Friday, July 30, 2010

memoriable conversation

well these are conversation between me and the children and parents

1 day, Christian was reading a book about sea creatures, and he was sitting in front of me, asking me lots of question, i answered him and was busy taking care of the rest of the children at the same time. This was after school, where the children are waiting for their parents in the younger children's room. So Luca came and hug me~ and kept on come and go~ he'll just run and lie on top of me, then here comes the funny part

As Luca was coming to me and he just lie down on me
Me: hmm~ are u still a baby, kept on lying on aunty kelly's lap?
Christian: Move away~! Ask him to move away please?! *not in a very fierce way*
Me: Why? are u jealous?
Chrisitan: yea~ *saying in a soft voice*

Awww~ but i burst out laughing, i'll never stop laughing at what he said.
is just plain cute~! and sweet~ i was flattered. HAHAHAHA

Picking up time, Luca was the last few to go home, then Luca's mom came and tell me
"Luca has been telling me about you everyday, he's been saying aunty kelly aunty kelly"
awww~ i was quite shock also, as i'm not his teacher at all and not working in his class
then the mom asked "So do you babysit?", well i did not, so i gave an honest answer, well i wish to babysit, but is the time that i can't cope with it.
A very cute German boy with BLUE EYES~!! yes i meant it~! BLUE EYES~!!
aww how adorable is he

Christian was choosing the cupcakes and asking me what are the words written on the cupcakes, so there's love, kisses and some other alphabets. then he said okay i'll choose the love~ then i asked him, "So who do u love?" he thought for awhile and said "I love aunty kelly"
HAHAHAHAHA he's such a cute adorable child~

Then the mom came and pick him up~ suddenly Christian started calling me "mummy" in front of his mom, but i just felt not so nice, but the mom was okay~
the mom even said "He really love both you and Sara la, I should've put your name under the guardian collumn"
awww, what's wrong with today? every1 is being sweet~!

I was happy that many parents talked to me, well not trying to be close with them, but just a nice way of bonding, easier for me to communicated with them thou.
but today is also Rashaan's and Patrick's last day of school here, Rashaan will transfer to the other international school and Patrick is going back to Germany already, my 2 older boys in the class, the 2 that i always came and talked to me and sara, lots of interesting conversation we had with them. Ah I told myself that I will not cry, but when Patrick's mom came and pick him up, she started crying, and OMG~ I started tearing, YES I'M A CRY BABY~! I can cry easily
well, I really miss Patrick alot~ he's my best helper in the class, and the 1 that always chat with me the most without waiting for me to ask him, and he really surprises with his skills.
Well ang moh's child are always better, and more independant

and there'll be more that are leaving next week =(

Thursday, July 22, 2010

lets spell H-A-P-P-Y


i'm just super happy~!
i have no idea why am i soo happy
but everything just went well today
nothing special
there's nothing that i'm looking forward to
but i'm just plain happy

knowing how much love can be seen on both of my friends
made you extra happy
knowing that ur friends spam ur facebook
made you extra happy
your friend was teasing u
made youhappier
looking at one of the child had his hair cut
just couldn't made me stop laughing when i look at him
and obviously tat made me super happy!


and i can be the happiest girl on earth! =D

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

half years time

okay~ i've kept this post for a very long time, just that i'm lazy to post it up
anyways, is been half a year i'm working in this place, and is the Open Day, the day where all the aunties go mad, got stressed out for half a year just for this 2 days

1st July, Open Day in the park
a lovely environment
the day where children perform singing, dancing just for this day =)
i didnt manage to take any pics or video while they were performing =(
so i shall introduce my students and my colleagues
the stage

the principal of TCH TTDI, joanne

yen nee, she's the 1 tat interviewed me the admin, alia

the senior principal of TCH, melissasara
my senior~ the one i work in the same class
soo lucky to have her

irene, room 2's aunty
the super rajin and most creative 1 *salute to her*

rani, room 2's aunty

room 1's aunty, pui shan

room 1's aunty, elaine

toddler's aunty, claire

room 1's aunty, anisah
toddler's aunty, catherine
*sadly she left*

our new aunty in toddler to replace cath, amelia, she's the youngest aunty

with the 2 toddler's aunties, kavi and mary
and of course centre is matilda my student

eza on the left and the rest of the aunties

not to forget our music teacher, caleb

FYI, i'm working in the upper level
so here are my students




rashaan and patrick

meeting with the big boss

and a happy ending

so friday we prepared another open day in the school for the parents to visit the classroom
and went to celebrate cath's last day~ was screaming all the way ahahaha and forgot abt working on the next day
so here's the result of the hardwork between sara, me and the children
we have 3 classrooms to decorate and 5 boards

the 1st classroom

2nd classroom

3rd classroom

thats it, sorry for not being able to update frequently =)