Sunday, January 09, 2011


could it be overseas? beach? a shopping heaven? i don't know

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

decision made

yes i've made the decision.

"What decision?"

well i'm soo sorry to make you all even more curious, because I'm unable to reveal it first until it has to be done. Perhaps if you ask me privately I may consider to answer you =)

tmr is back to work day.
I just realize I've been a year there, still remember how excited I got when is the 1st day of working, how blur I was, and how nervous I was. Well those were the silly moments, I still remember it takes such a loooong time for me to cut the things perfectly. I can't even cut with blades confidently, but now, fuiyo~! jus sweep across, and wahlah. oh wells, practice makes things perfect thou.

and why the hell am I still blogging at this time?
I just couldn't sleep =(
I'm gonna be sooooooo tired tmr.

oh wells people, i need some suggestion on what to post on this blog. Seriously out of idea, I know i need more pictures, and last time I'll make my post as colurful as I can, but now, I'm just too lazy....
well will definitely appreciate all of the suggestion given by you all and will try to fulfil it =)

much love from me

Saturday, January 01, 2011

hello 2011

well is 2011, should I be "yay-ing"??
I know i'm not suppose to be blogging right now as I have a date with erhem, my assignment.
Is not as bad as I think, I'M JUST TOOO LAZY~~~
well and I'm not soo smart it takes time for me to understand a thing. Do you have those moments that you suddenly just turn smart, well not exactly smart but just that you suddenly found whatever you need and you can do, well this is me when it comes to last minute work.
So overall have i finish yet? no
A lot more to go? Yes
But do I know what am I gonna do? Yes
I definitely know how am I gonna type out my assignment
and is definitely a YAY for me.
well before this everyday i've been telling myself by tmr i shall start my assignment and it has been said like erm...... more than a week??!! LOL
Yes i tend to delay my work until the last minute, if it doesn't affect other people.

So what the hell am I doing this whole day of 31st of December 2010??
basically I stayed at home the whole damm day, watching some shows, videos, facebook, msn, tweets you said it all. I even have myself to eat a lot~ where i thought I could start doing work after that and i got sleepy and of course i took a nap, until I got up, thought of starting and guess what? No I've not started, I'm such a lazy girl, I know~
well in the other way, I'm still enjoying my holidays lah

and when it strikes 12am of 1st Jan 2011, I rush outside to look for fireworks recorded a video since i fail to take some nice ones. Believe me or not, I was actually crying when I was back home, well it was chilly, quiet and lonely. Somehow I just felt that 2011 is gonna be a hard year that I'm gona have, am still thinking if I should give up on my studies after the 1st semester? or I should just continue for the sake of satisfying my parents and get a very nice degree. Well I still can't decide. So I was down, even chatting with a few friends online, it doesn't really keep me inspired or to be stronger, well nice words came out from my mouth saying that I'll be fine and everything, but that time I wasn't thinking of that.
and guess what change my mind to be a little cheerful?

yes, is true, when i stop chatting, I decided to start doing assignment as I know I don't have much time left, and I gotta stop giving myself any excuse for not being able to finish it. So I decided to read through everything again, and somehow, my mind just pop out soooo many answers to my assignment, and THAT'S WHEN I FELT BETTER, HELL YEA~!!
I'm definitely the kind of person that, I'll be real happy when I'm able to know the answers of something out of my expectations or boundaries. I told myself not to be such a perfectionist anymore, as I look waay upon myself which deep inside I know i can't do it, but still forcing myself just for the sake of satisfying other people. So I'm just gonna go through the flow of what is gonna happen and not force myself till the stage where i'll cry like a typical emo girl or cry baby, well i am still a cry baby. But to know when the right moment is here, I shall go with it =)

Besides, people that do chat with me, well you guys did entertained me, and at least I doesn't feel soo lonely until my parents got home, before it strikes 12 gosh seriously spending the new year's eve alone at home, is really scary. But when some1 knocked my room door before 1am, I opened of course I got a shocked somehow, but is my mom, for the 1st time, I'm soooooo glad to see both of my parents coming home although they're always out every friday night. It seems like they've left me for years or months LOL. But I'm just very very very very very glad to see they're home, at least I'm not soo lonely at home anymore =)

So don't ask me about my new year's resolution, I have waaaay to many things in my mind that I want, but I'm very sure that I'm unable to fulfill all of it. So when the time comes, I shall just go along the flow.
hopefully i'm able to stay this happy for a long time, which I know is impossible. Like i said, go along the flow =)
once again is a bye bye to 2010 and you'll never get to meet 2010 again, but say hello to 2011
Much love from me