Thursday, January 24, 2008

Valentine Tag

Is valentine's day important to you?
*yea..when i'm not single

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
*plenty..hahaha..they are my friends mah

How long have you been in a relationship with him/her?
*i'm single now...

Do you have a crush?
*u mean now??i dun think so

What do you think of him/her?
*who you reffering??

What is the best Valentine's Day Celebration have you ever had?
*i nvr celebrate it b4, but i remember once i baked 36 muffins bring to school for my friends to eat...sweet leh..hahaha

What type of guy/girl you like?
*of course a guy that cares and love me and i love him too..

What is your perfect Valentine's day?
*spend my day with my love 1..

What do you want for your valentine's day?
*i'll take anything that any1 gave me, except for something gross

Who do you wish to see on that day?
*i duno who i wish to see..haha

Do you believe in TRUE LOVE?
*yes..i do believe

Tag 6 person to answer this questions..
1. pei wen
2. hui ling
3. shi ning
4. wei cheng
5. koon rui
6. lee ching

Sunday, January 20, 2008

little kids cry easily

today 20th january...sunday

as usual went to temple every sunday and omg i'm late again..."thanks" to my mom AGAIN!!

so after praying ready to go up to class and of course i saw van and his nephew which is my student waiting for me...i dunno wheter they perpously wait for me there anot..or mayb so ngam after that we went for puja of course 5 year old kids are still small and young so they don't really know what to do and most of them are new and they jus look around and holding their palms..of course some clever ones know how to resite after it

then finish puja we went back to class and just when we want to start our class one of the parent said that her daughter wasnt in the class and i have no idea hu is her daughter i dun really remember names of those students and so xuan shan help me to take over the class for awhile and i went with the mother and look for her daughter we went downstairs where we having puja and the mother is so worried about her daughter (i can understand how she feels) so i try my best to look for her and then we went to the next class and there she is, she went to the wrong class..fuu~ luckily found her daughter or else the parent will think that we aren't responsible enough thank buddha...

so we had our class starts today we are doing art & craft for lil kids and i'm suppose to incharge for art & craft but i'm having a bad sore throat gosh..and i can't even shout and when i shout the kids can't hear me..gosh den i give up and let xuan shan do the shouting...and lil kids start to colour the picture and most of the kids love to colour but some they colour half way and they were playing with the colour pencil..but some of the children never bring their colour pencil and i ask some of the kids to share among each other..gosh they know how to share how good of them..

while some are doing their colouring and there is 1 boy he suddenly cry omg..the more i talk to him he cry and the more he cry louder then i bring him outside luckily his mother is outside or else i seriously dunno what to do..i try to talk to him but he just keep crying gosh that is scary..after awhile he came back with a bit of them better mood but still crying abit den i try to talk back to him that time his father was there and he started to cry out loud again..omg...i seriously didnt noe that i'm that scary i never even scold him or do what towards him...gosh but other kids also not scare of i'm suppose that i'm not that scary..haha..

after finishing their art & craft then we teach them to sing the school song...and i seriously can't sing with my sore throat and got to let xuan shan do the singing sorry for her...then when finish singing xuan shan teach them to do the banana dance but sean is sitting there alone so i went there, look at him and jus i seriously dunno how to describe but not something serious i did to like pressing the face lightly...and then he suddenly cry omg...i felt weird i did that to him b4..but he never cry and suddenly he cry..shyt..!! i tot it was my wrong again then i apologize to him and ask him to forgive me by promise him i buy ultraman sticker for him...cham..if i buy for him i also got to buy other type of sticker for other classes but he will get he is my favourite student...n.n
after that i talk to xuan shan and gosh i finally knew why sean cry..."thanks" to her and i thought that i was wrong....but nvm giving the student something is what a teacher normally should do..

end of the class as usual we went for dancing..and omg..finally i can do the ballet part..!!!! glad of me myself and i never even practise at home...xp...and having dancing class half way suddenly i saw ah kei...omg i never see her since last month as in last year also..gosh i miss her so much..and after that i also saw hui ling..glad to see them back again...i miss them alot....and they are my ji muis..of course i'll be happy to see them...hope they will come back often..hehehe....
after dancing class we went for the youth meeting and seriously i talk alot and i'm the nosiest inside the meeting..hahahaha..sorry for that everyone....we end the meeting early and yeah...this is the fastest meeting ever...hahaha...

p/s: shan...sorry for letting u to do the shouting i appreciate u alot..i promise that when i'm not having sore throat i'll do the shouting and singing for u...

Pei wen....thank you for taking over my place this morning for awhile time wont be late d lah...hahahha

sui yuan...thanks for belanja me to eat..hahaha

van...i finally made it..dun worry i'll try to help u more..and thanks for teaching me dancing learning dancing with u is fun and i really appreciate and enjoy it..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

stupiest day

today 15th january, tuesday

having a bahasa kebangsaan class today..gosh i didnt noe that the class has change and i'm still so silly standing infront of the notice board and looking at notices..luckily yvonne sms me and told me where's the class..thank you!!
when i went in i didnt noe that we are mixing with other courses and the numbers of students getting more and more then the class is getting crowded and there are plenty of students don't have a proper sit..luckily i'm early enough to be there...then the class is so crowded and is so noisy the lecturer have to had another 20 more minutes of class and the class will end..and when the class end is only 1.50pm, i'm suppose to end my class at 4pm...omg...cant imagine the 1st time having a class for a short time...
then yvonne suggest to spend our time at pyramid, so me and misheel is together with her,then we ask around about the transport goin to pyramid we plan to take a bus, but we ended taking a taxi there..gosh it cost 10 bucks without counting the meter..omg..that is expensive..i rather they take the meter and that will be much more cheaper...
and i'm not lucky enough to have more money today so i cant have what i want there that we went to secret resipi sat there and have cakes and of course a set of kids burger set..hahaha..tat is cute but delicious...i didnt noe that a kids meal can be that delicious..
finish eating we search for footwear shop for yvonne and we take a long way and the shop is just there gosh how stupid am i and i'm the one who bring them around, then von went home by her friends car, then i accompany misheel to take bus back to summit
then the most stupiest thing happen to me..and cause this is the 1st time taking public bus from summit to my old school there..and i actually press the bell and stop at the right stop..and i thought that i stop at the wrong stop and i told the bus driver to continue the journey..omg..i'm going to kl and i even pass by midvalley...gosh..i'm so damm bloody stupid tat time and i cool down myself walking to the opposite stop and expecting that the bus i'm gonna take will pass by there and i waited and waited..there are more than 15 bus pass by the stop and my bus never even appear..i give up in waiting and i took the same bus again..and make sure i stop at the right stop that time..and gosh..finally i did the correct thing...
moral of today is.....don't ever take a public transport by yourself without any guides...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

1st day teaching 5 year old kids

today as normal gonna go to temple earling in the morning go to class...but i'm not a student there anymore(i think) and i ended up bcum a support staff for the youngest age group of sunday school which is 5 years class Bakulla and i'm gonna work with geetha, xuan shan and another teacher seriously i dun rmb her name...of course for adults i'm the youngest there..haha..and as a new comer...omg i'm late for the 1st day, at 1st i'm so sorry for xuan shan cz she is the head teacher, but..she is even later than can she be so late...
so when i was here as usual i will pray 1st..den vanessa ask me to bring his nephew, sean which is also my student together with me to class, he is really a cute lil boy...and of course active..
so went in the class and started to gather the kids...seriously teaching a 5 year old kids isn't easy as u guys think, some are just too active as we call them hyperactive kids, and some are really queit and u cant communicate with them...
of course there are some of them are not too active and not too queit and that is the i reach i saw some parents in the class gosh i felt kinda sorry to be late and the teacher i think wan yen i only noe her name is something with as i say i was bringing sean into the class and that teacher thought tat i'm the sister of sean..luckily she nvr thought that i'm sean's mom...hahaha
then i saw some kids that dun wanna leave their parents and crying looking for their parents...there are a few keep hugging their mom and dad and dun wanna leave them, thats so sweet but i'm scare ask them to stay there without parents as you noe a 5 year old kids arent's that we started with a banana dance and which looks funny for us but interesting for the kids...then we learn the school song, telling them jakarta tales, and let them do hockey pockey..but...
there is a lil girl that is so queit and dun wanna mix with other kids..even though when we talk to her she wont answer us and jus kept silent..ask her to move and she wont 1st we thought tat she dun understand what we were talking and i tried speaking to her mandarin and i think she is even she is kinda scary for me that time...gosh i seriously dunno what to do and ask xuan shan to settle that..hahahaha..xp

the time passed and is the end of class, i dunno y i am just tired, mayb i havent have enough sleep the night went for dancing class with vanessa, and again we have to wait until the hall is not occupied. and today van tought as some steps and is a ballet...that is my weakness, i cant even dance something gentle..and balance myself properly, her dance is seriously getting harder and it means that i have to do more and more practise until i can make the steps sharp..i've never been so tired before for dancing..and that is least i can have more exercise, and lose my weight..hahahahahaha...thanks to my sifu anyway..and seriously i knew that each person really have to have enough sleep, at least 5 hours if u having an afternoon nap not more than 1 hour or 8 hours at least in the night, too have more energy...

Friday, January 11, 2008

1. How old do you wish you were?
* i wish i were a just born baby and i wont need to worry of anything

2. If waiter spills tea on you, what will you do?
* is okay..they will know what to do

3. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
*can a machines steal my money??i tot they only eat it

4. Do you consider yourself kind?
*quite..but not very

5. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
*my arm and above my hips

6. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
*if fluently i wish that my english, cantonese, hokkien and also bm thats all i want

7. Do you know your neighbours?

8. What do you consider a vacation?
*goin to a place to have fun and relax without worrying abt anything

9. Do you follow your horoscope?

10. Would you move for the person you love?
*i do will move abit

11. Are you touchy-feely?

12. Do you believe that opposites attract?

13. Favourite tv channels?
*as long as the channels have something that interest me

14. Favourite place to go on weekends?
*temple and shopping mall

15. Showers or baths?

16. Do you paint your nails?
*yea..i do

17. Do you trust people easily?
*sort of

18. What are your phobias?
*bugs, heights....and those people that i scare off

19. Do you want kids?

20. Do you keep a handwritten journal?
*gonna have it soon

21. Where would you rather be now?
*be with my friends outside

22. Who makes you warm and fuzzy?
*someone that i love

23.Heavy or light sleeper?
*motsly heavy

24. Are you paranoid?
*u mean now?

25. Are you impatient?

26. Who can you relate to?
*of course my friends and family

27. How do you feel about interracial couples?
*what is interracial?

28. Have you been burned by love?
*huh??did i??

29. What's your pick-up line?
*hehe, haha

30.What's your main ringtone on your mobile?
*ring ring

31. What were you doing at midnight last night?
*playing psp

32. What did the last text on your mobile say?
*"u ask lah see lah u come my house den we go together"

33. Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
*of course is my own bed

34. What colour shirt are you wearing?

35. Most recent movie you watched?
* alien vs predator

36. Name three things you have on at all times?
*shirt, pants, panties

37. What colour are your bedsheets?

38. How much cash do you have right now?
*abt 15 like tat

39. What's your favourite part of the chicken?

40. What's your favourite town/city?

41. I can't wait 'til:
*i can wait..i'm patient enough to wait

42. What did you have for dinner last night?

43. How tall are you barefoot?

44. Do you own a gun?

45. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
*just mineral water

46. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?
*hmm, working in my kidnergarden

47. Last thing you ate?

48. What songs do you sing in the shower?
*plenty songs that i sang during shower

49. Last thing that made you laugh?
*hmmm...dun quite rmb..i think is in class or in cheryl's car

50. Worst injury you ever had?
*my injury mostly is muscle pain

51. Does someone have a crush on you?
*i think so

52. What's your favourite candy?

53. My ideal girl is:
*gosh...i won't fall for girls

54. What song do you want played at your funeral?
*how would i know

55. 5 person to tag:
*okay thats it i dun wanna receive any tag and dun wanna tag any1 anymore...any1 hu wanna do this just do....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


yesterday 8th jan, tuesday..

went for orientation at segi subang jaya..for those who don't know or don't remember what course am i taking again i will repeat it here, i'm taking Diploma in Early Childhood Education..
so yest went to college with elsie's car..thanks..n.n and on the way there is so only 8 something in the morning..imagine from my house to college, it takes abt 45 minutes of journey the place is so so so reach there and of course i hope to see some familiar faces at there and there is the 1st time i went i'm a stranger there and everyone is also a stranger for me..haha so i went to register at the counter and make the payment and elsie introduce 2 girls to me and i seriously forgotten their name, they came from seremban both of them are friends..but i never talk to them that much, so elsie introduce me to yvonne, she is such a friendly and nice girl to noe, although our age is 2 years apart..but we really talk alot, even though my english is so bad..but luckily i'm not the worst there are plenty of ppl worse than me..hahaha..

so when the orientation starts me, yvonne sit togehter, and also b4 that we get to noe ines at the cafeteria..but she is doing the diff course as us..we only stay together in the theatre hall..and the orientation is so damm boring..gosh..but soon they have some game abit the lame and i dunno how my group gets to win a thermoflast..haha...kinda lucky without doing anything and i can get a free thing..soon we were divided into our courses of ppl and there we goes to out classroom and our head lecturer pn.roslina, have a slide and some talks, gosh i felt like sleeping in the classroom is damm boring..and she is abit the strict..and our rules are also strict..imagine u cant absent for more than 2 times in a semester..what the heck...!!!but of course i won't have any probs to my attendance..hahaha..provided i having something important on.. oh ya..and in my class there is the only guy name kenneth too..hahahaa..i dunno wheter should i pity him or he is lucky enough to be the only guy in the class...soon i have my lunch there and went back home and the day is so tiring....

today 9th jan, wednesday..

thestarted my 1st class today so i was there early cz i expect to have all my text book and my student id and have to pay for the ptptn form for quite some time..and i don't even have my text book, my student id yet..and i only get a ptptn form for went for class and then my lecturer pn.aishah..she speaks abit soft..but i still can hear..and of course sometimes i don't quite understand what is she talking abt..inside the class i keep on yawning and yawning..yvonne who is sitting beside me keep laughing at me...swt..and at first i thought that 3 hours of class will go finish fast but no..i was wrong..the time is just too slow...i really felt so sleepy in class and is so cold and quite easy for everyone to sleep especially those who sit infront..pity them
then i get to know michelle, she is a pretty indian girl...a sweet girl too...and of course i know emily who sit infront of me..yeah..luckily i dun have to speak eng for the whole least there are 3 girls that i can speak mandarin too...thank god..hahahaha...soon end of our class try to call some people to see wheter can they fetch and omg..i called out for choon yu..i'm really sorry that i didnt noe he was sleeping...and of course i try to take the i walk with michelle to the bus stop and when i reach there suddenly my mom ask me to call elsie see wheter she can arrange my transport..and i call elsie..she ask me to walk bak to the college there..omg..i got to take the overhead bridge again and walk back...and reach to her car..the road is so jam...when the time i reach home is already coming to 8pm gosh..imagine i end my class at 6pm and i have some snack there and it took about 1 hour from there to reach my home..gosh..that is such a long way...and i hope that soon when i get to drive i hope that i can really used to the jam..

p/s:-choon yu..really sorry to disturb u while u were sleeping..i'm really sorry...
-zheng ao..plss answer the phone next time..

Monday, January 07, 2008

gosh tag again!!!

Part 1: On The Outside
Name: Kelly Tan Yik Yoong
Date of Birth: 4th june 1990
Current Status: Single
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: dark brown
Righty or Lefty: lefty
Zodiac Sign: gemini

Part 2: On The Inside
Your Heritage: chinese
Your Fear: bugs, burglar, sex maniac
Your Weakness: easy to laugh, easy to cry
Your Perfect Pizza: bbq chicken

Part 3: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: am i late or early?
Your bedtime: after 1030
Your most missed memory: yamcha with friend

Part 4: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: none
McD's or Burger King: both
Single or Group Dates: err...dunno
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Tea or Nestea: both, it depends
Chocolate or Vanilla: of course chocalate!!
Cappucino or Coffee: both

Part 5: Do You...
Smoke: nope
Curse: yea..long time ago
Drink: of course i drink..everyone have to drink or else they will die lack of water

Part 6: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: nope
Gone to the mall: yeap
Been on Stage: nope
Eaten sushi: yeap
Dyed your hair: nope

Part 7: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: gosh i wont do that
Change who you were to fit in: huh??

Part 8: Age
You're hoping to be married: hmm between 25-35

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl
Best Eye Colour: same as mine
Hair Colour: same as mine
Short or Long Hair: not too short not too long

Part 10: What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago: doing this tag
1 hour ago: having my driving test
1 month ago: relaxing, resting, have fun
1 year ago: studying, sleep, eat

Part 11: Finish The Sentences
I love: myself, my family, my pet, my friends and MASHIMARO
I feel: happy..and abit sleepy
I miss: all of my high school friends
I need: something that i want

Part 12: Tag 5 People
one: wei cheng
two: yu ming
three: john
four: pei wen
five: hui ling

Sunday, January 06, 2008

back to temple

today sunday, and is the 1st day of sunday school for 2008..
kinda excited back to there cz i really miss there, especially my friends and dancing..
this morning i'm suppose to wake up at 730am with my phone ringing, and guess what i jus stop it and sleep back again i thought i was dreaming that time so i went back to sleep and continue my dream....until around 815am, and i heard my bro knocking my door and calling me name..i woke up i looks at the time gosh!!! i just shouted "OH SHYT!!" and i open the door get my attire and went into the bathroom, b4 goin out from my room i saw my mom in the next room, and i was guessing wheter she heard what i said in this morning..haha..
soon have my breakfast and went usual staying inside the car my mom will nag what we can do is jus keep queit and don't fight bak anything..
reach temple around 845 like tat..went to pray 1st and only go to class..gosh i was late i went back into the same class i was arrange back staying in the same class..went in saw some new faces and of course some old faces but the room is full and i don't even have a proper place to sit, and as usual is still the same teacher, sis may lim...inside the class i felt like i'm the only graduate student inside and kinda old to them..and i can sure that the new students wouldn't like this teacher same as last year, they were thinking this teacher give them a bad impression towards them, especially my bro and his gang..i felt kinda embarrasing same class with them..

so finish class, went for puja and those ppl are damm noisy they don't even respect the buddha image, monks and also the others, what had happen to the new ones!! is that terrible to come to sunday school?! after finish puja follow vanessa(my sifu) for dancing class..haha..waited this time for so so so so long!! i had never dance for quite long d since after van went off to auckland until today..we had our warm up and i jus keep on laughing while doing it cz felt weird dancing like that maybe i never dance for too long d...soon help her abit in the kids and when is out turn oh no!!!her steps are like..what the heck!!! gosh i thought i'm the one who cant really manage it and of course those i really have to practise alot and don't quite remember it now..haha and whenever i have free time i have got to practise and practise..

finish our dancing class saw xuan shan outside and she ask me and pei wen to help her to carry those food to upstairs. omg..that time i was wondering why can't she ask others to carry than asking 2 exhausted ppl to carry things and walking up the stairs..and after that i knew it she ask my bro and his friend to help and they never even help!!! i felt like wanna punish them not to have those food..and when reach to the room saw them talking to sis.vineeta(deputy principle of BISDS) and they are complaning about the teacher they had which is the same teacher as mine..what the heck i had been in her class for one year and i never even complain before and how dare they!!! i know how everyone feel about her..but is only the first day, u guys haven't get to know her longer..she is really a good teacher..just u all having too much fun with ur last year teacher and this teacher really put alot of effort try to teach u guys...!!! she sometimes will do give u guys a break and some food she made really delicious..u guys got to appreciate it..please don't complain ppl only on the 1st day of classs..

back to here then we had our children fellowship camp commitee reunion, we had kfc, domino pizza...they started to eat 1st while me and sui yuan was interview by sis. vineeta to become a staff, and yeah i've been arrange as the same class with xuan shan and geetha which is bakkula 1 kids for 5 years old..haha is oso good for me to gain some experience...yeah...and i don't need to stay in the same class with my bro again...hahahahaha...
then a cake was prepared for celebrating van's last year bday...we try to play her but don't know why nobody played her..aiya..too bad for that...and when the time i wanna eat all the chessy wedges had gone...stupid people they ate all of them and they nvr help to take up the food, just eat and they never clean it....argh!!! that is just unfair.....!!!! and pity the others only had eaten a few only..and not much...dunno who are the ones who ate it so much...
then we clean up and chit chat for awhile we only went home...and is raining heavily...gosh i s hard for sumitra to drive...sorry for her...
anyway i'm just glad to back to temple again...haha..and of course hope the dancing group will have more students and keep it up...!!!

p/s: sui yuan i can really cut cake 1 okay..and the cake jatuh isn't my fault....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

today 3rd of january, i woke up quite late today
nomally when i woke up i will saw my lil bro and my cousin...but they aren't at home and i noticed today is the 1st day of school starts..hehe thought back of last time before school reopens i got to get a new uniform, new school shoes and of course books. and i'm not worrying about it anymore..
but now what i've got to worry is my daily clothes to college. when in high school i don't need to worry about the attire just wear the same uniform everyday, of course that will be boring to face the same attire i've been worrying to get some neat attire to college. cant be too messy and too formal. just simple and nice will do...
gonna have orientation on next tuesday. what course am i taking again? i'm taking diploma in early childhood mostly i will half work and half study to gain more experience.
studying at segi college summit there..gonna meet new friends around..haha...
but i kinda miss those times me and my high school friends together..miss the bell rings and some people jus rush out to the canteen, miss my school canteen food..the food are seriously delicious..miss those times me and my ji mui have our break together and eat different food at the canteen..miss those noises we made in class..miss those teacher got mad on us and try to record us in the blue card..miss those times we were rushing to pass up homework, copy ppl's homework, eat in class, play in class, chat in class while teacher was teaching, miss the school toilet mirror..haha always hangout outside the toilet, miss the basketball court, pjk, classroom, table full of drawings, the blackboard, netball court, mics, assembly ground, school hall, techers, friends, principle......................
bye bye to high school life and say hello to college life, every1 do grow, getting older and getting more matured with more knowledge..i'll keep those memories forever in my heart..n.n
take care everyone miss you all...especially my best bros and sister in my school..take care..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

tag again...

1. anything related to mashimaro
2. something simple and nice
3. something cute
4. anything from anyone
5. anything except gross things

shi ning

1. my so called daughter
2. good in girama
3. a clever girl
4. a cute girl
5. she thought me how to use a ribbon for girama

*she save my dancing group for performance

*errr...i only can remember she call me mummy only

*oh my god!!!no way!!!

1. wei cheng
2. choon yu
3. hvey jci
4. hui ling
5. koon rui
6. hon hoong
7. hock hou
8. yu ming
9. john
10. mun wai

*i never talk to him for a long time d how will i know?

*suelynn, if i'm not mistaken

*i don't think that will be a good thing

*they don't even know each other

* form 6

*last week but don't remember when



*oh my god, no way man

* i don't think so..he is my best friend

*yeap..1 brother and 1 sister

*NO.2-simply talk to him, NO.4-camp


* by his performance

*no way..