Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my best ji mui

today when i jus came back from account tuition..was goin back to my room suddenly my bro call me that i received a letter.. when i heard that i felt kinda weird, mostly i will only received letter from those college or shop wateva..and when i look at the letter it was not typed and an using handwriting brownish anvelop..i was wondering who will be the one who will send letter to me...?
i looked behind there isnt any name but an address there..i open it and i saw a winnie the pooh paper full of words and the first thing i read is the name at the last there..guess what the letter was sent by one of my best ji mui.....cheong huey jci!!!
haha..and i quickly read the letter oh my goodness...i was so touched by her words and while reading the 2nd paragraph she said she found a big mashimaro picture from a comic book and cut it out she made a book mark for me..i was so happy and touched by her..i keep smiling and looking at that bookmark..she knew that i am a mashimaro freak..omg i love her so muuuuchhh!!! she is gonna be my best ji mui eva together with others...!!! i miss kei kei so much ler...too bad she have tuition on sunday if not i'm gonna met her every week..sob sob..bt hope that she too do well in her form 6..

to kei: i know is hard to study form 6 i knew it from my bro the way he study...hope that u can get over all those stress and take care..u also got to be healthy and happy happy always..n.n love ya so so so much..!!!miss you..
the book mark, letter and the anvelop

the mashimaro book mark
me and my lovely kei..n.n

Sunday, October 07, 2007

mom is always like that..y..?

yesterday b4 goin for tuition..my tuition start at 1pm..and the tuition centre is so damm near my house go by car without more than 3 minutes i can reach there..then my mom ask me to go to tuition half and hour earlier..and is so damm early..what can i do at there..so i jus said that i'm not goin there so early..she ask me to do so bcaz of my lil bro..he wanted my mom to fetch his friend too and wanted to go to 1u..i was so fedup why cant she jus follow me and always follow my lil bro..fine..then luckily my elder bro said that he will fetch me go..so thx to him alot..

i'm always not missing the tuition..i'm the only girl at that tuition..no friends and always the most quiet 1..so i sure can definetly concentrate on that class..so i will nvr miss any of the lessons and i learn the most in the lesson..the other three guys..one is so damm rich and he is younger than us for 2 years..so i also dont bother him so much..the other 2 because they are haivng bm tuition at 230pm so they always went off at 2pm..so fine..teacher ask them to be there at 1230pm..bt they always reach there after 1pm..and the teacher also came at 1pm and i'm the only 1 stay there fully 2 hours!!and my mom ask for too much..if she wanted me to be there at 1230..then she got to fetch me home at 230..bt she dosent 1..i tried to explain bt she jus dont bother....

then finished tuition my father fetched me home..he told me that better be careful while goin home because i was informed that my bro got into an accident again..but the person driving is not my bro..is my cousin..oh shit..so i reached home try to be quiet..luckily nvr fight with my mom..then this morning..while on the way to temple my mom scolded my in the car..and she keep on blamed me that because of me then accident will happened yesterday..argh i was so damm angry..how can she blame me like that..and after finishing sunday school my bro wanted to go to 1u with his friends again..bt diff ppl..so my mom let him go..and came back home have a nap woke up bath and study..then my dad went to fetch my lil bro back from 1u..on the way back they got into an accident again..then this time when they are home i felt like wanna blame my mom that if she nvr let my lil bro went to 1u there wont be an accident happened..luckily nobody was hurt and the car was ok..

i jus dun understand everytime i try to respect my mom..bt she jus kept on scolding me without reason..if she jus keep on ask me to study that was ok..bt she jus scold something with no reason..and when i jus try to answer back she will jus scold me too...why my mom is like that..i hope that she will be well and happy and also be patient..