Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday babe

i know i'm late to post this, but still i insist to post this..

first of all i have to say sorry to this babe here for not celebrating her birthday with her. i'm really sorry..but i get u a pink dress..and i really hope you like it...besides these are the words that i wanna say to you...

anusha, on 16th August 1990, you're born and i have to thank to you parents sooo much for giving birth to you..without you i won't be having such a nice friend like you at college...although i don't really get to know you tat long...but still i can feel that how nice are you..and i actually expected my college life would be really dull, boring and bad..but with you, doesn't made me thought of wat the college life should be and it does change my mind about how college life should be..and this is smth tat i wanna tell you...

i really appreciate of who you are,
thanks for being my friend..
thx to be the one tat always poke me and class
and also the one i've been poking in class
especially ON FRIDAY!!!
friday is always our favourite day..
but even though is not friday,
you'll still make it like a friday at every other day.
Besides, thx for being the one that really accept my madness,
my crazyness, my blurness, and my stupidness..
i hope that i doesn't offended you with those..
thx for teaching me some new english words (although u're not the only 1)
thx for going crazy with me
thx for being a listener
thx for being a friend to me..
i will have to say sorry to you for what i've done wrong to you
and i hope that you'll be my friend in this life of mine,
in the future and even when i'm reborn..


and i hope that u'll like the dress that i get for you..stop asking about the price and i'll let go my hair soon when i really feel comfortable with it...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i have no idea why nowadays i have this kind of uncomfortable feeling..i felt like i've been left out, people start gossiping..i know ppl do gossip but not in where every1 is odd. Besides i had this thing where i dunno who to trust nowadays besides myself, is not tat i don't trust any1, bt i had this weird feeling tat tells me not to trust whoever..and whenever what i wanna tell ppl abt something..i have to think for a long long time...

i dunno wheter did i say anything wrong or not, but if i do..people pls tell me honestly if i did, i'll appreciate you alot for telling me what i've done which is not right, i might be abit perasan or sentitive nowadays, bt pls do let me know too..i don't like this kind of feeling at all..

and ppl u all should know tat i dun like to be emo and i hate to be emo, so i'm not emoing, if u guys think tat i'm emoing i can tell u i'm just tat i've been thinking alot nowadays...worrying abt assignments and presentations. i'm gonna have 3 presentation on next week..and after tat will be my being so stress now, i doesn't have much time left to study..and i know tat i really have to work harder...

other than tat, i've miss out alot things, like going to pavilion with all my kalyana mitras and i really wanted to go sooo due to smth i really cant go..and if my hyperness do annoys u all pls tell me..okay..no1 is perfect in life as what van told me..but at least let me know...i'll appreciate you guys alot..thx

although i looks blur and stupid
but don't think tat u can prank or lie to me easily
i might be a slow learner,
but i will work hard for wat i have to do.
don't think tat i kept quiet aside,
and i cant feel anything.
i can feel tat something is wrong around me

Friday, August 15, 2008


went to redbox with cheryl, jiaern, jeelian and kenneth yesterday..and i'll let the pictures tell abt the whole thing

just started




we sang with joy, smiles together..

jee lian!!!

group picture

our room

food..not tat delicious

in the car..

thx to jee lian for taking the pictures of all of us...

this will be part of my memories..
i won't forget you guys..!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

its been a busy week lately, many things have to be done especially ASSIGNMENTS!!3 assignments to rush now....1 is almost done and there are 2 more..and that shows tat i dun get to rest even though i'll gonna have my term break soon...which is next week..
so things have to be done are:
  1. Assignment for social studies
  2. Assignment for play and learning
  3. Assignment for language and literacy
  4. Update the BISDS Youth Group notice board by 17th August
  5. Have to reclean the cupboard for dancing
  6. Replace all the tuitions for my student

Last bt not least...

STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!!exam is coming soon in 1 month...gosh how am i gonna survive this sem like tat...

this week i'll be quite free and get some time to have fun, rest and enjoy, so today i rest for almost the whole day after i finish teaching i'll have to make sure i'm in good condition for the next few weeks until my 2nd sem ends...time passes so i wish the time goes slower...

as sunday, i went for staff training and stay in there for the whole entire class, see i didnt ponteng, i'm a good girl..wahahaha, erm actually i did went in class late as i wanna see the results for the singing competition..well i missed their i have to congrats to mongalla 1 as they are the champion for this year..and also to sui yuan's and van's class for getting the 1st and 2nd place...and i missed alot things on tat day, bt i still get to go for choir...after back from temple, have my lunch and went to cheryl's place to try to complete our assignments, bt things cannot be complete bcaz we're lack of lots of my sunday was a tiring day for tat week..some things have been bothering me nowadays and trying to get rid of it out of my hope that my days go better and my life gets better everyday



i miss every1!!!!


Monday, August 04, 2008

take care people

saturday, went dinner to bbq plaza as i mention on my previous post...yup it was all of us are not full at for that night alot of people cant attend, and we purposely change to that place bcaz of our friend..which is my cousin TAN YIT SUN, and she ffk us last minute..i was like wth..we don't get to see each other that often d and u don't appreciate this chance to see each what can i do..i cant force her to go wat..anyway...that night there are all together 9 boys and 1 girl..oh ya is 2..including zheng ao's girl..we chat alot that night and i've been a mummy for them..i actually cook for them..not all lah of course..those that sit at the same table with me are lucky!!hahha..after that meal..we are not full is not enough for we decided to go for murni..yay murni AGAIN!!bt tat is my favourite mamak..cant deal with i order mango special and roti seafood *as usual*..and i tried anthony's roti daging and koon rui's cheese nun..hey..not bad next time i'll know what to change to eat between we play truth or dare...and as i'm the only girl bcaz zheng ao and his girl what can i do is always answer truth lah...dangerous u know..only girl wei and i actually answer all their stupid+lame questions..haha although i'm the only of course those guys are nice to me lah...they are my friends wat...i sayang them so they have to sayang me also!!anyway thank you boys for having a nice dinner together...and thx to chay jiang for fetching me home..i really miss you guys alot..and also the others..i love all of guys are always my boys..hahaha..and reminder to guo jie..pls pls pls return my dvd ASAP!!

sunday..yay sunday!!hahaha..the day i've been hoping every tat day alot of ppl seems so down...and most are them are not feeling well...well i wasn't fully recover yet after 1 whole week..i still have flu and sore throat..sad..anyway staff training staff tat day yeap i dun have to teach already since tat day and i was early then i went into the staff room and sit first..van, sui yuan and even xuan shan was there..when van saw me she called "kelly" with the very soft and polite way..and xuan shan just shout "KELLY!" then i was so schock..then i was thinking she need that thing from me i went in and mana tau she just pass me the piano scores that her sis borrow from me..after few minutes..i asked xuan shan *who is in the class?*and she said no1..then i look at the time and i told her is almost 9 now..!!!then she said "YA I KNOW! i'll go up later" i was like omg..i just tell her and said i go up now..u know i actually cant bare with kids staying in class without an adult inside..they are only 5 yr old KIDS!!accident might happen even in 5 minutes...i know i might think too much bt just for their safety i cant do tat..when i went in to the class..sis.carol was there and omg..i have thank her alot and i was quite embarrased when i see her..even my students asked me "teacher, why you so late??!!" then what can i do..i just smile at them..and change the topic by doing morning exercise with them again until xuan shan and geetha came..after that me, ying min, kit ying, chiang and sui yuan went for training together..and we sit together in a gang..and the very unlucky me..sat infront of sui yuan and chiang is beside him..and i kena disturbed by both of them in the lesson for that day is..dun ever sit behind both of them..then we actually escape from class while break..then i get to go for dancing class...YIPEE!!!and i really feel so glad that i have the chance to dance..and i appreciate that chance alot if not i really won't have that much chances to dance until end of the year..finish dancing..then choir as we sang start of something new..and also other songs..bcaz of my flu i cant sing well and i have to sing through my nose i try not to...and it was a quite a happy day bt just tat most of the people aren't feeling TAKE CARE people...drink more more spicy food, chocolates..competition is coming soon...ALL THE BEST!!!

mood ain't that good nowadays..
sorry to some people that get scolded or i did smth to u all

Saturday, August 02, 2008

suffering week

throughout this whole week (from monday to friday), have been suffering alot from assignments, sickness and some other stuff...

monday...woke up early in the morning make some breakfast then wait till cheryl comes and fetch me to her kidnergarten..ya we have to do some observation there, then she drop me there and she have to go to the other centre to work..poor thx to her anyway for fetching me in and out. well is been so long since i've ever step into a kidnergarten, when i step in it reminds me of my childhood times..when i was their age, i was like tat too..haha kids there are so cute..they came to me and wish good morning to me...and ya i get to get along with two little boys, 1 is DARYL!!hahaha...*to the real daryl* i found a kid cuter than u!!!hahhaa..anyway that daryl is soooo damm bloody cute!!and another kid if i wasn't mistaken his name is zi yi..cant really rmb, but he only talks to me..yay!!izit bcaz i know how to speak mandrin tats why he will talk to me?i dunno..when his hands is dirty i ask him to go and wash for dunno how many times, and he still haven move..until i stand up and walk he started to follow me..oh ya ppl, i saw a little boy hug the little girl, then the girl say "eh..cannot simply hug girl" bt the boy still wanna hug the girl..he wants to sit next to the the girl dun sad..hahaha..and i have no idea where they learn that from..i think they watch too much of tv....
after the observation, go for lunch with cheryl and her friends at bbq plaza..yup is my first time there..and i'm so in love with the food!!hahaha is damm nice to eat....then at night went to cheryl's place and stay overnight..and that night i was having flu, cant really sleep well in the night..

tuesday, wake up at 615am..follow cheryl to her work place at cheras...and i'll do the observation..poor cheryl dunno how she can tahan everytime..then i had fever and flu..gosh suffer like nobody's buisiness...after that have to go for class summore..wat can i do?i wanna sleep in class bt the lecturer keep calling my name...ahh...after class when i reach home..i straight away fall asleep in my room, then i woke up around 9 smth..had this medicine to cure fever..after had tat medicine, i try to sleep..but my eyes are so itchy that i scratch it for awhile..then i try to use my pillow to cover my eyes and sleep..i cant sleep..and my throat bcum itchy also..then i keep coughing for that night..and when i try to open my eyes, it seems so hard to open it..then i went out and tell my parents that my eyes and my throat are itchy..when they look at me they get abit shock..then i look to the mirror..OMG!!!i almost eyes bengkak like...ewww...i looks like an gross and scary..omg..and my tears just flow out from my so scary to have that pair of eyes....imagine that urself...thx to the medicine, my fever my eyes are swollen..then what can i late already..then i just go back to sleep..

wednesday..i woke up and first thing i do..i look into the mirror..and my eyes are still swollen bt not as serious as the day i think is gonna recover soon...and i feel like resting for the whole day bt i have to rush the assignment gosh..i rush like mad and my mind are dead that time..i cant think of anything when i left the last i gave up at night..and i go to bed earlier and try to finish up the next day...even though is due on the next day..

thursday...the 1st thing i do when i woke up is look into the mirror again...aha...finally my eyes are not that swollen..still got abit..but not as serious as 2 days i have to teach tuition on tat day..and of course bcaz of my sickness i cancel my i have to replace it again when i'm free...although my eyes are not that swollen, bt my face is...i looks dammm fat lah..even other ppl thought that i gain after tuition have to rush to college to finish assignment..ya and i get to finish it in time..hahaha..and i got alot of time more to anusha went to college early and have lunch with me...thx babe..such a nice friend i have...haha..on that day i was quite happy bcaz i've finish my assignment by myself...and my partner cant go to college bcaz her leg is pain..i cant belive that i can really do most of the things by myself...hahahaha...then after class i went home and rush another assignment which my partner is both of us rush till midnight..she cant tahan d then she go and sleep first..then i help her to do some parts until i cant stand i just fall asleep..

friday..force myself to wake up early to finish the assignments...and when i'm done i wanna send it to my msn doesn't work..even the hotmail is not working..gosh...then i have to use gmail..with the very very slow version to send to her..luckily it works..if not i will be dead..yay..finally we have some time to rest awhile..but i dun get to..i have rush the meeting minutes to sui yuan bcaz xuan shan ask me to do so...omg bt i was soooo tired ytd..until i sleep damm ppl i slept b4 12am...that is soo early..for me lah of course...

today..i woke up early bcaz i slept early i have to rush the minutes for sui finish it..and yay...get to rest for awhile..hahaha..and going to bbq plaza again tonight...i can't wait to see my secondary friends again...i miss them so much as i always do...!!bt i have to skip choir practise for that dinner..i really miss my friends so much that i dun wanna lost this opportunity to see them...yipee i can't wait till tonight...
and i cant wait till tmr again!!is sunday tmr..i've been hoping sunday to come faster every so sad that i don't get to see my students that often..bcaz staff training starts tmr..and i'll missed dancing class....tats my favourite part..i don't get to dance with every1 tmr...T.T...sad i still get to go for choir practise..n.n!!