Tuesday, November 25, 2008

big eater

tis was 1 week ago, and cheryl ask me to post this up, since i'm quite free so is here now..
last sunday, around 4pm i cheryl called me and ask me to go teman her for lunch..then i ask her now???then she say yes..and i just ate my lunch tat time..bt nvm lah just teman her..since i was free also..
then she ask me where to eat, and i ask back here where're we going 1st, then she says 1u..then i suggest dragon-i, and then we're there..and there's only 2 girls...and i just had my lunch...bt i'm still eating also..see lah where can not be fat..eat so much..and we ordered 5 dishes..for only 2 of us...

1st is some kind of yam thingy..when we finish eating we only notice tat we haven take pic, so nvm..so coming next, their "jiu pai" pao...

and i'm so bad in using chopstick, so every pao tat i take always burst..and i dun get to drink the soup...T.T..bt i snatch the vege from cheryl..hahaha..

then cheryl ordered her mango dessert thingy, tat come together with other dishes..she take tat as her drink..yes and tis is nice..i love it..aiya can't blame i love mango mah..haha

then this fried red bean paste..dunno wat izit call lah..i will nvr ever rmb the names of the food 1
and i actually ate 5 pieces and she only ate 3...unfair!!

then their lobak gou...hahaha damm weird right, my dad fry lobak gou and i go order tat outside..bt still compare to my dad's my dad's nicer..so ppl must go buy from my dad at psr mlm and psr pagi..if u saw an uncle tat very leng zai frying lobak gou, then that is my dad...
yes i'm actually advertising my dad's lobak gou here..trust me IS NICE!!

then this 1...i kinda love this 1..and i bite, the soup just burst out...i didnt know there's soup inside..see i missed the soup again so sad..bt still is nice..hahaha

ok finish our lunch, we're kinda full..and i'm very very very full cz i ate more than cheryl..wat lah she...always feed me...
so after tat we just went to jusco, buy some stuff...and coincidentally met my long lost friend, zhi jian selling ice-cream at jusco..hahaha..

then met up with alina and her boy, and we went to chocolate lounge, AGAIN!!!
u must be thinking, we just ate right, and we went there again...then we order their dunno izit call again..neh the 1 tat got fruits and marshmallow then u put inside the choc tat is boiling in the middle tat 1..yalah is tat 1..
and also coincidentally met jeelian there..so finish eating, alina and her boy left 1st cz they are rushing for their movie..cheryl and i are suppose to watch movie tat day too, bt is full, too bad..

so since we have time..and u know we always like to mix some stuff with other stuff..so cheryl start putting some water into the left over chocolate..and we start stirring it..and the longer we stir the "pekat" it goes...and is getting harder and harder...and i add abit of the latte i think..inside the choc..and we stir summore...and it bcame...
tadaa...it actually looks like shyt!!yiiiiii....

so tats all for tat day lah...cheryl happy?i posted it..hahaha

Monday, November 24, 2008

random shout out

i've lost contact with alot people, i dun even know what happen to them as others know.
but is ok, is their right wheter they want to tell me or not, i'm fine with it.

i hope that i don't act differently these days.

i've been thinking too much.

i've been sitting too much, as i notice in my life i've been sitting.

i miss my friends.

i dun wan people to leave me

i can't believe i am like that.

i dun feel like knowing so much about other people's things, cz i scare that i will say something wrong, as i scare to hurt them, or make them worse.

i just want a happy life, a life that i won't be emo. I REALLY HATE BEING EMO!!!but sometimes i have too, things happen infront of me, i just can't ignore it.

sometimes i say i dun care, bt actually i really care, and i actually dunno wat action to be taken.

every1's patience has the limit, as mine reached till there. but i'm fine now

sometimes i really have to hide, and i dun want people to know it, i feel sorry..bt i just dun wanna mention about it. As i dun wan it to be part of their stress.

i dun like people giving me stress, so i dun like giving people stress too.

i'm kinda sensitive nowadays, but i hope i'll be better.

how i wish i have lotsa money to spend.

how i wish i can eat as much as i can and wont be fat.

how i wish i can be very clever and dun have to rely on other people

i'm just being random now, i jus wanna say out what i've been keeping in my heart for so long. and to let you people know.

I'M FINE. need not to worry.

i can't wait to

is been so long tat i didnt blog, well actually i got nth much to say...anyway my exam is coming soon, i only have 2 weeks left to exam..yes, and i can't wait till this sem finish. there's lots of things tat i can't wait to...

1. i can't wait to see my dearie classmates this coming saturday..wohoo
2. i can't wait till exam finishes, so that i can relax, who don't want, right?
3. i can't wait till camp!!
4. i can't wait till next year
5. i can't wait till i have a job
6. i can't wait to have a car
7. i can't wait to shop as much as i can
8. i can't wait to graduate
9. i can't wait to have my own centre
10. i can't wait till i bcum rich...

aih, there's so many things that i want!!why lah am i so greedy, can't wait summore.
anyway is just a random post....
good luck to my college dearies, hope that all of us can do well this sem...n.n

Saturday, November 15, 2008

halloween bash

on 14th of nov, friday..my college had this halloween bash, and i know is damm late to celebrate it, bt most of us decided to go there, i actually expected alot tat night, bt..seems like it kinda dissapoints me, is damm boring and the only thing we do there is take pictures, i even called some stranger to come and take picture with us...hahahha...

and tat day, every1 dressed up, all of them dress up like witch and devil, as they are the sexy ones, except me!! u know wat am??a kid, and i think ppl there will be wondering why there is a HUGE kid doing there in halloween party..hahaa...bt wat to do, i dun have any sexy dress wat...so i shall do wat i can do.
well, since it was so boring, there's nth much to say, so i shall let the pics to talk..enojy~

the 1st group picture, as u guys can see, i'm the ODD 1...
and then we took another 1..


then, we went for professional shooting, bt i dun get their original picture..

that time i was asking some1 to come and scare me, as this guy pass by, then i ask him to come in..ya i'm actually talking to a stanger...hahaha

then we went inside the theatre hall and take pictures again

ai ling enjoys doing it

they love the vampire, except me..halo where got kid like vampire 1?

now i know, they love to kill kids...ooh..

then i as a kid, felt bored, sitting alone at a side

and this 2 girls looks like they are enjoying..hahaha

after tat, the thing i do is...

spoil ppl's picture!!haha, is so fun doing tat, especially with my really white face

now i proudly present some ppl

all the hotties

the 2 hottie best friends

yvonne with the broom, wohoo..

rae the hot devil there, she can really "kill" people

and the very cute, sweet witch jen yi, i think kids will for fall her
where got witch so sweet 1..

after tat we really got bored, and we decided to leave the place, and go have dinner at other place, and we took some other pics while waiting for the lift

i says "some1 help me, i'm scared of these jie jie!!"

as they are posing nicely, i use my dog to bite rae's tail

and we start disturbing the statue beside the lift

i have no idea wat is he doing

she wanna poke the man's head

she hold his arms and see the statue, he dislikes her..hahaa(jus kidding)

"what are u reading??"

there another hottie, cheryl

cheryl, yvonne and rae

then we went to dunno wat's the place call again, some restaurant at taipan to eat...

emily, cheryl

jen yi, yvonne

me and lixin

and thats for tat night, and is the only night tat i enjoy taking pictures..hahaha

i love you girls..n.n

Sunday, November 09, 2008

you treat a person like gold, but they treat you like SHIT!!!

sorry for being rude or emo, but i need to scream..

i know i've been thinking too much, bt many things just happen..
it may be coicidence, bt is not for me...argh

i've been very patient, and hide it myself, bt i just cant stand it anymore

sorry to those who are reading this..i'm just being emo for awhile...
thank you for reading too..

Saturday, November 08, 2008

pictures on appreciation night

got some pictures from kim..thanks..


the hall before everything starts

the crowds

part of the dinner, there's more

then, 1st performance, all my cute cute students and juniors..

indian dance by junior group
then, choir performance

the end of lonliness
you raise me up
wind beneath my wings

up next, my dancers again

malay joget by junior group

helpers on the night
then, senior group

street hop by senior group

the only 3 male dancers

best dhamma student-suan ngiap kim

3 best students

last round-gemilang