Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oh please~!!

this question has been asked by most of the people over and over again.
gah, and the the question is~

"Can you go and get a boyfriend please?"

this question was asked by relatives, friends, family and even colleagues~!
gosh i'm only 20 ppl~~
and do i looks like i really need a boyf now??

and my answer will always be the same

"Is not that i don't want to find lah, but memang don't have mah, no1 likes me also"

LOL and is NOT EASY to find okay~ especially when i'm in thie field, doing this profession.
yes i want a boyf, but gosh dun lah kept asking me. I'll wait till faith comes okay =)

and yes I do enjoy my life being single while i'm still being able to flirt around
at least i don't have to be controlled
at least i can date different guys in each month~! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
at least i dun have to worry being too committed

but, i do need a person there for me all the time
and gah, i'm too money minded, i need a boyf to pay everything for me! HAAHAHAHHA
please i was jus kidding about tat.

any1 willing to promote me or introduce any not bad guys to me, go ahead~! You're all welcome!

I love my life~!


Friday, September 24, 2010


work just started for a week after the hols, but it seems like i've been working and never get any rest at all, this week has been a hetic week for me, new children, gah, now i have more stubborn children, noisier children, more active ones, smarter but perhaps too smart.

and i miss my independant kids, patrick, rashaan, even emma, joshua, scott and jadelynn are not soo bad~
sigh, results gonna come out soon which means is a reminder for me to sign up for my degree, which i don't want to take degree in tat course at all, i wanna try smth else, cz you seriously don't need a degree in malaysia being in an early childhood education field, provided u're about to become a lecturer in that course, which is not wat i'm asking for.
oh wells, what to do, i have to be an obedient girl and listen to my mom
but i have to pay for all my fees!! damm it, this is the part where i really hated so much

honestly, i do love my job~ alot! but thinking of the pay given, no is not worth it and is not enough at all~ trust me, young ppl tat have been joining education field for living, they'll complain alot for the pay and stuff, as ppl tat has many working experience in other profession and decided to work with children won't felt a thing, trust me, our work could be harder than urs anytime. Well like I said before every profession had its own difficulties. oh wells, i'll just have to wait for the time to pass in order to let me try to experience smth else, while assuming i'm still very young

okay back to what am i gonna say related to the topic
yeap today's the raya open house, so all the aunties were asked to wear the malay traditional clothes, so does the children.
erm basically nth much to say i'm just here to post up the pics, lol
anyways, i still love my job, but not the pay~! xp
is not enough for me~~ well wat to do, i looove spending teehee n.n
which girl doesn't??
here i show u the whole tch ttdi's staff

my outfit of the day
fyi, is my mom's kurung
i failed to get 1

YAY for weekends!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


well failed to get our traditional clothes during the day~
but at night was a success~!
so my virginity in clubbing has been taken away
by kei, amanda, hou, mike, chiang, zhang! HAHAHAHAH

and it was a fun night i have to say =)
i went tipsy and couldn't walk straight at all cause of the crowd and the lighting inside makes me even worse, luckily none of us got drunk, but u could see the crazy side of every1~ wohoo!!

me love all of them for the night!! =D

and i don't care i wanna have another session with u all again!!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

friday is here!!!

okay is thursday already!
i'm all set for tomorrow!

done pedi and mani today,
no pics for now hehe, but i did nudy pink for my nails and midnight blue for my toes, and is really the midnight blue, the previous 1 wasn't really thou

so tomorrow, meet up with my babe kei at mv
shopping for my baju kurung and her baju kebaya
if tak ada, then off to jusco maluri
if ada jus hang out for awhile there
and then back to her place, pick up her bro for tuition, gonna yam cha there for 2 hours
and off back home for dinner, and poor girl she gotta teach tuition tat nite
so she has to rush there and come back straight after tuition
and night off to mist club!!
with the gang!! woot woot
i dun care i want to take lots of nice and hot pictures woot!
and kei will be my mice for me to draw on her eyes, i'm soooo gonna make her look like a clown or look super hot! hahahahaa xp

anyways holidays gonna end soon, BOOO!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


yes yes i know, i'm sorry for ditching my blog
but i just don't know wat to update~ LOL
events, gah jus go and see my fb pics
currently on holidays now~ DOUBLE YAY~!
which i've been longing for, after the hardwork, and the training

so holidays, wat's the plan???
seriously i kinda stayed at home all the time
even parents gotta ask me "never go out ah?"
well really tat surprising?
and hell ya~! they are LOL

so i've just started jogging, went to mt kiara and walk with my mom, gawd, i'm really not a person tat exercise, i got so tired walking up the slope for soooooo long, and i was running out of breath, plus the chatting with my mom, made it worse. gah anyways well i gotta loose some weight, so no choice but to finish the walk.

movie for 2 days straight
monday was grown ups with jiaern, hahahahahahahah she really do made me laughed all the time, guess how she looked? she tied 2 pony tails, and thanks to her looks, while i was opening the door of her car, the door knock onto my teeth real hard! *ouch* luckily non of my tooth came out *fuu*
so yea, it was a fun girly night out with the only 2 of us

today was pirahna with a long lost fren, ccy
well i've been hearing from ppl saying tat is scary, is disgusting, gross and bloody.
oh wells i wasn't affected much by those gross, disgusting and bloody part, indeed i really dislike it when they jus have to pop out with the background music and sound effect soo loud. I almost scream, but controlled myself, or else memalukan my fren there lol
gah see nth much to say

so jus another hmmmmm, 5 more days b4 back to work
so friday shopping with my dearie, KEI for our malay traditional costumes and MIST during the night with the gang! wohoo~ haven't been hanging out with them thou, and guess wat
so hell yea, i'm on for it, and and, i'm scared tooo eeeeek

gah i guess tats wat i wanna say, seriously don't know wat to post here, mayb i should just delete or privatised it when i gotta released out any dissatisfaction
gotta enjoy my hols as much as i can =)