Tuesday, May 05, 2009

art and craft

1 big apology to every1 out there. I'm soooo sorry to leave my blog like this, is been 1 week living without internet, oh gosh i wonder how can i survive if there is no such thing as computer in this world. haha anyway yeap life is great, indeed getting better of course everyone will have their problems to face, getting stress up, but this is where we get to learn! I'm learning, i'm growing and i'm happy with it. Well ever since starting of this year, my post will not miss out anything about my kids, so this time i better not talk about anything about my babies or else you ppl get bored..hahaha okay lets talk about my college life then, i'm gonna have my last paper this friday which is wesak eve! ya and the subject is art & craft, to be honest this is my favourite subject of the course so far. although it gives us lotsa pressure to complete our artwork, but i enjoy doing it with stress!!hahahahah weird right, besides i really love the lecturer, well i'm still a student lah we will still have our favourite teacher, so ya she is damm nice and i really had fun during her class, anyway i won't talk much about it i shall let the pictures talk!! enjoy peeps!

look i enjoy doing it

group work

clyne's group

li xin's group

the top 1 is our group and the bottom 1 is kai shuang's group

fish processing

guess wat fish is this??

jia ern's and cheryl's

stones boobies..!!hhahahaha

and there goes our presentation

every1's effort


and not to forget my dearest lecturer

without them i wouldn't have such a great class for this subject