Tuesday, June 23, 2009


started of with 3rd of june, wednesday,
was doing something infront of the laptop, which i dun rmb what was it, and yuming(my bro) came into my room and asked "so jie, how are gonna celebrate ur bday?"
and i stone for awhile, and i was like "OH YA!! tmr is my bday hor?"
i know i'm horrible right how can i forget my bday

4th june 2009
then when the clock strucks 12! and there goes the 1st msg by cute jia ern and 1 of her wishes is to ask me to get a boyf, after that continue with the others and keep receiving sms-es until the next day, and even after my bday. well and there are some ppl tat really want me to have a boyf more than i do lol!!

so woke up and start replying all the mesages tat received from all my friends and even unexpected people. anyway thanks to those for using rm0.15 or rmo.10 or even rm0.05 to send a msg to me.

and went college in the afternoon, well i got off the car 1st while cheryl was finding parking and jia ern accompany me, cz i was in an emergency to go to the toilet, lol and class started bt half of the ppl are not in the class except jia ern and i
well i wasn't really curious tat time cz the parking lot is full, so i dun care much..and after awhile i see jia ern keep receiving calls and started to be curious and she ask me to go 1st floor, and from tat moment i knew it already hahahaha
so ppl is not tat i wasn't surprised, just tat i was surprised even thou i wasn't down there yet.

then reach the 1st floor(cafeteria) and heard all the clappings and screamings, well i was touched at that moment thou i didnt expect the whole january 08 intake classmate were all there.
and start off by singing the bday song

chocolate indulgence from secret recipe

then dunno who started it with putting all the cream on my face, and it even kena my hair and my ears oh gosh, well i went to wash for the 1st time already then the 2nd time came back and kena again wat lah u ppl make my face oily only.
but anyway thanks alot, i'm really touched

and thanks for the card girls and boy
i love all of u!!

after class another surprise, will i shall not mention it now cz no pictures yet.

and then reached home, jus nice tat time van reach my hse too, and there a piece of cheese cake for me (if i wasn't mistaken) and a bday card, thanks darling, muackxx

then tat night celebrated with family, my mom ask the dunno who of the MIB (Malaysia Institude of Bakery) to purposely make a bday cake for me, thanks mom. and i super love the cake is damm yummy.

the kl twin tower, with both of my brothers


well i have to say tat i'm lucky to have such a wonderful family although sometimes there are some quarelling and misunderstanding, bt still i love them and appreciate them lots

then 5th june
i still receive some of the late sms-es and apologizing for being late, well dun worry ppl i don't mind if u are late, dun have to apologize for that thou. n.n
then i was at home for the whole day and started to get ready at 6pm and chiang came to pick me up by 6.30 to mv, thanks.

so meet jiok and geetha at mdm kuan's, followed by kei and mike, then the late comers, van, m.huiy and su. lol well i really appreciate their attendance tat night it was a great night although is just a simple dinner. = )
with all the chit-chat session, laughters and eating session i was just, happy!

the 1 tat we have the most comman things together
for being perasan, muka tembok, and crazy
dear geetha

the 1 tat i gossip, share things and we have lotsa comman thoughts towards some things
dear cheong hvey jci

the 1 tat i started off knowing him and get close with him for years
with all the advice he gave, care for me all the time and i can even claim him of being one of my best boyfriends
dear lee jiok li

the 1 tat i've know him for 8 years which is the longest person that i've known among others, started off being the participant in his group and he being my facilitator, but wasn't close until last year, such a caring guy is he just like and elder brother to me
dear chua wei chiang

the guy that sayang me alot and i really enjoy every single moment i had with him, is jus silly and fun
dear mike T

the 1 tat i've know her for years, and she really sayang me too, and with all the crazy moments i have with her i will never forget
dear sumitra chye

the 1 tat i gossip alot with and very supportive to me, she jus laughed every single jokes tat i said even thou is not a joke lol
dear lim ming huiy

the 1 tat meant so much to me, started off by being my sifu-->ji mui-->super close friends--->SOMG SISTERS!! and this chian will nvr break and nvr end, the 1 tat really helped me alot walking through the journey, and there's just too much too describe bt i'm just lazy to say hahaha..
dear vanessa lim su-ping

with all my kalyana mitras, i really cherish them lots and appreciate each and every1 of them for being there for me, always support me and love me, and being patient to me.
they are just more than friends and i hope tat the friendship we have will nvr break
and i love them lot

as u can see how happy i was

the chit chat session

mask rider

the rose tat belongs to our table

mike super proud watch

feeding session
and i have to eat dunno how many scoups of the dessert just to get the pic right, but still the fella tat took the pics have shakey hands hahaha

the M club girls- malika, matkelleh, maria

the M club-Miang, Malika, Mat kelleh, Maria cheong, Macha lily

the crazy moments

i was trying to get a nice pic, but......

i was dumped

with malika

then after dinner, van went back follow by mike, then m.huiy and su.
so left all the M's so we went to get a drink, which i dunno where the cafe is and cz i dun wanna go home tat early tats why i asked for it.
so we girls ordered a jug of heineken, and geetha dun like it, bt at least better than chiang's dunno what is tat, tat is horrible but every1 love jiok's long island tea.
there goes the funny part, chiang's drink so just soooo hard to drink and he says tat "this shows tat i'm a real man" lol! so when we look at jiok tat shows tat he is a lady!! hahaa super funny!!
and tat was geetha's 1st time having alchohol, so she was kinda worried tat she got drunk i think, bt we didnt, and i nvr had tat much b4 and i was worried tat i'll be drunk too, and both of us get abit dizzy after tat bt we were okay in awhile, and we started thinking how will we looks like if we're drunk, for some ppl, they will just suddenly cry and non-stop laughing and go crazy when they are drunk.
but think of it, both of us are already crazy, and they said tat whenever some1 is drunk the will jus go opposite like how they do normally, so i was thinking if we're drunk, we will bcum a lady, very gentle!! LOL what kind of logic is this right?

then we leave at 11smth, bt still i dun wanna go home and thx chiang for accompany me until 1am.
thanks alot every1 i love all of u, muackxx

7th june, there's another suprise too, so it will not be revealed until i get the pics =)

19th June (friday)
went to celebrate with my high school mates well i know is kinda late, bt i'm fine with it i'm still happy tat they celebrated with me

so we went to ss2 sushi tomo to have our dinner
and i was touched tat kenneth actually called all my other classmates to come during midnight, although not much ppl turn up cz it was really last minute bt i'm still happy with it

the fella tat i was in the same class with him for 3 years, but nvr really get close to him, kinda glad tat he was there tat night 1 of the unexpected guess
mr. lee zheng ao

the very sweet friend of mine and also 1 of the unexpected guest tat appear tat night
mr. seo soon heng

1 of my brothers tat we always go crazy, teasing each other
really miss him lots
mr. kuing kah wai

the gal that i've know her for 19 years and nvr been in the same class until f4 and the teacher even arrange us to sit together without us arranging ourselves, well the teacher made the right choice and brought us closer, she is my 1 and only gal Tan cousin
Ms Tan Yit Sun

my forever best brother, the 1 tat really care for his friends, and willing to help his friends, the best buddy i've ever had, 1 of my best boyfriends too =)
mr Kenneth Choong

cake from them

when we 1st started to sing the song.....

then the fire blow up

and i have to light it again

and mr seo have to protect the fire for me

and the fire even gone b4 i blow the candle bt just nice after i made a wish

and every1 seems to "enjoy" the salty cake...eee
bt is still sweet for me cz is from u guys

and this is mr seo's unfinished cake, his appetite is jus wayyy smaller than mine

after sushi, next station williams, so i hop on to mr seo's sport car
wohoO!! i'm soo proud and felt stupid in the way tat keep asking him abt the gear

see what kind of driver is he sms-ing while driving

mamak session

then another guess came and drop by

mr. Anthony Wong!!!
oops caught red-handed smoking lol

and these belongs to mr.K and mr. A
a pic tat i took tat i think is nice..hahaha

and i just love all of them!!

and now prezzie time!! this is what i've got from them n.n

bangle from dear kei, and necklace+earings from dear geetha

2 F.O.S singlet from kei

nike hoodie shirt by jiok

a kimono dress by dear van

cute funky wodoo doll by mike from THAILAND!

a bottle of M&M by OVOM thanks

acessories hanger by dear sun

then as u can see this is some very pretty paper bag from kenneth and kah wai but once i open inside....

there goes......and is choc flavour
*sorry to those under age ppl*

and the super small size of bra, and halo this is for kids!!
and they even dare to tell me "hey is laced wei!"
oh gosh i feel like laughing bt i was super speechless at tat time

bt i really wanna say a bigg thank you to all of you
and i really dunno how to use words to describe my feelings
i'm just too touched and happy with it


*there's 2 more celebrations, so keep waiting lah*