Sunday, January 28, 2007

van's last sunday

tis blog is specially for my sifu...Vanessa Lim

why am i calling her sifu..??cause she is the 1 hu taught me dancing..
she loves to dance..and oso good in dancing..without her..i seriously cant even dance tat good and i will still be dancing those tradisional dance and i dun even have the chance to learn hip-hop..
without her i cant even improve myself and in dancing...
besides that..she also guide for me and advise me whenever i have problem..
she is the best dancing teacher..and also as a nice mummy to every1..
she is the so called iron lady too..y..?
is because she is strong enough to do many things together in a time..
she is 1 of the role model of mine..she can and study by doing everything to be the best...she is the idol of mine..i hope to be like her 1 day..and i got to work for i receive a a small gift from so touching after i received it..and she ask me not to cry b4 i get the lil card..i'll always keep properly the card until the end of my life..
and now tis msg is to van..

dear van..
thx for being my greatest sifu that i have ever had..although u haven taught everything to me..
anyway i'm glad and proud to be your favourite 'tou dai' have taught me alot of for me and advise me whenever i have problem...
sorry that if i've done anything wrong to u..
i'll always put you in my heart and i will miss you alot..
sorry that i cant got to the airport on friday..
you are always the role model of mine and also my idol and my sifu..
all the best for you..take carez and stay contact..
dun forget me k...
love ya..miss you..sob sob..
btw..thx for the card that you gave it to me..i really appreciate it..thx so so much..

from..kelly (tou dai)