Friday, August 31, 2007

continue from the trip

this is a video where we recorded outside the musuem shah alam..haha..kinda stupid..

sorry for those who dosent understand chinese..

for the pics..can view from my friendster acc..( )

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mashimaro freak

since i was free...i try to spot something abt mashimaro..and i found many things related to mashimaro which was so dammm cute..!!! i seriously wanted those so so so much!!! WHOA, i really wanna buy those stuff and collect them all..they are so cute and hot...besides those soft toys that i wanna collect, there are many things which related to mashimaro that i really wanted to. ex: handphones, bags, handbags and much much more..

mashimaro phones that i really wan.!!!

mashimaro silver hand bag..omg!!

mashimaro bags...

mashimaro specs..although kinda childish..haaha

mashimaro toothbrush holder

cute mashimaro bullet mayb..and antenna..dunno just think they are cool and cute

whole set of mashimaro phone, bag, soft toy, phone couch

mashimaro panties..haha..kinda cute huh..>.<
hope to get one of those for my birthday...n.n..they are really cute...>.<

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

20$ slim trip

last,sun,kenneth,kah wai,zheng ao,jian hong,sao wen and yew fai went for a trip organized by persatuan geografi and sejarah..we paid 20$ jus to ponteng school..swt huh...
we all were damm happy at the starting..1st we went to the muzuem shah alam..we reached there much more earlier than the teachers ask us to go to the library beside the musuem..the first thing me and sun went in we try to walk around..after that we try the sofa there...wao..that was nice to sit...hahaha..i will just fall asleep on the sofa like too comfortable..
after 20minutes..we went to the musuem..there are only 8 of us hu are f5 and all from the same classes..we are the eldest there...the others are the form 4..we felt so matured when together with them..haha..inside the musuem..we sure felt bored..den there is a walkpath which u can walk in and see one of the religion's 'kubur'(i dun rmb the word in eng) the walkpath is like those catwalk stage..den i try to entertained the students by walking a stupid cat walk there..even the teachers and the workers there laugh...haha...
then continuously..we are kinda afraid of those 'things' so when i saw those statue of a person..i will be so scared of looking and like i got shock whenever i saw really really very scary..after that we are the is too bored to stay we went outside 1st..we stand there recorded a funny still havent get it...den kenneth started to bully me and everyone play around...
after that we have our lunch..there are so many coffee shop to we started to walk 1st..and those ppl behinds keep follow like so weird..den when we started to choose 1 of it..the others oso follow..even the teacher oso follows..kinda weird..since when we became the leader of the trip...
then we went to kuala selangor..1st we walk the bukit malawati..that was the tiring 1..we keep on walk..and teacher told us what is those history thingy...den we saw those monkeys..and the monkeys are so impolite..why..??because their mother nvr tought them not to simply shit on the floor..the road are all full of shit..and after walking for awhile.. we only noticed those yellow kemek things are all their shits..and we check..oh no!!!me,kenneth and zheng ao got the prize..what the heck..den we try to rub and rub...after that we walk and walk..we climb up to somewhere follow some of the form fours..den 1 of the gang sit on a rock and took pictures..den when they leave the teacher just reached..and they told us that was the rock where in the anceint they used it to chop of ppl's felt lucky abt not sitting on the rock...hahah..
then we went to taman like jungle tracking..and the person incharge told us that those hu are wearing dark colours are unlucky enough cz they have to donate blood there..and i am one of those unlucky i'm kinda when i was inside i nvr even get bitten by any mosquitoe..hahahahaha...before we went in..we read the board there written by visitors..abt what they saw inside...there are snakes..leopard cat,eagle, bla bla bla...and guess what..
when we went in we only saw monkeys..crab, mudskipper, and birds..and we felt weird abt that..
after that we had our dinner and we have seafood to eat..those food are nice..we took some picture there...we ate beside the sea..hahaha..and the sea view was nice...and me...almost felt in the sea..hahaha..lucky me...and lucky to everyone none of them felt into the sea...
then we went to the place where u can see alot of fireflies there...the place was so beautiful..the fireflies looks like the decoration light of the christmas tree is was seriously so beautiful...and then we went home..poor kenneth..he is the only 1 got sunburn and his muscle cram..and until now his leg is like oh no..macam orang cacat..poor himm...althought that was seriously we have a happy time...n.n

Friday, August 17, 2007


seriously i jus dun understand why i can get the champion for the poster drawing competition..that poster seems to be so damm ugly..and there are more nicer ones than like so damm weird..

so when the time calling the 1st runner up, i was abit scared cause for so many years i had never get a trophy from the school..except form 2..the volley ball 1st runner up..

den when the time they called out the champion and my name, i was so scared that i might just fall while i was walking half way..and suddenly blank out..and i just walk, smile, shake hands, take, and walk back..after getting the trophy my hand was still shaking...

bt seriously i dont really deserved to get the trophy..many others deserved more..mine was really very ugly..and i really dun understand why i can get the champion..??

anway...what i can do is accept the trophy and just keep it..and also work hard more on drawing..i will keep it every1 do work hard for everything..

Monday, August 13, 2007


today we are having the bulan penghayatan merdeka..this morning i was abit late..everything was fine..den in the afternoon i went to duty again..and i'm the only f5 and who is the eldest at there..the form 2 are like so useless..and i almost got to do everything..kah wai was like so nervous..and dunno what to do..she dun even noe which to plug which..i felt like laughing and scolding her at that time..den the room is like full of ppl..and i started to shout and ask those hu arent involve please get away from this room..and almost are the f6s who are all my brother's frens..they are kinda shock that i'm abit fierce..den when is time i got to go..i took my back and when out..on the way..i keep on worrying about the little i ran to my aunty and told her that i'm not following her car..and i ran back to the hall like so tiring...1st they having qoir..den kelab kebudayaan..and when coming to the drama..they got to connect that thing to the like i was stunt..and i dun even noe what to do..
all of the form fours when back..and i got to do the console by myself..i started to test like shit man..there isnt any what i can do is jus use a mic and point on it..den is was damm soft..i seriously dunno what to do at that time..i felt like wanna cry d..i was down b4 that and now even sometimes i got to set it louder and make sure there is no 'fit' bt ended up i try to open the speaker abit louder bt is abit useless...
den when the drama finished..i straight away get out from there or not i'm gonna boom out soon..den i called my parents wheter any1 of them can fetch i got to walk under the hot sun from school to UH..i am tired enough d and i got to walk again..i seriously wanted to burst my tears when my friend ask me why i look i jus told him that i'm such a failure..den straight away walk out to school..and ended up i waited at the bus stop for abt 15 minutes like that..reached home by 15 minutes..bath and posting this blog now..and i found out that i'm really sucks at alot of things...i'm jus a useless girl..

seminar day

yesterday..i woke up early in the morning bath...and get ready..waiting for my brother to wake seems like he is the one hu keep on says that wanna fetch me to the seminar..den end up..he said that he cant wake up...luckily i sms yit sun that if they are going off that time pls tell me...yit sun..michell..kah wai..all together follow's kenneth's car..and den kenneth when to my hse and fetch me go..and we reached there abt 730am like like so damm we arent the we register first..i saw chiang..see leong..vincent and swee pie at like i kinda noe alot of ppl there...and my friends keep on asking is that..??
after that we changed..and the shirt is like so damm big..guess what..i'm wearing the smallest shirt blue in i felt like i'm wearing a pyjamas to the seminar..then we had our breakfast like the sandwhich is so dammm expensive..and i rather walk to the mcdonald nearby to eat..when the seminar like we gonna sing negaraku and tanggal 31
damm weird..when the seminar starts..i see every 1 started to sleep..
before we reached kbu..while i was in the car..kevin keep misscall me..and i got to call him back to tell him the way..and the directions he told me is like..argh..felt like wanna slap him..
and wasted so much of my money for calling him...
den when the seminar having the lunch break...we guys den leave the is like so boring and we cant even understand at 1st we fetch ching back to her sister's hse..den me michell,sun,kenneth,kah wai,jian hong, went to ss2..and we ate sushi was when looking at the price is like oh no..we got to pay so much for at least we are full after that we were chatiing at there until 345..and the loudest is our group..we wasted more than two hours at there..rather than the seminar..although it is free of charge..
we started chatting about toilets..japan..hong kong..and somwhere overseas..many many more..
after that we sit inside the car for abt 15 min like that den they fetch me home..sun and michell already went home..and i'm the only girl left inside the sure nothing to be scared..they are all my close friends..after that i went home...and have a short nap..woke up and i went to toilet..and is like so suffering inside the toilet..i almost vomittedd..hahaha

Saturday, August 11, 2007

to my beloved baby hamster

this is my beloved baby

i love her so much

i'm gonna miss her..

dear baby...mayb you be well and happy always

take care..


today..for me i should be sad..cause my baby hamster had passed so sad to heard abt i was expected this morning i saw my baby was so weak..he cant even move..his eyes are all looks scary..i was so afraid..and i seriously dunno what to do at that time..i move it to somewhere there is water..and ask her to drink..and she dun even have the energy to move..i was so scared...den i get some papaya from the fridge..and feed my baby..she ate abit..and after that stop eating..den i jus leave her back at her own place where she stay...
after that i came bak to tuition..and i was informed by my father and my bro that my baby had passed away..i'm gonna miss her so so much...i hope that she will be well and happy always..
and for what had jus happen is..the stupid kevin his com having this virus..and i nvr even read his nick name..and i accepted d..after that i ask him what is that..and he told me not to accept and not to open..i did everything is too late when he told my com might be having virus..
and for the happy thing was..i went to the national service website yesterday..and guess what..i was not picked for damm to those out there that had been chosen to the national sad of u try to enjoy there..take carez every1..

Friday, August 10, 2007


today starting from this morning at seems like i dosent have the mood...because of something...tat me myself noe only...ppl keep on ask me wat happen to me today...they felt weird that the talkative yik yoong and the noisy yik yoong was so dammm queit..
it seems like i dun wanna tok is because i notice 1 of my best friend..really dislike me..
after investigating..i finally knew that is because something i accidentally said something wrong..and i really dunno..
so i kept quite today..jus because i dun wanna say anything might hurt ppl feelings or wat...i dun rmb i did say anything towards my best like....hardly to describe..and inside my heart i'm damm thats y i dun wanna tok to any1 or else mayb they will get scolded by me by i just kept queit do wat i can do..until back from home..i seriously dunno y...i turned happy..mayb jus bcaz i got to see my friend face that his face is really really so mad at me is better not to see him..and i jus feel like wanna give 1 tight slap towards wat can i jus stand...
since that he is my mayb i will wait until mayb few more weeks or less than tat or mayb more than tat only will be fine..i dun wanna lose any of my friends..its seems like nowadays ppl around me seems to be so fake towards me..they tok to me only when they need me...i jus dunno wat i did that really make ppl dislike me seems that i aint a good like so many years of friendship..i dun wanna lose any of friends are one part of my life...i love all of my jus sometimes they dont appreciate.. all those ppl out there...dun hurt your matter wat happens..anything you jus dislike abt the opposite side..jus tell it a kind not fighting or argueing..
dun be like me..friends are important in our life..mayb i am wrong too...nobody is perfect in this world..jus forgive your friend for any convinience..and always care for your friend no matter guys must really appreciate your friends...friends are important...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

nothing much

it has been a long long time i had nvr post something..because i forgotten my account password and everything..and trying to rmb it..hehe has been change..not really..
still having the same friends...jus more friends..and spm coming soon..
finally i had retire from my own club..wahahahaha..and i dun have to worry abt those accounts money anymore..i feel good..wahahaha.. week school is having our merdeka celebration..i was waiting for it..cause the banner for my class had been chosen..haahha..proud of it...
seriously nowadays i have been having problems about my friends..4 of us are all best friends..
bt now is like 1 dun like her..and another dun like her too..and i got to become the middle sucks..i hate to be the middle person always..hate it so so so much..
bt seriously is really hard to solve those problems for them...we had be 4 ji muis for so close and is like because of a few small things happen..and it became a big problem..oh shit man is like my head is gonna burst because of that..both are my loves 1..and now 1 nvr come to school jus to get away from her..even though she came to school bt both of them nvr tok to each other..both oso are wrong..i seriously dunno wat to do now...and spm is gonna be here soon..i hope that it really wont influence us alot..i hope they will be ok soon...i really dun like these to happen...

and now for my love life..mayb i found i think he dont really suites me..jus because we jus cant meet each other so many times...i got the feeling towards i think he nvm...i'll try to find another 1...he is a nice guy..a guy which don really like to smile infront of when he smile..he has a cute and sweet too bad..haha
and mayb after spm i do have many plans..1st is i'm gonna get my license no matter how i will and must get my license..if not my bro is gonna kill me for asking him to fetch me everytime..hahaha..and sure i'll have lots of fun tat i jus hope tat i will study well right well in my trial and spm..and get a nice job in the future..
hope tat everything goes well..and may every1 stay happy and well always...