Sunday, August 30, 2009

i've tried my best to do everything

i've tried different ways

and i don't see any results

and no point kept trying

i gave up~


i guess

i don't have the fate

to go for a trip

with any of my buddies

well i can't help to stop thinking like that

but it happens to me


whenever i can't make it

every1 can

and whenever i CAN make it

every 1 can't

is it really fated?

are you all avoiding me?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

shout out from a shopaholic


how i wish i could be a princess and asked

"daddy i got no more money,

give me money i want to go shopping"


i'm desperate to shop!!

there's so many sale now

and clicking through the blogshops everyday

really increases my desperado!!!

and i'm officially BROKE!

i need to save money for year end trip

my SOMG sister

jus bought 5 clothes on9

iiyerrrr i wanna shop also!!!!

and i don't understand

people that have soo many nice attire

any type of attire

even they wear different clothes for the entire year each day

is definitely enough for them

but why they still wanna shop??

well what to do they are rich enough to shop


even my mom get to shop

and my dad pay for her


i wanna go perhentian
but can i?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the cuties

these are the cuties that really lighten up my day~


gus gus!!!rmb him?hahaa

the cutie skunk

and the cute lil bunny from bambi, although i dun rmbering watching bambi

asristo cats

puss from shrek

the donkey and dragon's babies

peaches!! yes i'm focusing on the baby


*relating to jiaern hahahahaha*

isn't it cute when it is small?

then are the puppies

siberian husky


another bunch of huskies

welsh corgi

omg can i have one of them those puppies are sooooo adorable!!

and of course not to foget
the baby gabriel

Saturday, August 22, 2009

hugs and kisses

i wish to have my kids

to come and hug and kiss me

i remember the part where

"with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you"

was sang

and kids came and hug me

and kiss me

and 1 of my favorite kid

he hold my face

and kiss me on the cheek

thats like the happiest time

throughout my week

and with just simple hugs

and simple kisses

lighten up my day

can it happen it again?

i guess i've been replaced

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

is 1am now, i'm suppose to be lying on my bed together with my blankie , booster and pillows
but i jus can't close my eye when i was lying down, so instead i shall jus post smth here


i was soo nervous abt the presentation

during practice i tend to make lots of mistake

and ppl were wondering why am i soo nervous

and they kept telling me

"just do like how u did normally during presentation"

but this time is different

i'm representing the group to do the presentation

i was so afraid that i got affected with my own personal issue

and i was trying my best to do whatever ppl want

and i even got nervous breakdown during practicing

my group members were soo woried that i couldn't make it

and wanted to replace me

but, i insisted by saying "No" to them

is my responsibility, i'll have to do it

and dear ila said this to me

"kelly, just do your best, be natural, do whatever you can do"

"don't care about what others think to you, and try your best"

that time i try to calm down myself

and practice again

indeed i wasn't satisfied and i bet so does others

and i was dissapointed with myself too

for being so nervous to jus read out a story book

there goes while waiting

i looked at other groups

and there goes my 'kiasu-ness' starts

suddenly is my turn

there goes, i've forgotten what was in my mind

and i wasn't even nervous at all

just put a smile and there goes the story

although i did made a small mistake in the end

but i cover it back

there goes the end of my presentation

i was happy that at least i was back to normal when i present

i've did my very best

and hope tat i did not dissapoints any1

i wanna thank most to

foo jia ern- that has put soo much effort and time to make the book so nice


ila- to make the storyline and calm me down being a good listener to me

i love you all banyak =)


after class, met up with van at tropicana city mall
and i can't decide where to eat, and we still go back to food & tea hahaha
have a chit-chat session, and a short window shop session, which is super short!! lol


she asked me
"so who are you targetting now"

and i was like
"i hope there's some1 for me to target now"

seriously honestly
i've forgotten the feeling of liking some1
isn't it sad??
can some1 pls make me fall in love for them??

and guess what people
and i can't finish mine~
u can hardly see this scene hahaa

this time is like the shortest shopping session ever
we only went into 1 shop
tat she nvr went in b4
there's nth much inside
so tats the end of our shopping session

i'm happy to go out with her
although it was a short 1
we shall have a longer outing again

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ain't a nice day

today is not a nice day at all

kei's phone jus went missing like that

every 1 is just so tired and not really in a mood of dancing

bro got knock by some malay guy and the malay guy thinks that he is right

mike got into an accident

and i was hurt again by some other ppl
i freakin don't understand

i got the feeling of not going ipoh now


you might think that this post will be boring, but finish reading this, it will not be
some of you might have read before, but still i wanna post it up

My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife:
Marrying you has screwed up my life.

I see your face when I am dreaming.

That's why I always wake up screaming.

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not.

Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss,
But I only slept with you 'cause I was pissed.

I thought that I could love no other
that is until I met your brother.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's
empty and so is your head.

I want to feel your sweet embrace;

But don't take that paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes
Damn, I'm good at telling lies!

My love, you take my breath away.
What have you stepped in to smell this way?

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe 'Go to hell.'
Align Center
What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime.

smile =)

Friday, August 14, 2009

shout outs!!

i missed out the fun in class today
fated to not enjoy today

parents teacher meeting is tomorrow!!
lots of luck for me please!!

i wish to be brave enough
to fight back for my own rights

i was looked down by some1
and it actually hurts

i miss the baby gabriel soo much!!
he is not here for a week already

i can't wait till ball training tmr evening
this time won't be that sunny already

i can't wait till sunday's dancing session

is an un-enjoyable day for me
= |

Thursday, August 13, 2009


movies that i'm craving for!!

movies out on 20th August
i wanna watch the 3D version for this!!
10 September
17th September
15th October

and guess what people, i haven't watch transformers 2 =)

watched The Taking Pelham of 123 ytd night, well not bad although i'm not craving for it and we sat on the 2nd row, gosh!! but luckily is not tat blur is still watchable there

movies with me any1??

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

exercising weekend

*click on to the pictures to have a better view*

8 August 2009, Saturday.

Started off with morning class, wanted to walk up the stairs, but we were late for class and jiaern said that i look tired, so we fail for that day. seriously i didnt had a nice sleep the night before, because i was soo worried about how to go to class on that day, oh well at last i did slept for few hours which is not enough for me at all.

After class, the 3 of us, jiaern, jeelian and i join lunch with cheryl and wilson, cheryl wanted to go to the curve cz she wanted to bring twisty, but we insist to go 1u cz there's no chillies in curve, then cheryl suggest to go fridays, and luckily we didnt go, we stick to chillies bcaz...... u'll know soon hahaha

I dunno why i can't eat much during lunch, so i went to go shop with jiaern while they were still eating, jiaern shopped her book for her friend, and then i got my whole set of hair styling thing. wohoo i'm damm happy, cz i got it in a valueble price and bcaz i wanted to get it since long time ago. There goes, reached home then i start rushing myself to change into sports attire, su came to fetch me, meet up with van, kei, kaiwei, the twins, and a lil young stranger which kinda freak us out.

There goes, when van's aunt is here and we started our training under the hot sun at 3.30pm, oh gosh seriously the hot sun really made us...undescribable...but i wasn't a bimbo or barbie on that day, and i really played but still ain't that seirous, oh well when do u see me being serious aahaha. but i had fun during that afternoon and i was smart enough to put sun block on that day weeeee....

Su fetched me home and then this time, i thought of rushing, but because we have to wait for yuming, so instead i try to explore with my electro hair stylist, and seriously it takes time for me to learn how to perm my own hair, which i don't think i find a need to do it, since i'm having such a short hair.

Then reached the curve and walk to ikano meet up with others to help out with the surprise for Yan Leng's bday. And then meet up with them at TGI Fridays, see now i said luckily i didnt go to the curve's fridays this afternoon. there goes the surprise, and seriously there's lots of 8th of August babies born that day, lots of celebration were done there. anyways it was a fun night. with the pictures and dancing session outside fridays at the fountain there.
to the birthday girl

the gang

SOMG sisters


feeding session


~lots of love~

from short to tall

the chicky swans

only if we were dressed in traditional attire

there goes~

the LV bag poser

fist of fury towards maori

poker face
poke her face

Last but not least, a msg towards the birthday girl

i've known you for quite some times
although we're not that close
but u're close to my brother
which made me appreciate you alot
for caring my brother so much
and take care of him
and you being a young friend of mine
we always have the fate to sit in the same car
and we always tend to get along well without failure
and i'm glad that i'm part of the people there
to celebrate your day with you

and i have to apologize for the salad sauce
and u really freak me out
anyways just wanna wish you
Happy 17th Birthday

you're 1 year older, but you're still young
have fun in ur last year in high school
and stay healthy and happy always
love you lots
Dear Yan Leng

9th August 2009

this will be a short post as there's no pictures yet~~
and it won't be in detaile form

Morning to temple
but not teaching so i was late
but just nice for dancing class
weee the class that i've been waiting for the whole week

there goes started with the butterfly dance
with the kids
then the climax
i've use all my energy on it to keep on dancing
and i'm having fun with it

meeting after dancing
there goes i'm always the non-serious 1
and always worried about the small matter
instead of the big ones
but is me!! weee

after meeting head back home with kei
bath at my hse
then we started styling each others hair
by using my new electro hair stylist
she straighten my hair
and i perm her hair
which makes no difference for both of us

and she forced me to make up
bcaz she put on make up
at last i did
but is jus weird by putting make up
and wear sooo casual

then off we go~
follow ming huiy's car from behind
kei kept complaining the way ming huiy keep cutting in and out
cz kei's car can't go fast
then reached
and i noticed that
i'm underdressed
seems like i'm the only 1 wearing shorts there

but nvm
then start of with dinner
and i was a good girl that night
i only drank one sip from each type of beer
anchor, heineken and tiger
sze huey finished one can of heinken
luckily she is not drunk hahaha

then check out with chiang's room
when the owner leave
there goes my discovering starts

start off with the toilet,
was curious with the hand soap washing machine
and really had fun with it
it will have light whenever we jus touch the button
then of course i'll start showing it off to other people
and they had fun with it

then i didnt even notice that there's a mirror in his toilet
until geetha said,"haiyo i cannot see myself through the mirror"
and seirously the mirror is freakin high!!
what to do, the whole family is tall
even the house is tall, got 3 floors

then his cupboard
i know is not nice for a girl to look at a guys cupboard
but he gave me a shock by looking into his cupboard
everything inside there is
and i dun see any underwear anywhere
until i spotted 1 box
and geetha said
"i think the underwear is inside there"
while pointing to the box

then mahjong session yippee
played few rounds
but is jus for fun
cz we aren't gambling
or having any punishment
and to satisfied my crave during new year

then wiii session
the long waiting 1
playing with them
even thou is not funny
the whole session will be the funniest time i've ever had
haven get the pics for that night
well hope to get it soon
then this video
is to entertain you

jus click HERE to watch it
but i bet most of you have watch it already
but is okay
watch it again then!!

for inviting me to ur hse warming
*u can definitely chase juliet go romeo!!*

there goes my exercising weekend
and i walked up to 8th floor today again!!
faster than last week
and we even reach earlier than cheryl and jeelian that took lift

Thursday, August 06, 2009


yea seriously need lotsa exercise for myself

1. competition is coming soon, need to build up my stamina
2. to loose weight
3. to have a hot body!!! LOL!!

so jia ern came out this idea of walking up and down the stairs everytime we go college, walk up for 8 floors, since we're sooo lazy to do exercise at home or go out to jog or something.

so i tried ytd omg is really very tiring and it actually makes me goes dizzy, and i thought tat in 1 more floor i will reach ady, cz there's so many paintings on the wall, so i expected it to be the 6th or 7th floor ady bcaz they have art students there. only the 6th floor cz there's no signs of which floor are we in on every floor, is kinda confusing thou, jia ern said i turn pale, my lips were soooo white when i reached the 8th floor

seriously low stamina, must train train and do more exercise, so dancing is gonna be a must for me every sunday, besides chasing kids every time to work is also part of my exercise, and of course walking up and down the stairs in college.

weee besides
i really wanna learn yoga
i wanna go to gym and learn some dancing there too
play bouncing ball when learning yoga, to balance myself better
there goes joke for exercising

so people exercise and stay healthy!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

have some laughter

enjoy the pictures of the day


is already august

time flies

people change

and included me


i just wish that

my brain development will be super slow

so i wouldn't reach to this stage

and think so much about other stuff

i wish that, i have this simple brain

i wish that, i'm still a little girl that have no worries

i know is pointless to have this wish

and sometimes

i'm tired

i'm mentally tired

i just don't know how to describe why am i tired

but i just felt tired

and to be honest

i'm unhappy about it


i hope that

i'll gain back my mental energy

and back to me again

i wish to be a clown again

that entertain every1

i miss being a clown of everyone

but sometimes

i just wish that

i'm smarter

and my brain develop faster than any1 do

so i will quickly solve all the problems

is just a satisfaction that no1 can be satisfied


i just wanna say sorry to you who is reading this

sorry if i offended you

sorry if i hurt you

sorry if you are annoyed by me

sorry if i was selfish

sorry if i was greedy

sorry if i was being stupid

sorry if i was being unfair

sorry if i was being childish

sorry if i was being soo noisy

sorry if i was so lazy

sorry if i was so fierce to you

sorry if i forgotten about you

sorry if i ignore you

sorry if i was lying

sorry if i was hiding

sorry if was not being serious

sorry if i was not helping you

sorry if i don't understand you

sorry if i scare you

sorry if i misunderstood you

sorry if i used you

sorry if i was being fake to you

sorry if i don't care about your feelings

sorry if i said something wrong

sorry if...........................


to make this blog ain't that dull
that's something that i was happy about

BR SESSION on Friday Night

Choir Performance on Saturday Night

Dancing session