Thursday, December 27, 2007

on the 26th december..
i plan to go out with somebody of course..and i asked him that 1 week ago and that fella cant even confirm until 24th december..and of course on the 25th night i ask that fella again...and what the fella told me is he can only fetch me but cant go out with me...what the!!!
that time my mood from happy to mad. is just like a volcano burst out and i almost scolded at that of course i try to control my temper..
after that i got to go with my cousin and ask that fella to fetch me in and out the whole day who ask him to made me so mad and fly me aeroplane..argh...
but after that i forgotten abt my madness and went to sunway pyramid with my cousins and her frens. actually i plan to watch alvin and the chipmunks on that day, unfortunately, my cousin sister want to watch alien vs predator 2 and the movie that i wanna watch is full.
we had our lunch at sushi king 1st b4 we went for the movies and omg..!!! i broke my record eating at sushi king..y...?? normally if i went there and eat i could eat until almost rm50 jus for me myself..and that day i only ate rm17 that is the 1st time and is only 5 plates of sushi with green tea..that was the 1st time i ate so cheap at sushi king.
then we were late for the movie the movie started d and we jus walk in, felt so sorry for the other audience for disturbing them..and guess wat i hate that show..although it was quite i really hate that show..that show is gross and it scares me since i went in until the cousin even shout malu...and other ppl thought i was the one who shout..issshxx
soon we went shopping me and my cousin walk alone and the other 3 guys went for arcade..i bought a new purse and also some stupid stuff for that fella as a appreciation for fetching me in and out and also as a christmas present..

then when almost 615pm i try to find someone to fetch me to the yuen's steamboat restaurant and i found elizabeth..thx she was jus on the way to there and fetch me along to that restautant..haha..and we had our elecom annual dinner at there..thanks to pei yee and elizabeth to organise that for us...thx you girls..
so we had our nice dinner that night and also as a farewell to kian yung and kelly to go ns..gonna miss you guys..sob..T.T
and thanks for the nice dinner although the food is not that nice except the chicken..hehe
i will miss you guys..dun worry PA members when i'm free i will be back to help u all...n.n

the fours


happy ending
the eldest among all
we spend the whole night laughing

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

merry christmas to everyone
may all be blessed healthy and happy always
stay happy forever with your loves one
and all the best wishes to everyone do come true

Friday, December 21, 2007

tag along: personal questions


1. Do this tag and answer all the question in your own blog.
2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your own question instead.
3. Tag 8 victims to do this Tag.Questions:

1. Whats is your dream when you were a small kid?
*to become a very good people for the country

2. Whats is the happiest thing in your whole life?
*to be happy

3. What do you wish to have right now?
*i wish to have alots of money which i cant use finish

4. When is the last time you horse laughed?
*erm..i think when having our gathering

5. Whats did you realize recently?
*i'm really lazy

6. Which bad habit in you that is most unacceptable?
*erm...i accept all my bad habits..haha..erm..but for other ppl is my lazinest

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
*find something to do, talk to some1, sing, dance, sleep

8. What are you afraid of losing?
*family, friends, myself

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
*finish studying and open a kidnergarden

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
*mostly i will hide

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
*sex maniac, ppl hu are annoying, desperate of something which annoys me

12. Define loneliness.
*erm..not tat lonely..haha

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
*not really yet...

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
*what i have done so hardworking for and i get something tat i wan

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
*plenty, malaysia do have beautiful places

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently?

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
*to have wishes for my whole life

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
* i will die of course..every1 is gonna die if the world is going end

20. How many people is in your mind now?
*erm...none of them

8 victims that have to do this tag:
1. koon rui
2. hvey jci
3. pei wen
4. wei yew
5. hui ling
6. anthony
7. zhen lin
8. hon hoong

tag along

100 Questions:

1. Full Name: Kelly Tan Yik Yoong

2. Name backwards: goony kiy nat yllek..=.="

3. Were you named after someone: yea...i were named b4 my cousin

4. Meaning of the name: u got to ask my grandpa..i cant even ask him

5. Nickname: kelly, yoong, ah yoong

6. Screen name: kelly

7. D.O.B. 4th june 1990

8. Place of Birth: on the hospital bed

9. Nationally: malaysians

10. Current location: house

11. Star Sign: gemini

12. Religion: buddhist

13. Current Height: 168cm

14. Current Weight: shhh...this is to kept secretly

15. Shoes Size: 5 or 6

16. Hair Colour: brown black

17. Eye Colour: dark brown

18. Who do you look like: myself

19. Innie or Outie: both but prefer outie more

20. Lefty or Righty: lefty

21. Gay, Straight, Bi or others: err...dun understand

22. Best Friend: hvey jci, xuan shan, yitsun, joee, weicheng, choon yu, kenneth, koon rui

23. Best Friend you trust the most: choon yu, hvey jci and xuan shan

24. Favourite Pals: all of my best friends + my doggie+ my favourite friends

25. Best Friend of Opposite Sex: choon yu, kenneth, koon rui

26. Best Buddies: xuan shan, hvey jci, wei cheng, joee

27. Boy Friend or Girl Friend: both lah..i have both type of friends mah

28. Crush: far i think no..

29. Parents: daddy and mummy

30. Worst Enemy: err...enemy is already bad dun need to compare hu is the worst

31. Favourite Online Guy: erm...wey yew..?? jonathan tung..?? jing sheng..?? hon hoong..?? choon yu..?? koon rui..??

32. Favourite Online Girl: erm.....erm....cant think of any!!!

33. Craziest Friend: kenneth, kei, sun and me

34. Advice Friend: i think should be koon rui, kenneth and choon yu...mostly i advise ppl more than ppl advise me...oh ya i rmb..tze chyong..hahaha

35. Loudest Friend: err..i think nobody is as loud as me..haha

36. Person you cried with: omg..plenty

37. Any Sister: sob..hope to have 1

38. Any Brother: yea..2...1 elder 1 younger..headache.o.O!!

39. Any Pets: favourite doggie

40. Any Disease: do i looks like i have a disease..???

41. Pager: nope

42. Personal Phone Line: there such things..??

43. Cell Phone: hahaha...1

44. Lave Lamp: bt cant be use d

45. Pool or Hot Tube: Pool on hot day, hot tube on cold weather

46. A Car: i hope to have a nice 1 for me to drive

47. Your Personality: sometimes good sometimes bad

48. Driving: yea

49. Room: yeap...

50. Whats Missing: err..friends

51. School: so far no school

52. Bed: single

53. Relationship with Parents: erm...good and bad

54. Believe in Yourself: depends

55. Believe in love at first sight: dun really think so

56. Good Listener: yea...quite cz i'm always listening to ppl

57. Get Along with Parents: when i was little girl!!

58. Save E-mail/MSN convos: huh..??

59. Pray: yea..almost every sunday except school hols and when for good luck and also when there is any ceremony or wat

60. Believe in Reincarnation: err..wat izit..??

61. Make Fun of Poeple: yea..xp

62. Like to talk on Phones: quite

63. Want to get married: yea

64. Like to Drive: not really..driving is tiring..

65. Motion Sickness: err...........??

66. Eat Stem or Broccoli: leaves

67. Eat Chicken with Fork: i use hand sometimes

68. Favourite Colour: black, white, baby green, baby purple, baby pink, baby blue

69. Type with yur fingers on home role: err....wat is a home role..??

70. Sleep with stuuff animal: nope...

71. Next to You: no1

72. On the wall of your room: pink paint

73. On Your mousepad: not using a mousepad

74. Dream Car: ferrari..hahaha

75. Dream Date: erm...erm...hah!!!dunno

76. Dream Honeymoon Spot: erm..hawaii..??no..florida..??dunno

77. Dream Husband/Wife: someone who loves and care for me

78. Bedtime: nowadays will be after 12am

79. Under your bed: dust and a box

80. Single most important question: are u in love..??

81. Bad time of the day: erm..when i'm having a bad feeling

82. Your worst fear: bugs, heights, nightmare

83. The weather is: cloudy

84. Time: 5.45pm

85. Date: 21.12.07

86. Best Trick you did on someone: erm...bluff daryl that i have another twin sister for few months until he found out..(sorry daryl..haha)

87. Theme Song: in my blog or where..??

88. Hardest thing about going up: erm...when climbing a stairs

89. Funniest Experience: owh...plenty!!

90. Scariest Experience: erm....erm...dun rmb

91. Silliest things you have ever said: plenty that i had said

92. Most desparate and funniest thing you have done to get the opposite sex: i dun think i did it b4

93. Scariest Experience while with yur friend: erm....we had happy experience none of them are scary yet

94. Worst Feeling: lost of my friend

95. Best Feeling in the world: to be happy..n.n

96. Favourite Subject: Maths!!

97. Favourite Teachers: vanessa ( my dancing sifu)

98. Favourite Band: erm...chs band..haha

99. Favourite Singer: jolin, cyndi, rainie

100. Choose 8 people to do this quiz: hvey jci, hui ling, lee ching, koonrui, anthony, shi ning, pei wen, wey yew

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

this is TEH WEY YEW

haha...wey yew if u read this u should be happy...since u said that u dun mind to be promote like means that u want i fullfill u...hahahahaha
for girls out there....this post is to promote this guy TEH WEY YEW...he is SINGLE!!!
19 this year...he is seriously good in basketball his live is not perfect without basketball..cant live with basketball am..quite good looking...kind, friendly, good to girls a chance for u all...

u guys can view my comment from the post 'boyfreinds' there he posted the comment to me like tat so i decide to promote him...hahahaha
he should be happy that i promoted him in my blog..haha

and this is him!!!
p/s: to wey yew...sorry lah this is the nicest pic i think if u not happy with this pic..u send me 1 den i will change...hahaha..xp

Saturday, December 15, 2007

jolin's concert

on the 14th of december went genting with my parents, lil bro and my uncle's family having fun on the day unfortutnately the rain ruined it so we wasted time on lining up for every game..
bt at night me and my brother went for jolin's idol...!!!
wao..i was so happy to meet her jus few metres away...
it was the 1st time that i met her so close without watching tv..and her voice is so cute like a lil girl..she really had a face of an angel and a body of a devil perfect!!!!
and of course the most i admire abt her is her good...i jus hope tat i can dance like her one day...hahahahha..xp
and tis is the 1st time i went for this kind of concert...happy and excited..

so i got to thanks to both of my parents for buying tickets for me and my bro to watch my idol..thanks to them for giving me this opportunity..although the rain ruined the day bt that night i was damm happy...haha...i cant even sleep on tat nite...hmm..actually i should write kinda lazy to describe how was i will use the pictures to show my day..n.n

me and my lil cousin

with yu ming
on the pirate ship..seems like i'm the only crazy 1...

me and my another bookworm cousin on the elephant

when they are above the sky

in the 4D cinema

having my dinner at burger king

my ticket

b4 the concert starts

the stage


in between


the cap that i bought there after the concert

Sunday, December 09, 2007

boy friends

as u can see my title is know as boy friends of course what my boy friends means are those friends of mine who are boys..well is kinda boring so i try to post this...
well i have quite alot of boy friends more than these are those boys who are quite close to me..and really they can be my brother, best friend, sister, best listener, father what also can as long as not having a relationship between them...

1st i can think is my best friend and also the oldest among my boy friends who is Chua Choon Yu, 19 this year...
i've known him since i was form 2..well i admit that the way i know him that time was kinda stupid..and abit funny..i know him from 1 of the performance he had in my school..he was one of the school basketball player...quite cute and good looking..and he can be known as the ladies killer...hahahahaha...everybody do agree with that..y we do say that..?? is because they way he speaks to any of the girls is sooooooo swweeett!!!! and of course most of the girls fell for him and i admit that i did fell for him now..nope..hehehe..
we used to get along together with fiona, shing yiing and yuen wah when he was still in high school and of course at that time we really had a happy memories together...hehehhe luckily i do still contact him if not he is gonna forget me..hahaha
he is really a good listener and a best friend for me, he really cares for his friends and family quite a good guy...hehehe...n.n and this is him..

2ndly will be my classmate kenneth..he is 1 of my best heng dai..
he has a looks of a bear and also he has a big head...hahahahaha(sorry to say that)
we both talk secrets to each other and keep it properly..hehehe i have been in the same class with him since i was form 3..which is 3 on the 1st yr we were not very close bt after that we guys get along together..although he is kinda lazy to study bt actualy he is a clever person..if he do study he can surely get better result...
he is our class joker and whenever there is him the place will full of laughter...once i still remember when i was so down he keep on make something funny and stupid to make me laugh so glad to have such a good friend like too bad he isnt single anymore..hahaha..sorry for the girls...and this is him

3rdly will be Ee Koon Rui..this is another guy that i had been same class with him since form 3 too....but i get along with him earlier than kenneth...
hmmm..seriously dunno how to describe about him bt still the same sentence he is a good friend of we both called each other fat pig...y...??actually i dun quite rmb..hahaha..
at 1st he keep on calling me mashimaro..soon he started to change and call me mashipig..sooner i told him something abt wild boar chinese known as 'san zhu' so we both call each other that..and soon i jus said that i grew fat and he started to call me fat pig...arghhh....
bt of course i wasnt mad of him...he is really a cute person and actually both of us have some fake news among each other b4..'thx' to some1...
the word that he always love to say is 'swt'...seldom talk bt actually he can really blow of many girls' hearts..y..??bcaz he is really good in piano..guess wat every1 he nvr had a teacher to teach him the basics and his sister thought him..unitl one day he get a teacher but poor him he got to pay by himself...kinda pity after few months he stop learning with the teacher and he still keep on playing piano again...he is really talented in girls he is single u girls might have a chance...hahaha...and this is him..

erm..i think thats so far i can think..actually there are plenty more bt these 3 guys are more closer than me and i really trusted 3 of them alot...n.n i think they will be happy to see this..hahaha...and for u guys info i had nth to do with them they are really my best and good friends who i really trusted them alot...hope that 3 of them can be my best boy friends proud to have friends like them..

Saturday, December 08, 2007


i've learn driving for two days...unfortutnately,i was still scare of driving car..i kinda dislike to drive i have to so that it makes me easier in my transport...anyway i just hope that i can get to learn it fast and easy...

so today we had our class gathering at chay jiang's i plan to bring egg sandwich bcaz michell said that she like i started to make around 3pm, and ended up after 40 minutes..that was kinda fast to make 52 i nvr even taste it i went out early and reach ah sun's hse, then we headed to michell's house...michell drove us there and the bump there was really high and the car knock onto the bump..owh!!!!

when we reached there they had already started the fire and the charcoal was all white already.. means they started to burn the charcoal we had bbq chicken, hotdog, ham, sotong, fishball, lamb, every 1 started to burn and taste my sandwich...i was so happy that every1 said it was nice...proud of myself...i didnt noe i can make that we ate, chit chat there until about 10 something we took a group too bad some of them went home earlier....

the worst thing happen tonight was kenneth lost his sorry for him and he make a police report his wallet with his ic, license and some money all together will be 2000 something...wat the heck!!!that was so much of hope he wont be so sad ler...

but at least we had a happy ending without anyone crying..hahaha..i will miss all of them so much...although not all of the whole class came bt at least we had the chance to see each other...
1 part of the food
chicken wing
sook mun,tze chyong, sun, me
sun keep on wanna take pic with the tree
daryl acting malu...
all of us
sorry to chay jiang i block ur face