Saturday, November 20, 2010

i shall say

this is just the start of my degree

i still remember that night after orientation, i started crying while waiting at the bus stop, yes with make up on tat day, the sky was sooo dark, is scary, and i was feeling stressed up.
Not much people could really understand my feelings, some of them think that i'll kept mentioning the word "stress" over any small thing, no, when i mentioned that means i've reached till a serious stage, and i couldn't stop crying all the way home.

but i told myself to give a good try, perhaps it might change my life, yes it does have benefits, is just a waste of time and money for now to me. Is really stressful and not as easy as you guys think. Just so u know i'm not a very smart person, i'm not a bookworm, i need lots of explanation and practice to truly understand whatever was said.

so my current daily routine. where i have to go to work early in the morning by 7.30am and working till 2pm, which i felt real bad for leaving so early, and leaving sara there to do the work.
and then rushed back home to take a real short shower and i have to leave already. will stuck in the jam and going thru the horrible parking lots, where i'll always get nervous whenever i have to do a parking, a side parking somemore.
I have to admit that i scratch some1's car just 2 days ago, i have no choice, those ppl park at that place which they're not supposed to, and is either i have to scratch the left car or the right car, and the right car turned to be a victim, i felt sooo sorry for that.
and class ends at 7.30pm and gotta stuck in the jam for some time. by the time i reached home, showered and dinner, and i'm dead tired, which i'm suppose to study and i have to start assignments from now. *SCARY*

i really do hope that i'm able to cope up with both things. convincing myself to do it for the sake of getting a higher pay, and try to finish it as fast as possible.
yes i truly need lots of support and ppl please convinced me to continue, i can really give up anytime.

so currently i have melanie and emily there around me in the class, am so greatful to have them or else i'm really gonna suffer more. i'm wishing for a higher pay now, so i could really afford my studies, and yes i'm paying for my studies alll the time~!! is not cheap at all. this is one of the reason why i'm feeling so stressed up.


Monday, November 01, 2010

back to life =)

i'm not gonna apologize for being slacking anymore, hahaha, i guess this should be more routine then. i ain't a good blogger, so yea, dun expect too much from me

so it has been 10 months me working at this centre, everything was good, yes I've learned alot.
Somewhat a place that requires lots of work to be done, although is awfully tiring, but is worth of an experience. Yes I may be unhappy being in this filed due to the pay that we've gotten, but I still love my job. =)

Since I'm officially done with diploma, and moving on to degree real soon, in 2 weeks time.
Which I'm not looking forward to it, this thing has been bothering me for a very long time. Well in a way I have to say that I was forced to take my degree. wanna know why? ask me personally then, I'll give u the whole grandmother story.
So this thing has been affected my emotions, plus having some personal issues.
I've been part of the maid in the house, and lots of arguments, unhappiness, disappointment, dissatisfaction, had been occurred. Promised myself to be a strong girl and no more tears shed, but failed to do so. I couldn't helped myself but to cry sometimes. Is just soo hard to stay soo strong in this kind of situation. Being blame, misunderstood, ppl being bias, looking at how ppl faking some friendship although it has nth to do with me, but it just affected me by seeing how ppl does not appreciate their frends at all, backstabbing each other, not being honest enough.
Obviously I does not cry cause of other ppl's business. LOL
In this case, while I was down, what do I crave the most?!

so I couldn't be having too much of dessert, I'm suppose to loose weight, not gain weight!!
so u guess it right, alcohol~
just so u know I'M NOT AN ALCOHOLIC!
so went to MILK bangsar on last saturday, jiazhang's birthday
finally able to convinced jiaern to join along, and IS HER 1ST TIME!!
so 1st nanny of the night.
then with the driver of the night, mr, kung hock hou
he asked me to look after him for not drinking too much or else he couldn't drive us home
so that night was "being a nanny night"
of course i do have fun! but not at tat place, milk is small, and ah, just not my type
so the whole summary shall go to the pictures.
I can't go detailed in it, cz there's sooo many funny scenes that night, and it has gotta be private, nth to do with me but the newbie, HAHAHAHAH xp
done dressing up

dress of the night
with hou

tat's when she started to go high

with keong

the fat boy super like this picture cz he looks thin inside

with sam

after sending jiaern home, head to murni cz the fat boy was darn hungry.
so yea tats all for that night

too bad no pictures with the birthday boy, he was too busy
and suprisingly bumped into jason (a temple friend) there! hahahahahaha
and i'm a totaly blind person in the club. friends can see me there but i just couldn't see them
and not only 1, but a few of them gosh.

so am back to working life and soon add on with the studying life, so u'll be hearing me complaining about assignments, exams, EXTRA COMPLAINTS FROM ME! muahahahahahaha
i shall end here

*loves xoxo*