Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fun, crazy, silly, *you say it all* outing

i've been really excited about this outing ever since i knew it. Oh well what to do i was staying at home for weeks~~!! thanks maxx for organizing it. So people were there are kei, mike, chiang, maxx and of course me!!! yea 5 of us did had a great great time ! well is definitely for me~

start off in the morning hahaha i only manage to sleep at 6am. reasons?
1st, i slept too much in the afternoon
2nd, i ate some mocha ice-cream at 11pm
3rd i'm too excited about this thing and i can't wait!

well there goes the day
kei offered to fetch me there and back~ aww so nice of her i love her banyak!
tadaa and we reached pyramid 20 mins earlier then what do we do? of course lah walk around
hahaha she is soo patient to bear with my gila-ness of cosmetics i keep telling her this and that~
yes ppl i'm soo into cosmetics these day what to do, hiao mah hahah
okay then we went in to redbox 1st we're the earliest customer i guess? lol
so we started 1st, then followed by chiang coming in, later on mike and maxx to reach
so pictures gonna say it all

still 3 hours is always not enough for us~ oh wells then went for pool
kei and i didnt play so what we do is start camwhoring and~ chit chatting around
since the guys take turns and then kei chat with one of the guy, and i was there to kacau the players hahaah! coecidently met jeremy and the other small boy which i forgotten his name there.
after tat went out for awhile to pay a visit to andrew he's working there haha
then chiang layan me to play with the creative imagination of the cue, hahaha
well disturbing the guys are fun for me thou~ hahahaah!

she looks super hot here!!

after pool the guys were hungry so went off to wendy's so they had their extra lunch, then while they're eating, kei and i went to walk around, ooh i finally found smth that i want! but out of stock~ aww, but luckily is out of stock cz i dun have enough money with me, lol. so on the way back to wendy's we passed by this negro and the negro actually look at us, i saw him, but kei didnt, so i just ignore it and off we go. Then when we reach to this escolater where there's no1 there, suddenly a guy's voice came from behind us
"excuse me"
omg is the negro that i saw when we pass by him!
then both of us gave way we thought that he wanted to cross, but then he started asking
"are u from malaysia" i answered ya
"which part"
"errr here?"
"can i be your friend?"
"errr errr, no~" then we quickly ran to wendy's
omg!!! is freaky!!!!! and he has been following us all the while!! omg~~!!!
but save and sound in wendy's continue with chit chat session
and if u noticed the pic, i have some similar position, some of you might know why, some of you don't hahaha. not gonan tell u wat happen
oh oh, i met mon wei there too! hahaha she's working there too, well at 1st i didnt see her, i saw her boyf 1st and i thinks tat the guy looks super familiar, and i was thinking i saw him somewhere and i think is my friend's boyf haahah! then i turn~ ooh saw mon wei!
not bad met quite alot of ppl today thou

mike and maxx left 1st, so continue kei and i started to window shop and poor chiang teman us hahaha.

ahhaha funniest scene, we were in body shop, kei was trying this perfume and she wanted to spray on herself instead she spray on chiang's body~! lol! and the perfume ain't nice at all! hahahahaha~
then off to dinner with them at pasta zanmai

ahh super full dinner, my plan for having desserts tak jadi, cz we were too full, but i wanna eat tat dessert~ then continue window shopping for awhile and off we go home~!
is a fun fun fun day i should say =D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sing along~ la la la la la

better keep ur voice and we'll sing our lungs out on wednesday!!
can we watch alvin and the chipmunks 2 too?
and not to miss out


la la la la la~ i can't wait till see u guys

Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'm dreaming of a white christmas

i know chirstmas is over, but i love this song~ can't look for ituana version 1, that 1 is really nice, heard it from 1 of the michelle phan's tutorial video, so loving this song now hahaha

Friday, December 25, 2009


happy christmas every1
2 videos to share with u guys =D

support them yo~!

miss everybody so so so so much~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

letters and cards

i couldn't sleep ytd night~ and i start looking through my whole boxes of letters
i have this box to keep all my cards and letters

looks familir huh? yea it was my birthday present from van~ of course she didnt gave me the box only lah, there's more inside, jus that i make use the box for smth else

this is what's inside the box, part of it thoueach small notes for each present
a blouse, a candle, soap and a bracelet, but i lost the bracelet =(

and also with this card

this is my this year's bday card from my classmates =D
i hardly receive letters and i always keep all the letters
i got this letter 2 years ago and guess who?

tadaaa~~~!! my maria~!!! haahaindeed i was really surprise

then another letter received, and is a new year card
well couldn't rmb when i receive this and guess who is it from?
she really love me lots awww~

then my this year's bday card
i love her banyak banyak

my 1st chritmas card received 2 weeks ago
got it from the present exchange

then i got this card on the last day of sunday school 2009
awww sweet huh~

and then i got this from my last year's bday together with the present

another card from dear pei wen

yes i'm a big mashimaro fan

also got this on the last day of sunday school 2009

ahahaha another mashimaro, and i kept this ang pow for years!
i kept a 10 dollar inside for years too, my dad gave it to me and why do i keep it so long?
and this is the reason why nice leh the number

lastly, this i got it from cfc my first time being the facilitator
and all the papers that the children give me are kept inside
some sort of a letter of impression towards somebody

not gonna show all thou
*click on the images for a better view*
proven shuen was in my group b4 haha

awww she wrote for me

i didnt know i was that sad last time~

and this is from jason!! ya yee wan's brother

he confessed to me! hahahaah

and i got my early christmas present from my relatives from hk

good luck to those pmr candidates, hope u pass with flying colours
ahhH~~ no plans for christmas
gonna stay at home =)