Monday, March 31, 2008


28th March, friday....

that day was the last day of one of my lecturer ms. Aishah who is teaching we had given her a surprise small party for her...we bought a secret recipe cake for her on that day itself..thx to cheryl for buying 1st we wait till every one came to class and while ms. Aishah went out to answer a phone call we quickly place the cake infront of the class room, and when she came it, everyone shouted "surprise" that moment she was so shock and her tears just burst out...this shows that how touching it is..hahaha..xp

the surprise

touching scene

the cake for her

a gift for her together with the hug

group pics

cutting the cake
eating the cake

after that we continue the class like normal, and after the class everyone hugged her before we left...well although before that i don't really like her class, because is just sooo boring and i don't understand what is she talking about, but i got the feeling that, the next lecturer that will be teaching us will be even worse than just sounds so scary...but anyway hope she is happy in everything, and of course congrats to her that she get to continue her studies and maybe worked in a better place, take care!! and every1 is surely gonna miss her..
after class, 11 of us headed to yvonne and emily's apartment...some of them went to swim there, and some of us sit down and chat, and two ladies went for basketball with some other black guys..and anusha keep repeating abt the two guys..gosh...!!
jenyi, lixin, emily and cheryl
they climb
they smile to the camera

and then they jump..too bad my cam is too slow for it

the keep "smsing" jeelian

the breeze of the wind makes ppl i was just acting

pose pose pose
cutie ai ling
jee lian and anusha said i looks i like shi-tzu
childish kelly
the black chinese..hahaha..xp
anusha with jeelian on the swing
after that everyone headed to asia cafe and had our dinner, gosh i was broke after tat nite, argh.!!but anyway is a happy night..then some of them went home and some of us went to yvonne's place, chit chatting beside the pool there and feel the night breeze, is jus so cool and so nice..but without the mosquitoe bite it will be nicer...well it was a nice night that nite...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

before and after

finally i have the guts to take a picture with my new hair...and of course this is the 1 i think is the best looking lets compare

this is the old me






















the new hair..!!

it mights looks straight from the picture due to the angle, but......if u see the real me it wont be that straight and nice...T.T

i just miss my old straight long hair...i dun care..i wanna straighten my hair again as soon as possible..

and besides that, i have some other pictures to show out...which is my lovely doggie...n.n

he is a small size dog...
and tis is the picture where he was trying to sleep and i was disturbing him..hahaha..
front view
view from the above
and the near view..wahaha...izint he adorable!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

17th march
it was my cousin, Tan Yit Sun's birthday!!!!
she is my cousin which i've played with her since i was born till now, she is the one that i really take her as my sister, the one that cares for me, help me, bring me to play, and teach me in many things, the one i talk to alot and the one i played with her. And of course i did those things for her..she is my forever best cousin like a sister..
Dear sun, Happy birthday gal...
hope u have a happy birthday, hope that all your best wishes come true, take care..
wish u have a happy life, and hope the day i get a brother in law soon...hahaha..xp
on the next day we celebrate for her which is 18th of march..
we had our dinner at wong kok and after that supper for murni..not really eat at there but we drank at murni..all of us were really full that night that we cannot fill anything inside our stomach d..we cant even finish our drink at murni, except theng he is having the smallest cup
and this is all of us
today, 19th of march
early in the morning, i've woke up myself by somekind of nightmare, which i dun really remember that time was 6.30am..gosh i try to sleep back bt i can't then i came down read the newspaper, went back to my room, continue to read the archie comic and i just fall after few hours one of my best punya ji mui, ONG XUAN SHAN wake me up on a phone call and ask me
Shan: Girl are u awake?
Me: just continue wat u wanna say
Shan: I tot u say u wanna cut hair
Me: ya..i told u tat i wanna go yesterday, but u say can postponed anot..
Shan: then when u wanna cut it again?
Me: How i noe?
Shan: erm...this thursday public holiday, wanna go?
in betwen ah shan talk to her "kai sai lou" beside her and said har..u off ar..
then we continued
Shan: this thursday my brother nvr work o..
Me : then how? now u at pyramid izit?
Shan: not yet, i'm in the bus, on my way to go..
Me: so u wan me to go now lah?
Shan: if can then come lah...
Me: how much 1st..?very expensive ar..?how i pay later?i got no money..u help me to pay izit?
Shan: ya..i help u to pay 1st..erm..he say 20, if wash then 38..maximum 38
Me: har, so expensive ar...erm..can cheaper anot..
Shan: he say not sure have to ask his boss
Me: yer so scary have to ask boss summore
Shan: his say his boss very friendly 1 wor...
Me: oklah..then i wake up now lah..and rush there asap
then i quickly bath and summore washed my hair!!!and luckly my bro wasn't out yet and he is wiiling to wait for me and fetch me there...such good of him, by my hair is not even fully dry yet...goosh!!!so when i was there my 1st impression towards her god brother was he is a playful guy, and sure those kind very noisy 1....hahaha. so bad of me...XP
and i've been sitting there for 2 hours, poor ah shan she was there waiting for me bt in between we talked..hahaha...and after that that fella help me to wash my hair..gosh!!i tot i told him not to wash my hair??!! wasted my time tis morning to wash my hair...argh!!
bt after tat i'm quite satisfied with my hair after cutting sooner and later, i started to dun like just feels weird...even xuan shan said that 1st it was really nice, bt after tat was really weird..and i started to dun like it...argh.!!!wats wrong with me...??!!
maybe i just miss my old straight hair too much, after cutting my hair it wasn't that straight as before gone abit sad..i really miss my old straight long hair...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


is been weeks i nvr update this not tat i was lazy, and not very busy...just dunno wat to write abt it. is beeing so quiet these days, included me!!...gosh is just so weird for me being so queit..!!! wat happen to me??well i dun really know...

on the 5th of sifu- vanessa lim su-ping, fly to aukland again...

and she will only be back after two weeks..she went there to attend her graduation ceremony which is on 13th march..have to wish her CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! gosh miss her so much at here...T.T

and i have to take over her place on dancing class...for 1 scary...and it falls on this coming sunday...which is tmr...!! hope i can handle it well..and this is smth for her...

to van: CONGRATS!! and hope u have a happy graduation there..although it passed d...haha
and ya..sorry for not replying ur msg because i'm out of credit d..really sorry...well have to take care at there...miss you lots here...

then...on the 12th march..
is the day i get my SPM result...well many ppl told me that they are nervous, scared...but i don't have the feeling at not because i'm so confident that i can get a good result, is because i've started college d..and i dun have to worry abt it anymore...
so i kinda excited on that i get to meet my friends, buddies again..gosh i seriously miss them alot..all of my friends had change their physical appearance...gosh they are just so pretty and handsome d...hahaha...luckily they are still the same for me...they are still my loves one....
too bad we nvr took tat much of picture tat day..
but i kinda fed up to my school tat day..all the other schools have given out the result except my school...we waited there for almost 2 hours and we only get it...when i received the result i was kinda happy but not very..because is more than what i expected but not wat my mom's expectation...i expect myself to get only 1A in it...but i got 3A!!!hahahaha and i nvr expect my science to get a B3....but i failed two subjects which i nvr study for it...and i really don' t like those subject..hahaha..and this is my result...

Mathematics- 1A
English- 2A
A. Mathematics- 3B
Arts- 3B
Science- 3B
Moral- 5C
Malay- 5C
Chinese- 5C

and from wat i know after that...kenneth my really really best bro, bestie friend, have to fly to australia for 10 days and he told me that if he like the place there he won't come back..gosh i was so shock abt that...i'm so gonna miss him so from wat i guess i think he will come back after the 10 days...miss calling him bear bear, big head and miss to hit his stomach, miss him from bullying me, and miss his joke...gosh he is such a good friend for forever best brother...but make sure he buy smth there for me when he come back...hahahaha..xp

miss all of them!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthdays

25th february 1992,
a boy was born in assunta hospital, and he is the person that i spend 16 years of my life with lil brother, Tan Yu Ming!!!

hope u have a sweet 16
be happy always, become more and more mature
and thanks for everything that you've done to me
and of course sorry for what i've done wrong towards u..
take care, may all you best wishes come true...

26th February..

jeelian's birthday...a friend that i just get to know her for more than 1 month..we celebrated her birthday on 27th of february...hope she really have a happy birthday with us..

a small part of the steamboat we had

all of us

point to the birthday girl

cake baked by jia ern

with the sweetie birthday girl

Happy Ending

after the steamboat..we went home and took some pictures in cheryl's

Happy 19th Birthday Jee Lian

may all your best wishes come true

and stay happy always..

glad to know u girl..

LOVE YA..xoxo