Friday, February 27, 2009

my girlfriends

lately i've been hanging out with these two girls

jia ern and cheryl

i just notice we look kinda alike in this pic

and this girl she can be real silly

hahaha..cute leh

and cheryl as usual, always the one that looks pretty infront of the camera

and of course silly!!!

see...even a candid picture she can be so nice..argh!!!

as both of us always smile to the cam

and also love showing silly faces

we love each other

they both love each other

so does both of us!!

i love both of them
friends forever

Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's night

14th february 2009,
a night to remember..
organized a single party at my house, invited all the singles accept for one due to my misunderstanding...people who attend are, kei, geetha, chiang, vincent, jiok, van, su, kim mei(kevin's friend), kevin, mike, sui yuan and ming huy that just drop by and left early.
well..there were some games in my mind, but due to certain reasons i don't think is suitable and i was sooo busy for that week, i didnt plan any game for them, so sorry peeps.
I'm so glad that every1 that i invited are all absenties..hahahahahah
we had mafia and smth so called was kinda draggy for those 2 games, but seems that every1 do have fun, laughter is everywhere..hahaha
then a surprise for kei kei's belated birthday...

dinner time

right: MARIA CHEONG!!!


laughing at the mafias

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K........

AHHH!!!!*piak piak piak piak*

laughing all the way

2 controlers and all handphones

2 left out nokias from sony erricson

nokia surrounded by sony

surprise celebration for kei kei..muackxx

later on we went to the park behind my hse..

ladies in the middle of the road..

doing yoga in the middle of the road

vincent is enjoying his childhood times

titanic geetha waiting for her macha!!hahaha


i was too heavy for this

and having fun with the see-saw

jiok li trying to fly like a bird...hahahaha

a real formal group pic


the very obscence picture

kelly's shirt says: she is my love
van's shirt says: sorry if i looked interested

no for vincent

no for mike

yes for kevin

no answers for both of them

and yes for geetha!!!

and this is what i call silly pictures



well although the things that we did are kinda simple, but i really do have lotsa fun with every1.
Without them i wouldn't have a chance to organized this party, and i will be sitting all alone in my hse facing the computer, to me they are the V.I.P in my life. of course some of you are my VIP's too...haha well what i can say again is, that night is really a night to rmb and in this 19 years, this is my best valentine's celebration of all!!


and thanks for being my valentines n.n
and gave me the best valentine's day!!