Saturday, September 15, 2007

september babies

nowadays..having trial exam...nth much to write about..but i got to wish those september born babies...

happy birthday to-Shi Ning(my daughter) ~2nd sept

-Jing Sheng~3rd sept

-Sumitra~11th sept

-Sook Mun~13th sept

-Xin Hui, Zhen Liang, JOLIN(my idol)~15th sept

-Sze Huey~18th sept

-Ju-Ho(my bro) ~24th sept

and the others september born babies..

may all your best wishes come true and stay happy happy happy and well always..n.n

take carez...

my idol..hope to be like her 1 day..haha..

Friday, September 07, 2007

elecom installation

on the 1st sept 2007 we have our elecom installation..and i was kinda excited abt that day..cause that was the day that i'm goin to retire..i expected many fun games to not as wat i expected...
early in the morning every1 gathered up..den we have our ice-breaking..after that we started to have our speech..i was the last among all the f5 to have their speech..b4 those were chun yong, kelly, kian yung..then seems that every1 felt kinda bored for when turns to me i try to entertained not that i jus continue wat i wanna say and make it as short as possible...

those games that they organize for us are we too get bored..because it was not as fun as last year..hahaha..sorry for is really true...then the food was damm nice..the spagethi made by wey anne and zhi xuan..really nice..the choc cake bake from hui fern, the fried mee hun from kian loong's mom...they are all really nice food..

i'm so gonna missed them alot...hope that they will keep it good, be dicipline and be more serious when having duty...really hope that they did their best always...
gotta say a very big thanks to the organising committe..
peiyee, huifern, zhixuan, kahwai, kianloong, huiling, and the others....
love you guys alot..!!!
elecom rocks to the end!!!!

me and hai loveliest son ever

all the 2006/2007 f5 PA

our teacher bro john

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

mdm Tan Lin's farewell

today our school's principal had retired..early in the morning students lined up and wait till they went into the school hall..then when the VIP came in every one start to cheer " we are CHSians, mighty CHSians, everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them" and keep on repeating and repeating until they have their seats. Then there goes the speeches which are so long..some of the students started to be bored bt some still listening. After that was the present giving to mdm Tan Lin. Her presents are all fully on top of the table..and some got to put on the floor..too much of the present she got..fabulous presents.

Then after that she only started her own speech. after her speech the performance starts..1stly kinda boring..soon when came to the shuffle part ppl start to get high..den the teachers dance. WOW they are like so damm cool..u cant imagine teacher dancing hip-hop (although is not really hip-hop) bt seriously i think they do dance better than the tradisional dances..haha..sorry for is true. after all the dances here goes mon wei sings 'zhang sheng xiang qi lai' den half way she told mdm tan lin 'wo ai ni' then she hold a bouquet of flower to mdm tan lin and invites her to the stage and sing..her singing oso not bad..den the prefects and the dicipline teacher sings..oh no is like every teacher she hugs she said ' no tears' it is so touched...

And when she went back, mr.kean ride a cool motor to lead two sports car..i dunno the name bt seriously is so damm cool..mdm tan lin sat on the sports car and is so nice..and there she goes..

we gonna miss her so much..hope that she will stay well and happy always
lotz of love..