Thursday, January 28, 2010

untuk kawan baik aku

vanessa lim su ping!!!
this link is meant for u
i found my pretty boy~~!!!
he is soooo soooo sooooo~~ PRETTY!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i have such horrible friends around me and sometimes i really don't know whether should i claim them as my friends or not. Honestly, THEY SUCKS!!

but i'm lucky to have so many wonderful friends around me, I love them banyak banyak~ till the max!! They're soo wonderful that I don't even know how to use words to describe them.
I Love you ppl, muackxx

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


always appear in my mind

and this WHY would make me sad if i couldn't find the answer of it.

people pls don't stop me from being a happy girl

i always want you all to be happy

i don't want any repay

but please do not make me upset

that is my best repay of all =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


breath in breath out~~~!!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

i'm lazy and i have nth to update
honestly i'm feeling sooo stress about assignment
still figuring out how am i gonna start
and i still haven't start it yet
i wanna to have a good result this time
i really do!


Friday, January 08, 2010

no updates

oh well, i think most of you are expecting me to update about my new work, but honestly i have nth to update about, is a nice job thou, have to say pretty lucky, cz there's no crying children and children that gave me a big big headache for my class, oh well, cz they're older.
not much interesting thing happen, but i did became slightly hardworking and less careless hahaha. i miss my kids from the previous school,
i miss ranma singing all the songs
adrian being so sweet, although sometimes he gave me a really big headache
gabriele with is "aowww tom tom" i miss that fella so so so so much.

but the good thing is, i dun have to be fierce in this school at all, yay!
nowonder every1 looks soo young in that school
did i mentioned? 50% of the teachers are from my college!
hahaa even the principal look soooo young
seriously working here can make u looks younger
and 1 thing i like soo much is, lunch there!!! wohoo~~!!! the food they cooked is soooo yummy~~!!
the only thing i dislike here is, every1 have to call me aunty T.T, oh well all the staff there are being called aunty no matter how old are u, cz they dun call it teachers and pronouncing the full name of our position is too hard for the children, oh well there goes everyday children calling me aunty kelly, so does my colleague well infront of the children
oh well mayb is not tat interesting cz of the age of the children
if i'm back to handling babies, hahaha i wonder how interesting my life would be
conclusion is, i'm enjoying the learning process for me and being really well polite oh wow never heard of kelly being polite eh, i've been using "please, sorry, thank you, excuse me"
oh well is too early to judge and env thou, i'm only working there for 3 days hahahaha.
i can't wait till the rest of the year that i'm gonna be at =D

Sunday, January 03, 2010

another year

i'm gonna see my dearies tmr!! yay! and gonna meet my new colleagues

work's gonna start soon, i can't wait till i get to work in a new environment again but i miss my babies soo much~ oh wells i'm gonna have new babies thou, yay!

thought of having a cny party at my house someday after cny when i came back, should i? oooh~~~

i heart maria cheong hvey jci and vanessa lim su ping banyak~ yes i'm bias now hahaha dun worry i heart all of you too =)

was kinda upset with certain things, oh well just let it be i wanna continue to be the childish, silly and 38 me!