Sunday, June 22, 2008


yay!!!finally got the pictures.....thanks to everyone that send me the pics...

4th june-MY BIRTHDAY

my birthday cake...n.n

cutting cake so called "boyfriend"

omg...kelly stop eating!!
me and my bro
i looks so......ewww here
with shu mei and shu xian
my present from them...
sui lun and sui yuan
mun wai..
suelyn & john
xuan shan
kai-yuan & kai-cong
aha...they finish the cake...
15th june-xuan shan's advance birthday
the crowd waiting for the birthday girl..
her cake

the birthday song...with the smashing..haha

wiping her face

the tissues to wipe her face

i wiped her face

looking at the poor birthday cake

ji muis!!

haha...feeding kai-yuan

after that.......van gave me my birthday present....

the opening...the box is full of the memories between me and her...gosh...i cried when i finish open it...tat was touching!!

once again people!!I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!YOU GUYS ROCKS!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


well..i am actually doing some slide show for this saturday's reunion..and guess what people..!!!
especially to all my kalyana mitras...while i was looking for pictures..and i look through those camp picture..i found this..really cute and FUNNY picture...that really burst out with laughter...
and guess who is "SISTER"...JUSTIN!!!

but before showing you all the picture..i have to say SORRY to this "xiao mei mei" u have to thank me for promoting you!!!hahaha...
isn't he cute!!!!!
to justin:
this shows that how much I LOVE YOU!!!hahaha...i won't promote any1 in my blog that i dosent love...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

special month of the year

4th june...
YAY!!is my birthday...a really special day for me..
first of all i would like to say THANK YOU to all the people that wish me through sms, msn, friendster, calls and those that celebrate for me....!!!

well on that day, justin invited me, my bro and also the other committees from the camp to midvally..since we miss each other soooo we decided to hang out on that day..and those people there actually don't know that day was my i keep it among me myself, xuan shan and my brother....we had pool and futsball before our lunch..after lunch we went for movies...and we watched IRON MAN....

after the movie, me and yuming are suppose to leave, becaz he is having we really wanna stay so we decided to stay and yuming don't get to go his tuition bad...but in between that time...i was talking to xuan shan...and we were talking halfway, xuan shan suddenly went to geetha, and they start whispering among each i ignored..and then geetha and xuan shan..started to whisper to other people EXCEPT ME!!! gosh..then i started to became curious...keep wondering what are they talking about..and then..suddenly geetha brought me to go somewhere and b4 that there are some people behind us...and we walked and walked...when we turn around...there isnt anyone there..gosh...where is every1??!!!and is getting more and more me and geetha decided to sit down and wait for the other people for awhile..then we keep chit-chating..
in between that, my mind was still thinking what are they talking abt..and they can't be missing just like tat..then i asked geetha..where is every1..?and izit they are doing smth for me..?she kept queit and she changed topic quickly..omg..tat was really fast...after awhile...geetha's phone rang..and then she said "okay, i hope i know where is the place"..then she started to bring me to walk around..and i thought tat we're going to baskin robins, bcaz b4 tat me and suilun was talking abt that..and then suddenly she said she wanna buy sandals...ok..then tat was fine for me..and guess wat...WE PASS BY VINCCI!!i told her tat we just pass by there and she just smile to me..god..and then we saw the MPH bookstore..then she say she wanna go in...ya..and i nearly went in...then she pull me out...i nvr even notice that the secret recipe was beside!!and then we went in..every1 was there..then they started to sing the happy birthday song...and it sounds so dead...and i straight away said "i'm dying now izit!!"..then they sang loudly for the 2nd time.......hahaha..and every1 was looking at us....tat time i smiled so wide..and i felt so touch at that moment..i nvr cried out is bcaz i knew it..HAHA..too bad they can't see my tears...

that the best moment i've ever had...and is been years i nvr celebrate my birthday...i felt so touched at that time...and what i can say that is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!even though is just a simple celebration, but with all my friends doing that for me..i'm really happy...
and i'm gonna mention their names now..!!
to those people, thanks for the surprise, yummy cake, presents, birthday song and the wishes..i won't forget you guys until the end of my life..!!!

besides those people up there...i have to say THANK YOU to...
VANESSA, SZE HUEY, MING HUIY, WEI CHIANG and JIOK LI...for the japanese lunch treat...
and also to the others that wish me through sms, msn and friendster...
i really appreciate all of you...and you guys are great, thanks alot!!

and also thanks to
hvey jci- for the lipgloss
xuan shan- bracelet
peeps- doggie pillow
vanessa- for the box of memory...

another thanks again for my college friends, classmates for the birthday song..although is i felt touched too...thanks alot

what i can say is, without you all, my life would be dull...i really appreciate each and everyone of you...thank you!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

p/s:i'll upload the pictures in the other post..!!

okay..besides my birthday...i still have my really good, best ji mui's birthday!!XUAN SHAN! is her birthday..but we celebrated for her 2 days earlier...
i made a surprise for her...ya..i hope that she is touched of it..hahaha..!!
and to her...

you are a really good friend
a good sister
a good girlfriend
a good colleaugue
a good partner
of mine...
i really appreciate you alot
for helping me alot..
teaching me...
and even correct me..
with you, me and hvey jci
the three of us...will be staying together..
and support each other..
no matter how, and what..
kelly will always support you..
u are trustable, caring, kind, lovely,
cute, pretty, hot, and even more..
without you, i might not have some1 to really talk to alot..
with you, i got 1 more friend,
i got 1 more trustable friend,
i got 1 more ji mui
and i got 1 more sister...
hope that we are friends forever...
you are always my ji mui..
nothing can seperate us...!!
take care....LOVES!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


well is kinda boring now, and i haven been updating my blog for half a month...
so sorry to all my dearie readers, well i haven get all the pictures that i want, especially from JUSTIN, XUAN SHAN, NGIAP KIM!!
so since i don't have the pictures, i'll do this tag by sui lun!!!

#1 If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be? reaction??sure i will be shock lah!!duh~

#2 if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
erm, live happily ever after!!

#3 what will your dream wedding be like?
simple, romantic, sweet, lovely and memorable

#4 are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
nope, nobody lie to me

#5 what's your ideal lover like?
have a cute smile, tall enough for me, care for me, understand me, play with me, laugh with me, support me, and LOVE ME!!!

#6 which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
of course the best is loving someone and loved by the same person the you're loving some1..get wat i mean?

#7 how long do you intend to wait for someone u really love?
it depends on what kind of situation

#8 if the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
wish the best for them..n.n

#9 is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
i got fed up, but not unhappy

#10 is being tagged fun?
is fun when u have nth to do, bt i feel very annoying when u keep doing it

#11 how do you see yourself in ten years time?
10 years ago, i was short, ugly, stupid, blur, careless, young, immature, good in studies, hardworking, love to copy ppl, got lesser friends...
and NOW, i am tall enough, still abit blur, sometimes careless, old, mature than b4, not that good in studies, lazy, be myself, i got plenty of sweety friends, know how to differenciate good and bad, right or wrong..

#12 who are currently the most important people to you?
my friends, family, doggie..

#13 what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
-he is damm good in piano!!
-he is romantic..
-he is younger than me
-my bro's friend
-my friend's bro
-he is hardworking
-he is clever

#14 would you rather be single & rich or married but poor?
gosh!! kinda hard to choose..i dun wanna be single, and i dun wanna be tat poor too...

#15 what's the first thing you do every morning?
open my eyes lah...duh~

#16 would you give all in a relationship?
not all, sometimes we have to sacrifice the relationship because of something..

#17 if you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
nah~i don't have two hearts

#18 what type of friends do you like?
i dun like my friends..I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!

#19 what type of friends do you dislike?
erm..if i dislike them, i wont take them as my friends

Im going to tag....
any1 who wanna do this tag