you are a nice guy, or maybe not..hahaha..i dunno..for me u're i hope that u 55 find a gf and rmb to invite me to ur wedding..XD, bcum more and more handsome, smarter, and also bcum happier than you are right now..even though i'm not a very close friend to you, bt once a friend, you're forever my friend..may you be well and healthy always..take care...and all the best in everything..and I MISS YOU!!!hahaha

this is the only pic of me and you

18th july..LIM SUI YUAN'S 20th BIRTHDAY

i've know this guy since i was f2 from one of the leadership camp held at dusun eco...yup tat time he was still abit malu malu to us...and now, he is my boss in the youth group lah..he can be nice sometimes, bt he can be mean also....too bad ppl he ain't single he is unavailable..
and ya..besides that is so coincidence that we are from the same secondary school and same house also..hahaha..and from wat i've know abt him, he has the BRAIN!!and he is sporting enough, and of course lah he is nice lah (have to say that if not kena from him..hahha...xp)

to sui yuan:
next time dun snatch the psp from me when i'm playing, i wanna play 1 u know..then i nvr scratch your car..i always love my precious nail and i wont spoil them and use them by scratching your car...ok anyway that was the past...
so i still have to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!may you and ur gal stay happily ever after..haha..sounds so "fairytale like"..hope that all you best wishes come true, stay happy and healthy always, all the best in everything...and so sorry that i dun have a pic with no pic...hehehe

Friday, July 18, 2008

tagged by lixin

1.What do you want the most now?
*to be free from assignment

2.Who is the person you trust the most?

3. Are you in love?

4.If you have a dream come true...
*make sure i was awake tat time

5.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
* scientific

6.What's your goal for this year?
*improve myself in everything

7.Do you believe in eternity?

8.Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she wanted to commit suicide?

9.What feeling do you love the most?

10.What are the requirements for your other half?
*love me for who i am, care for me, tall enough for me, have a cute smile..n.n

11.What kind of feeling do you hate the most?

12.Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
*YES!!I DO!!!

13.What do you want to do in the future?
*get married..hahaha..xp

14.What is the most important thing in your life?
*air, water, food, clothes, and money!!!

15. How did you feel last night?
*i feel good

16.Who do you hope to be always there for you?
*someone that i love

17.When do you think the world will end?
*erm erm erm...dunno leh

18.The world ends tomorrow.What will you do?
*call my friends and say goodbye, stay with my family

19.What do you think of the person that tagged you?

*she is a nice girl
*same age as me
*my classmate
*she is damm good in girama
*she is clever and damm good in studies

20.What do you want to know right now?
*there's too many to list down

Then add 4 people in your list and list them out at the end of the post.
Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged! =)


Friday, July 11, 2008

promoting again

name:Justin Lee Kin Hei a.k.a MEI MEI

age: 16

status:single, but i think is not available..hahaha

relationship between me and him:SISTERS!!!

reasons for promoting him:he is so damm bloody CUTE!!!!always wanted to pinch him when i sees him..!!!

mei sure got alot big jie jie come and look for you d...
hahaha...he is really a very cute boy, that i hope that he can be my sister forever..although i always call him MEI MEI, but i'm kinda scared that he is mind sometimes...anyway..mei mei you're damm famous in my blog now!!hahahahaha!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

emo post

is been years that WE've known each other...ya I do admit that I dislike you when the first few years I get to know after that, in f3 WE've been in the same class again, and from that year onwards WE are best friends, good friends, and even sisters..
YOU're always the one that is sleeping in the class, always bring US to have lunch for free, always ask ppl to do homework for YOU, always the one that is hardworking in cleaning the class, and also always the one that really loves US..
besides, YOU are always the one that also wants US to belanja YOU, the one that always owe US money, the one that've been missing always in school times, the one that always snatch OUR notes away while WE're studying half way, the one that always eat with US during recess time, the one that always tell ME "everything", the one that is always late, and also the one that always smile to everyone..
after WE've graduated, WE still keep in touch, at first I'm kinda mind of what YOU've done to us. WE've been treated YOU the best, as OUR friends, no matter what YOU've done WE always forgive YOU, bt YOU treated the others better than US. I felt so dissapointed, bt I still love YOU as who YOU are, as my I forgive YOU..after few months, YOU decided to celebrate birthday for HER and YOU said YOU wanna plan with ME together, but ended up I am the only one doing everything, and then is okay for ME that time, I dun mind, but YOU're late for HER birthday, and YOU even borrow money from HER on that day??!!!and YOU haven even return back to HER until now..ok fine I'll just forget the past..
but, when came to may, YOU ask US to come to YOUR hse when is YOUR birthday, but MY birthday is coming, YOU nvr even ask ME abt that and YOU expect US to celebrate birthday for YOU, I really felt so dissapointed that moment, and I just kept queit....then when is MY birthday, YOU nvr wish me, well I thought that YOU might've just forgotten, since YOU are so forgetful. after a mean time I really don't have to mood to talk to YOU anymore. whenever YOU talk to me, I always dun feel like talking to YOU and even find excuses to get away from YOU, and I even want to block YOU from my contact. but I can't do that, bcaz I still treat YOU as my friend..
and after 1 month, YOU came to ME and ask ME to buy birthday present for YOU!!!at that very moment, I felt so dissapointed and I feel like crying..YOU forgotten my birthday and YOU still ask ME to buy present for YOU! wth
YOU think who am I?GOD??and after that YOU knew that something is wrong with YOU find out from HER, and SHE ask ME, and I told her everything, when I was telling HER everything, my tears drop out from my eyes, I really felt so dissapointed of what YOU've done to ME...and when YOU get to know the truth..YOU find excuses and said to ME that bcaz YOU were busy, for ME, YOU're lying..if YOU forgotten, just say so..don't lie to ME...that hurts, and YOU even told ME that YOU ask ME to buy bday present for YOU was a joke, but that really hurts ME!!for ME it isn't a joke at all!!and YOU even tell ME "friends is not about what we said, is all about TRUST and HONESTY" and guess what, I've been losing trust on YOU since HER birthday, and YOU're not honest to me at all..YOU've been finding excuses to make ME forgive YOU...

I know that both of US and HER don't want OUR friendship just gone like that, but from what YOU've done, really dissapoints ME..and I also don't wanna lose a friend, so just give me some time to cool down myself, and hope that YOU know what YOU've done and understand what I've said to YOU..I hope when the next time I get to see or talk to YOU, YOU've grown up..and not staying in YOUR own life, make everyone following YOUR way....YOU are not the only one that is busy WE are busy too..

happy birthday to tze chyng
kah wai
jo ee
~very unhappy kelly~

Saturday, July 05, 2008

for everyone






































They say it takes a minute
to find a special person,
an hour to appreciate them.
A day to love them,
but then an entire life
to forget them.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


28th june..
john invited us to saisaki and celebrate his bday...THX!!!
and the actual plan for surprising him had ruin..too bad..and it even wasted alot of their time..poor mei mei (a.k.a justin) and the others tat don't get much time to eat...
after tat the whole gang split into two which is the "SENIOR CITIZENS" group, and the "young ones"...guess where am i?i'm in the SENIOR CITIZENS GROUP!!!and we guys went to midvalley as the young ones went to pavillion...that day the 4 of the "senior citizens" who are vanessa, geetha, xuan shan and me..are all wearing high heels...!!!and lucky geetha and xuan shan dun have to suffer that much as me and van follow mei mei's way...we walk up and down..turn around....and van is even worse..she run on the escalator..through the OPPOSITE WAY, with HEELS??!!and thank goodness she nvr fell..ya..and guess wat ppl..i wore the wrong heels...and my poor feet had suffer alot...i felt so sorry to my feet...i even get blister on my had smth tat is diff from the others...i can't walk in heels...but i can run in heels!!hahahahaha..normally ppl don't run with heels EXCEPT ME! and after back from and my bro went dinner with our family...and from that moment..i've been wearing my ugly but comfortable shoes to dinner and even to temple at the next day...

lesson of the day..don't wear that pair of heels anymore if you are walking or standing for a very long time...
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN, you are always the king kong of everyone and still i prefer to call u "jie jie" (elder sister in chinese)

monday..30th july
i'm not suppose to have my class on tat they are having this talk tat the lecturers "FORCE" us to go..bcaz attendance is i have to reach there early to hand in the ptptn contract..bcaz is the last day..and i reach there at 3...jus to hand in the contract and accompany anusha..and we got nth to first we decided to go for bcaz i'm lacking of money so i decided not to go...and at 4pm we tumpang hock hou's car to sunway pyramid...THX!!
then we had baskin robins damm expensive..T.T and my money just gone like it was nice..hahaha
after tat we walked around and i've been slipping and felling for 4 times...since college until pyramid..ahh..1st i slip when we are in the basement goin to hock hou's car..2nd..i almost fell while walking the stairs to the skating rink..3rd..i just twisted abit while i was walking halfway..the 4th i slip while walking halfway also...gosh..the worst is the 2nd time...then after tat both of us met kai shuang, kai li, nian ern and carmen after baskin robins and then we went back to college when we reach there...i mark my attendance then i leave...i felt so is too dangerous for me to go back late...i have no transport at tat time and i have to take public scary..!!bt anyway i was safe back home..

today..2nd july
went for moral when the time i reach..i saw anusha, kenneth, kai shuang and that gang were not in class yet..and i was late...there are this crowd at the ground floor foyer waiting to play dodge ball...and when anusha saw me..she ask me to play for her...tat time my eyes gone bigger and answer her with a "NO"..sorry..XD and then the 1st game starts with the boys..gosh all of them are damm fierce...i cant imagine if u kena the ball on ur face...after tat it was anusha, kai shuang, stephanie....and i think the other 1 is suppose to be i ended up dun wanna go..i decided to take care of their bags than going in...ya and their team vs kim's gf's team...and i seriously dunno who won..and i dunno why it looks kinda the other round that they go for it..i decided to not long the game starts the ball hit my head..and i was out..gosh i felt so embarrased tat time...and that moment my head got hit by the ball those people shout and cheer...i was like wth..!! and friend kai shuang is damm good in dodge ball...salute to her *salute* and she will be my idol for dodge ball...hahaha

and after tat every1 is abt to my moral class is having a break me and anusha stayed for awhile to watch the others playing...aha..and i saw hock hou with his friend playing...and i have to say tat his friend is DAMM FUNNY..shyt i felt so mean tat i laugh at ppl..his friend was actually dodging the ball..and then he went to the side, lost his balance and fell out...and tat happens infront of me..i cant do anything but laugh at there...i'm MEAN!!ARGH!! it was really funny...anusha and i was laughing all the way when we were walking up the stairs...
then as usual in moral class we don't listen to it and we do our own things, chat among each other, eat after class we went for mcDs cz i had these voucher tat u can get a free medium fries by purchasing any i got we used it...after mcDs the others went back and left me and carmen..we went to popular..and i really wanna thx her for bringing me to i saw this book that i really want...AHHH!!!!and it cost rm28..i dosen't have enough money at tat time...T.T i really wanted tat book sooooo much....anyway this book is abt those nail art stuff and those ppl who sees me nowadays..i change my nail colour once a week..i know is bad for my i really love it!!!so after popular..we went back to college and return money to hock hou tat always dun wanna accept money from me when i ask him to buy sweet...and we also tumpang his car to the opposite bus stop..bcaz we was too lazy to walk..and is damm hot at that time..hahaa..thanks again for "tumpaing" his car..and i was save back home again..n.n
and this is the picture of the book tat 1 want
the front cover
back of the book...
and i bet that they have two sets of this book..jus tat i only saw 1..the other i hope tat is not out of stock..T.T
and here are some random pics...
me..took by yvonne..
hiding from the cam
and the pillow from my kalyana mitras...n.n