Sunday, October 26, 2008


ECE 1007 is one of my subject, which is music and drama..
well on friday..class was quite boring
on tat day, our lecturer introduce the egg shaker to us..and ask us to shake the egg according to the music..well is nth much abt it..

as this is my egg

mine, cheryl's and anusha's

as class was so boring, me and anusha found smth to play with the egg..hahaha and this is wat we do..

we race and see who's the longest..haha..

as u guys know we always sing in class in this is part of our quite blur thou..

a malay song, which i dunno wat is that call

have u got the sunshine SMILE

Thursday, October 23, 2008

unreveal pictures

when i was boring i'll play with my hair..not just normal tie like tat, bt is those silly kinds
well there are 2 reasons that i'll do that
1. to cure my boring-ness
2. to cheer myself up and tell myself tat this is the real me..

so ppl pls get ready b4 u read this..make sure u are not drinking water or eating, or else u will choke..CHOI CHOI *touch wood*
of course, b4 i start i'll show u guys a normal 1.

and then....

warm up with a silly face 1st..hahahaha

so ppl ready!!!

so 1st i start with...

combing all my hair down...
ya sorry ppl i know is freaky..


pull up my fringe!!....

well is normal lah 1...

tie my hair as high as possible...


let it down...

ok now different hair style..

ya ppl i know u will think that i'm trying to act NO!!!
is damm ewww this pic..ppl will vomit if they see this..


haha..ppl this is "chun li"...from the game king of fighters if i wasn't mistaken..hahaha

after that....

this is "na zha", from i fogotten wats that show, erm...wat wat west 1...middle in west??ppl i u know pls let me know wat is it..thx..really forgotten from which show...

as the next 1 is....

ta-daa!!!i have no idea wat is this..just simply tie...

ok ppl, now is comparison time...u guys have to compare...
the 1st 1..

when i was std 5...


so any changes????

and another 1..

my geeky look...


without specs...hahahaha
btw i was just doing for fun...
a clown brings happiness to other people,
but when come to their flaws,
people will start to critisize,
as the clown will have to keep all the critism to themselves.
and they continue to make people happy..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

long lost friend

actually is not very long, is just after spm and i dun get to see these ppl....yeap, went to pyramid with xin hui and serh min on last thursday, the main reason we go there is for the sushi..wohoo since got promotion then we shall go..hahaa..

xin hui reach there at 12pm, and she told us to be there by 1pm i was like..omg why so early?i cant imagine wat she has been doing there for 1 hour, then i reach outside pyramid at 12.55pm, thought of giving myself 5 minutes to rush to there..and then i was stopped by a guy, the maxis guy..and he started to promote the postpaid thingy..omg, i was damm hungry bt he still keep talking and talking..then i can hear tat he sounds abit weird when he speak english, and is damm slow..then i straight away talk to him in mandrin "do u feel better if u speak mandrin?" hahaha..he smiled to me and continue everything in mandrin..i'm so mean to make him embarrased..then, i thought of leaving by giving the reason i'll come back after i finish my lunch, then he say it won't take u very long...only 5 minutes..oh gosh..and then another maxis guy, which is his colleague, came and explain to me the same thing..he thought tat i dun understand wat the 1st maxis guy says since he talk to me for soo long...then the 2nd maxis guy talk to me with a loud voice...then i ask him.. "why u sounds so excited?" then he lower down his voice nice of zharing these 2 then in the end..i dun get to get away from them..and my only choice is change to guys, i changed to postpaid d...

ok after that i rush to sushi king thought that both of the girls was waiting for me..and eh.? where is serh min??i only saw xin hui...then xin hui told me that serh min will be we my stomach growl..and when is 1.40..serh min reach still we have to wait for 10 mins more for our place..wat kind of service is that..?we told them earlier to reserved 3 places for us..ah..fine after we were inside..we start ordering the the mean time, my bro called and told me he, we didnt say tat we're gonna eat together, is just so coicidence that my bro and his friends together me and my friends are going to the same place at the same time..and since we have 3 person, and we don't mind sharing table with others..and our table have 3 empty my bro and his friends sit together with us...we are actually sharing the table, bt we doesn't looks like we pyramid's sushi king, is sucks..they dun have all the food that we want, and those sushi we want was taken away by other ppl...aih cant blame, cz is the last day of promotion...after sushi we went off 1st, and teman serh min to shop..ya i shop too..tats why i was broke..

after shopping we went for starbucks, since we'll get 10% discount bcaz serh min work in starbucks, and then when we have to pay that time..they say no discount, bcaz she dun have the card..i stunt, bt is okay for me lah..takan scold the worker thats all for my day lah...although i'm not really satisfied with the sushi, bt still i'm glad to see my old friends..n.n

while waiting for serh min..

after starbucks
lou gong zai and lou po zai
(husband and wife)
i love this pic alot..
i miss all of you...we should hang out together more..

Monday, October 13, 2008

life is getting interesting

started my new semester last week, well this sem will be a short sem and i'll have to take 3 subjects for this sem which only have 7 weeks of class.
1. Health, safety and nutrition (monday)

2. Becoming an early childhood professional (tuesday)

3. Music and drama (friday)

Last monday-6/10/08
my first class after 2 weeks of break, yay get to see every1 most of us are still in the holiday mood and dun feel like going to classes at all. well tat day was our dear melanie's bday, 1 of my classmates...and so coincedence tat our lecturer on tat day was call melanie too...haha imagine if we sing birthday song infront of our'll be so funny..ok back to the class so we knew tat most of the lecturer who are new to us will ask us to introduce ourselves when the class starts. so every1 had their funny times and their own way of introdution..and when it comes to goes roughly like tat

me: hi, i'm kelly...

lecturer: kelly...........

me: yup, kelly tan

lecturer: so kelly tell us about you

me: errr, i'm a blur person

*the whole class burst with laughter*

lecturer: kelly, do you like to eat sotong?

*the whole class laughed again*
me: what to do with sotong?

lecturer: because sotong is blur..

*and every1 laughed again*

and from tat day on, my classmates started calling me sotong, and of course my lecturer even called me tat...well is not tat bad to have another i have too many names to rmb..hahaha
so class goes on, and we get to knew our 1st assignment on tat day, and she told us tat the 1st assignment have to be hand in on 3rd week of class, which is next monday-20th ppl my 1st assignment is a group assignment, and we have to prepare a meal for the kids...wohoo!!!we least is easier than those previous 1..well is not a bad day though, is jus tat every1 is still in the holiday mood, bt at least tis class ain't boring

anusha ask me to go college early to have lunch with her, so i reach there around 12.30, as she said she will finish her meeting at i while waiting, finally i saw this guy tat i nvr ever met him at college b4, bt i saw him at temple and other places b4...for the 1st time both of us saw each other at college...haha if i wasn't mistaken his name was i talked to him since i have to wait for anusha to finish her meeting...and it was his friend's bday, his friend's was so nice tat he even gimme a i feel so bad tat i didnt take the cake, bt i sang bday song to him...hahaha..for the 1st time i sang bday song alone for a stranger..front to front sommore...
then after chatting with them, anusha finishes her meeting and we went to summit to have lunch, thx to ameeta for dropping us there cz of the rain..
well, we took quite a long time to look for what to eat...1st we plan to eat secret recipe..then we walked and walked bt we couldn't find where is i went to ask the information counter..and she said is wonder, we was thinking why the secret recipe is lost...haha
so end up i was the 1 deciding wat to eat...again....we went for johnny's...after lunch we went for a walk since out there is still raining, and we still have time..we go to many boutiques and i feel like trying some of the dress and tops, bt dunno why i got the feeling not to try it..then we pass by the pet shop tat we loved to go, is called "creepy creatures" our favourite pet shop...hahaha well at least me and anusha has smth comman, we like snakes...wooo..and tat shop is fulll of kinds of snakes...of course they sell mice, hamsters, fish, cats, spiders, scorpian and iguana those kinda stuff..tat is comman the main creature tat i wanna see is the skunk...they actually have skunk there, bt i dun think is for sale, well who wanna have a skunk at their will only make ur hse the skunk was cute..unfortunately..the day we went the skunk wasn't there, the shopkeeper said tat the skunk is at home..owh...too we continue to go through boutiques again..and i spotted some top tat is exactly the same as the 1 i saw at one of the boutique in ss2..well is so nice tat i went to try it..and so does we tried one for each...and ahhh!!!i love it and if i buy alone it will cost me 29.90, bt if i buy 2 it will cost as i see anusha wear tat top, it looks damm nice on her..and i actually force her to buy..hahaha i'm so mean tat i force my friend to buy a if the top doesn't looks nice on her i wouldn't ask her to buy..finish buying then we rush back to college, well class was seriously boring tat day, most of us fall asleep, including the lecturer keep lecturing alll the way straight of course she let us have some break, bt is still boring for us..and i even write smth on my notebook where the wordings is in opposite way...well ppl dun be like me..must listen to class..hahaha
so class was just boring tat day and of course assignment we get to hand in our 1st week of study can relax abit..

is the class tat i'm hoping for since 1st sem..finally is here, bt my classmates and i are kinda unlucky tat we only get to have such a fun class for only 7 weeks...well is a man lecturer, and i think he is the only man lecturer for tis course..hahaa and this man, he looks like the clock from beauty and the beast and also the cat from alice in the wonderland when he smile..hahaa his class was quite fun, and of course we were laughing most of the time in class..and funniest part is when he says smth he laughed alone, bt we don't think is funny at all, bt we laugh at the way he laughed..well music and drama this class is really more to singing and doing dancing...i love this class the most...
oh ya, tat day anusha brought the cake tat she was so nice tat i keep saying tat she buy it from really nice, and it really looks like the secret recipe mud cake..and the cake she bake is really nice...eeek...and dun worry anusha ppl love ur how we love u....thanks for the cake...

well days like wednesday and thursday nth much cz i dun have class on those 2 days for last week, so i've been staying at home doing wat i was doing in as saturday, at least i went out with family at night, bt is nth much to say abt it..

means ytd lah..finally training is over, and we were sent to do observations in classes tat we've been assigned..and so coincidence tat i've been assigned to van's class..although i was late to go into her class, bt is just sitting inside and observe the class...doing nth at all...well that is not all for the day..since training is over..and i get to go for dancing class again...YAY!!!is been long time i didnt dance, and my dancing is getting worse, have to practise more d..i even hurt my right lap and also my left knee...stupid right..i even got bruises...well dancing is really fun as i get to see my kids i cant teach them cz i dunno abt their dance...after dancing it was choir, not much ppl attend, bt stilll is ok nth bad though...after choir, continue dancing again, practise are really needed for me...after dancing we still have time for meeting, so some video has to be shoot for appreciation night..and kei, geetha and i..have to dance and halfway geetha will say thank looks stupid...and i think ours looks the most stupid since our director, vicent oh says ok..then ok lah..
meeting was ok, and after meeting some photo has to be shoot and while waiting for them i've done smth silly as u guys know how silly is kelly...well i was trying to promote how much i love BISDS..and i spotted some flags tat we used to support the choir competition..and tis is wat i done to them..
yesh i put all the flags on my head and these pics were all taken by tat is the real me ok..well at least i have some fun week once in awhile...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

tagged by kenneth choong

Instructions:Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question, make it a total of 19 questions. Then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. What are your nicknames?
oh sek(black in hokkien), participant, bambie, goldfish.....too much to say, oh and a new 1 sotong

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
shopping, eat all i want

3. What kind of news do you read?

4. What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat? fats..hahaha

5. Is there someone in your heart right now?
yes...all of my friends and family are in my heart

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
no no no no....

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
ppl around me..

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
feel like shopping...T.T

9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
err..nope, bt i'll hint tat person and let him confess to me..hahaha

10.List out 3 good points of the person who you tag!
happy-go-lucky, caring, kind.

11.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
aiyo...alot to say

12.What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
err...who do u mean?

13.If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

14.If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
happy, bt not poor

15.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
my lazyness

16.How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
erm..a teacher surrounded by small children..

17.What is the one thing you love about yourself?
my sillyness.

18.What is the one thing you cannot accept about yourself?
my leg

19.How would you like to spend the remaining days of your life if its coming to an end?
eat and shop all i want..and spend it all with my friends

tagging- any1 tat wanna do this

Monday, October 06, 2008

birthdays on september

yes i know is already october, and i'm late to post this, bt still i insist to post this...

2nd September
-my dearie daughter
-Shi Ning-
yesh, i am a mummy hahaha..i get to knew her since i was f3 if i wasnt mistaken...knew her from some friends at cheerleading, and guess wat ppl, she is a tiny girl tat can surprise is dammm good in girama, her body can bend like a rubbber..hahaha...
she thought me to use the ribbon for girama for our school 50th annivesary concert..
well a cute lil girl who is 1 yr younger than me..she has a cute face and cute voice..well even though we only get along on performance, bt i reallly love her, and the moments spend together is really sweet, i'll nvr forget that...
and i miss her sooo much now...eeek..hope for 1 day we get to hang out together..n.n my dear shining, good luck for your spm, all the best, dun worry too much, u can do it!!
mummy always support you..although i'm not ur only mom and i'm not ur real mom, bt i'll still treat u as a daughter, as a friend and sayang u banyak banyak..hehehe..loves muackxx

3rd September-Foo Jing Sheng
yes i posted abt his bday b4, so not gonna say too much abt it...
bt still wanna wish him all the best in everything...take care boy..
dun worry u're still my cinderella...hahaa

11th September-Sumitra
yesh my dearie suu!!!knew her for few yrs dunno since when she is a nice girl tat jaga and sayang me alot..i even rmb she purposely move the date of the camp just for me!!so nice of her..too bad cant celebrate with nvm i belanja her lobak gou tat day..HAHAHAHA..
a very clever, potential and strong still she can go crazy with me..hahaha tats why i love her!!

to my dearie sue, you are really a nice nice nice good good good friend for me...if i've done anything wrong to you, really sorry..and thanks for being such a nice friend to me..i love you lots..good luck in ur up coming exam..and all the best in everything..take care..muackxx

15th September-
Gan Xin Hui
my lgc...wat is lgc???is lou gong zai means lil husband in cantonese...and i'm her 3rd wife..haha she flower hearted got so many wifes...i knew her since i was f2 i i bcame her wife i dun many things tat we have go through, we had misunderstood b4, bt still she is still my really good friend..and yea..i'm going out with her on next thursday!!wippeee..she ajak me to go eat promotion leh!!wahahahahahha so nice of her...
well, she is a happy go lucky kind of girl, she dun mind ppl tease her and she is really strong and mix with her really makes my life full of laughter..well now u guys know where i got this crazyness from..ya is part from not all, i cant be her..she is unique to me and also to every1..i was a queit girl and used to be emo in high school, bt she really influence me to be more happy...she brings laughter to everywhere to every1..

to my lgc xin hui..u damm lucky lah u..same bday with my idol..haha bt still i have to say sorry for the past i've done, well is a past lets just forget abt it and i miss you alot, nvm i get to see you next week...weeee thx for inviting me..hahaha if not i'll missed the sushi again..well i really appreciate you alot for being a very good friend to me..although we cant meet tat often, bt we'll still keep in touch..and u'll always remain in my heart..thanks for being a friend..muackxx

p/s:oh ya..ppl other than my lgc, is also my idol's bday-JOLIN TSAI..!!!

17th September
-Tay Li Xin
a girl from my class, a pretty,nice and hardworking girl..she is my classmate for now and also for the next 2 she is gonna suffer bcaz she has to be the same class with me..wahahaha..well she is a good dancer and also so coicidence that she knew my daughter...shining!!wohoo...erm..gonna know more abt her lah..even though same class, same dunno why speechless..

dear lixin, dun worry i'm speechless is bcaz my brain is stuck, bt i know tat u have alot of potential in doing things and i admire ur hardworking-ness...and also ur come u so clever 1??yer..i jealous d...haha..anyway u are really a nice girl and thx for having the bbq party last month...and thanks for being my classmate for now and also for the next 2 yrs and thanks for being such a nice friend to me..u're gonna be my friend for now and also forever...!!!and that shows tat how much i love you!!!btw all the best in everything..and u still haven teach me dancing long d..hahahaha...muackxx

18th September
-Sze Huey-
a very very very cute girl that i knew since yrs ago, ya she is reallly cute, her voice her appearance and even her heart is cute...hahaha, bt dun see her so cute, she is well educated....a very clever girl and ya she is my dunno husband or wife..hahaha is either 1..

my dear sze huey...duno to call u lougong or loupo..hahaha..nvm tat doesnt matters bt wat matters is u are such a good friend to me...and nobody can ever replace your cuteness..thanks for being my friend for now and also forever...i love you..muackxx

yesh i posted her bday b4 not gonna write tat much...
bt still have to thanks her for inviting me to her bday and thanks for being a good friend of mine..just like a sister for me although she always bully without her i won't grow up and learn something...thanks..and i love you too cheryl..muackxx

19th September-Seo Soon Heng
1 of my classmates in secondary school..although i knew him for 2 yrs, not very long and we sit quite far in still we have our fun times..hahaha..such a nice guy of also always bully i always bully his still he is my friend for now and forever, he is parts of my brothers...

to soon heng..although seldom talk to u in school hey i always kacao u at msn and even msg u..hahaha sorry lah if u get thx for chatting with me when i kacao u..hahaha..keep in touch bro...take care..all the best in everything...and yes i love you and i miss you...

24th September-Tan Ju-Ho
my 1 and only elder bro in the whole wide world..yes he is my bro..we got blood relation 1...ppl see carefully my real brother..well i know he wont read my blog still gonna say tat he is always my best bro even though he scold still he got sayang me..i rmb tat i got slapped by some1 by no reason..and he help me..of course in a wrong thanks for helping me though..
you are my best bro and no1 can ever replace you..i love you too.!!

30th September-Emily
a nice sweet girl that i knew her for not long...and she is my classmate for now and of course for the next 2 yrs..well she looks queit for me at the 1st sight i look at once u knew her is different..she is a friendly girl tats why i get to know her...although i didnt really talk to her abt my still i can feel tat she is a nice friend for me and also the others...

to emily...dunno why damm speechless now..maybe bcaz u're the last 1 tat i dun worry..once i know more abt u..i'll write long long..hahahahha...anyway thx for being my friend and also my classmate..well have to say sorry if i've done anything wrong to you...hope u forgive me..and i really appreciate you alot...thanks...and yesh i love you too!!muackxxx..

ok..finally is end of the september many ppl birthday in this month..i wonder how come parents have to give birth to their child on september...hahahaha..anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of the people above..may you ppl stay well and happy always..and yesh I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! ppl will always stay in my heart