Friday, March 27, 2009

This is me

ya ya i know, i'm sorry, i bet most of you that always came into my blog sure says "haiyo this kelly ah wat is she doing ah?so lazy to update blog"
haha, but honestly I really don't know what to update about.
well i'm not that kind that will tell you detaily what am I doing everyday.
is jus, nothing to blog about even thou how bored am I and i don't blog, but I always choose the busy time to blog..weird huh!
but not tis time thou anyways just to let you people know that
I'm still alive, having a normal life and I still enjoy it although there are ups and downs that have to go through. So what you guys wanna know about me now??

nah ain't that satisfied with myself, but I'm trying to work harder on it gosh I wish some1 could just come and give me 1 tight slap and ask me to study.

yea, is been 3 months I've been working there. I can see my students growing up, learning something, sorta proud of it. Well who do you wanna know about? okay I shall just tell you everything one by one
1st Gabrielle, the youngest 1 and talking more nowadays, which sometimes i feel kinda noisy, but is actually a good thing, well he is turning to 2 years old what do you expect from a baby that is turning to 2, he is counted as a smart boy, he listens to me, and always repeat what i says.
but I still remembered once, when another student is crying for mummy and he just suddenly said "mummy working" SO CUTE!!!!
and he knows how to call me!!yay!! but he is damm manja, abit abit then cry wan to get ppl's sympathy and his crying is damm fake, crying without tears hahaha he should follow me more to bcum to oscar and what the crap am I talking here..okay next!

2nd Wei Xin, yea still as pretty as usual and still loves to stick with me and nowadays she stops crying when she comes to school such a good girl is she! so lovable and she is a really cute princess.

3rd Ranma, still as lovable as usual and really improves more in talking he can understand what we says and he still loves to sing. haha damm cute. but still dun wanna go toilet wee wee.

4th Hakim, still don't really wanna talk and sometimes sorta unsocial. bt at least he understands what we says and knows how to recognize some colours

5th Adrian, getting better already. compare from the 1st day of school omg! is such a big difference but still need improvements, he is a smart child and talks more in english d

6th Nicholas, as usual loves to ask all the WH- questions. and keep looking for me even thou i don't go to work he will ask where am I. and oh oh! today while we were singing goodbye song, he came and tell me, "miss kelly!" I answered "yes nicholas?" then guess what he says " I love you teacher" owh..tahts sooo sweet!!! hahaha i melted.

and yea i still love them as usual, and I hope i'll see them until they grow up, but I know is impossible is only 3 months with them and I can even thought of something like that. If ask me to leave them, I'm not willing to.

so next what you wanna know summore??
erm friends?
yea i'm still having a bunch of great friends. and I still love them as I always do and now I love them even more! is just so nice to have these people around me, support me, help me anytime. although sometimes i might be kinda rude, but I still love them.

hmmm love life?
hahaa i'm still single and available. but still enjoying my single life, haiyo waiting for you all to introduce guys to me lah..no1 introduce also how to get a boyf. and some of those that you don't know just wanna let you know that i'm not desperate to have one. and I don't have an imaginary boyf. is jus a joke hahaha.

I think thats all that you all wanna know. If you got more let me know I'll post it up and let every other people knows about it too.
Well I know some of you don't understand what's my mind is thinking, cz everyone is unique we don't think the same way everytime. I choose to tell people when I want to. It might misunderstood some of you that've been thinking what you are to me. I'm not perfect, I'm not having the same characteristics as every1. As I says everyone is unique, we think differently, we are born from different family, different finger print, different DNA, bla bla bla....I know if I continue it this story will never end. Just want to let you all know that, I still love my family, my friends, my students, my pet. and you for reading my blog thanks and I love you too.
Is jus what am I now, I might be different, but I am still as crazy as I do. I can accept any critism just try not to gossip something that I don't know infront of me, I feel weird. Sometimes I don't are about it doesnt means that I don't want to know. I'm just trying to avoid what I'm not suppose to know. Well this is me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

butterfly butterfly happy all day

last friday went to butterfly park with the school

jia ern joined us for that trip

and honestly i really dun like that place, well is nice, but is just me..

seeing all the bugs, worms, insects...anything that have more then 4 legs is just...EEEK!!GROSS!!

yea bt at least is happy to see the kids having fun, although is damm tiring for us teachers to take care of the kids, especially my luckily my class only have 3 students

nicholas, adrian and hakim

so sad that wei xin and gabrielle couldnt join us and have to stay

and for ranma is having fun at overseas now..owh i miss that lovable boy!!

well the rain is such a spoiler for the day, it delays our tour and poor boss have to turn in and out many times just to let the kids to get into the bus

and then when we reached the butterfly park, the rain is still heavy

then boss decided to change to planetarium, but there are many departments that were not open so is not worth it to go in

after that change it to police museum, some of us were like wat??police museum??omg

but in the end we turn back to the butterflypark thank god the rain goes smaller and it stops when we're in the butterfly park..yay for the kids!!

well not much pic taken, only took it in the bus

Pre-P students (6 years old)

K2 students (5 years old)

then K2 students

farzana, megat rais and cikgu aida

rais iskandar and hanafi

teacher jeeva and keiron


jia ern's boy ziat and jordis

ern ern with her mummy

jia ern with shawn


boss daughter with jesse

Last but not least Pre-K(3 years old)

adrian with cheryl

hakim!(shaking his head for the whole day)

and the one that keep talking to me in the bus, nicholas

see the smiles of kiddies, they enjoyed alot n.n