Sunday, June 27, 2010

easiest job ever

well as mentioned on the title above i had the easiest job ever, with a not so bad pay
i have to say that this is my 1st time working in a mall, ya i know u must be surprised, but it is true. I thought it would be a really boring job, because i'm super antisocial, and i'm afraid of not being able to click with any of them, but surprisingly, i'm able to click with every1 there.

to those of you that don't know i was only working during the weekends on school holidays
12th, 13th, 19th and 20th of June
i was working as a padini voucher girl which will have to give out RM10 pdi voucher to whoever that apply credit card or whatever under HSBC, and yes i don't even have to talk much to the customer, just make sure i give out and get their information, thats it~!

so 1st day i get to know the 3 girls first, vicky, mapple and zhuo ying, we're all under the same boss, but different job scope. and of course not only the 3 of them, i get to know the sales there too, ah i'm not gonna mentioned their name, cz i know i'll definitely miss out alot of them.
so yea, overall it was a pretty relaxing job and it was awesome to get to know new ppl, oh well, is been so long ever since i get to know new friends.

2nd day was still the same, but it was my last day seeing mapple and vicky too~ cz they won't be there on the next weekend =( , i miss the girls alot, if it wasn't them i wouldn't have speak out so much thou.

mapple and vicky

well as u can see, i even have time to take so many pictures
prove that how easy our job are XD

then i had a week that is full of works, and back to work again on the 19th
this time kei was there~!!! YIPEE~!! zhuo ying is still there and another new girl, joanne is there too, gosh, she is really young~~!!!
working with kei makes a difference also, i have a really close partner that i can really go crazy with on that day =D, or else i would be soo quiet throughout the last 2 days~
and then i don't know what happen, all the guys just started their pervert conversation, and i'm like the victim to listen to those conversation, *faint*
oh wells and thats a short conclusion about my work with HSBC, i'm lazy to tell in detail thou xp

joanne, kei and zhuo ying

overall, i have to say that I LOVE THIS JOB~!
is easy, and the pay is not bad, but is a lil bit wasting my time
and i miss those ppl there
lots of scandal happening
and i had fun~!
love you guys soooo much~! =D

okay a small note here to see if i can rmb all of their name or not
rammie, katie, ben, ison, edwin wong, edwin mah, wesdy, may, samuel, ivan, kelvin, marcus, kelven, bryan, william, yuka, liz, ann, shawn, eevan, frankie, eric and patrick, oh wells i'm soooo sorry if i can't rmb any of them~!

anyways I LOVE ALL OF YOU~!!! <3

Sunday, June 20, 2010


is midnight now~ and i'm actually blogging
well, i just woke up from my sleep, which i don't even know why am i up

oh wells~ i guess my brain just don't wanna rest and still wanna think about all the stuff that i'm suppose to do

i'm suppose to be sleeping now, as today is my last day of work in mv
gonna miss the guys alot

recently my brain is all focus on my work, and work and WORK~
I just couldn't help to not think about what i haven do, what is the thing missing
well open is coming in 2 weeks time
finally i feel the stress of working
is not that before that i was too relaxed, but i just enjoy doing it
but with the super extra work load now that i'm facing different than the others
is really stressful
seriously is not easy as a new teacher to be so patient, strong and hardworking with such work load, i can see alot of people that just could not take the stress and just left like that, well i know is not nice to be complaining like that now
but i just need to release out my stress

currently craving for alcohol now~
and i've been craving for it for 3 days straight
but i'm controlling myself not to, provided there's some1 that belanja me~ hahahahaa xp

oh well, last day of work in mv, although i only work there for 4 days, but knowing the people there for around 1 week, i felt the closeness with them quite a lot, never in my life talk so much with a stranger before, and yes i'm an antisocial person, but this time i wasn't at all~
indeed i have fun working there =)
because i had the easiest job ever~ and i get to know more people
i don't know how much will i miss them during this period of time
i shouldn't be thinking about smth else, and i should focus on my work till 1st of july then it would be the only time to relax
i really can't wait till the day comes and faster end

oh well i'm so sorry for not being updating my blog frequently, but i don't have the time to do so
anyways i won't even bother to blog about the past, it was wayyy too long ago, don't think people would wanna read it too, since i have lesser readers now

anyways, is a journey to go thru, with all the stress and unhappiness that i have to face currently
i always know tat, and is a normal thing for human to complain, no1 is perfect, so i'm actually fine now after releasing here in my blog =)

p/s: i think for the rest of my blog~ i won't even bother to put any colours provided i'm free to do so

Friday, June 18, 2010


i can't imagine when the open day is here, tmr is only the full dress rehearsal and i'm that stressed up already, gosh please time pass faster i do not want to have a sleepless night again