Sunday, September 20, 2009

dedicate to seo soon heng

Year 2006
we've been arrange into the same class
yea i still rmb u and daryl sat at the front
and me and the others are always behind
but you guys always join us
thats the time that i get to know you
well knowing you is a part of the luck in my life
i'm glad to know you
have you as a friend

i still remember those times where
u kept on pinching my arm
knowing my arm is soo fat
and you've always been the one tat talk everything sweet
but still we're not close
until the day we graduate
we're jus normal friends that will talk to each other

then, slowly talked to you online even thou we're still not close
i thought that we would forget each other,
but we did not,
we met each other during the class dinner on 2008

then till 2009
kinda talk to you abit during online
and met you during andrew's bday
after that my bday
honestly you're an unexpected guest
that i don't even think that you will come
but i thank you for being there

i still rmb the times that we had the brownie/choc cake
in delicious
hahaha i brought you all there
and from tat day
i see your stupid true colours
but i'm glad to see that you are that way
you're not as gentle as i think
you're not as paiseh as i think
indeed i think tats wat a friend should treat me like this
you are jus like the others
start teasing me and bully me
and i'm glad to see that side of you
it just brought us closer

till then you have to leave for your studies
had a last meet up with you and the others
there was the last time we see each other
and i'm sorry for not making it to your party
but i appreciate you for inviting me to there
thank you

hope for the best in your studies there
take care
and i'll miss you!!
and seo soon heng
you better buy something for me when you come back~ahaah
sounds like a love blog to you right

have a fun time there
have a save journey
and lastly

Monday, September 14, 2009

plans after hols and a nice expensive dinner

yes i know, i'm suppose to be studying right now~
well i told'ya, i always blog at most of the time when i'm not suppose to
bbut i'm in the mood to blog!!weeee

yes 2 more papers to go, 1 for tmr, and last paper on thursday
work hard kelly!!

and there goes hols!!!!
plans for my hols~~

17th sept, which is last day of exam
celebrating cheryl's bday

20th or 21st sept
my ex piano class mate's farewell
gosh, i've been MIA with them
and now i'm joining her farewell

22nd-25th sept
either 1 day outing to KL

26th sept
Latern Night

until~~ oct
there goes the end of my sem break

and suppose to go sing k with
kei, mike and maxx b4 mike start class
ppl plan plan plan!!

weeeeee such a pack week i'm gonna have
but i'm gonna have fun!!! can't wait till exam finishes

work harder DECE students!!
go go go~

besides, i sooo wanna blog abt wat i've ate ytd night
never in my life, had such expensive dinner
well thanks to my rich cousin also

by looking at the place, is definately we're gonna have an expensive dinner
i jus didnt expect it to be that expensive
well the way they keep all the seafood, which includes diff kinds of fish, crabs, lobster, prawns and stuff
is like u jus went to a tour in aquaria

1st comes the 2 plates of "la la"
1 spicy and 1 normal, is soo nice already from the starting
then comes a plate of vege, even the vege taste so nice
and i always hate to eat the stem of the vege, guess wat, i ate soo many veges
then the steam fish, the fish is i dunno what fish is tat, but is an expensive fish
and the meat of the fish *thumbs up*
after that, the nice part
first come the lobster, and is steam only
omg eating the fresh meat of the lobster, super yummy
btw i've never ate lobster in my life and that was my 1st time
then comes the spicy and sour crab, like what we had normally
but those crabs are nice!!!
then comes the huge spider crab!!
is damm huge okay~
then had the normal king's ice-cream
and fruits

and lets start guessing how much it is
200? no
500? noo
800? nope
1000? not yet
1500?? almost


imagine having such expensive food
i told myself, don't shit it out so fast, better keep it in my tummy for few days 1st hahaha
too bad no pictures, or else it would be more interesting

Friday, September 04, 2009

exam is next week

currently not in a mood to study

5 subjects to go~

work harder kelly!!!

all the best to DECE students

is a yes for history
but not for present
and i've tried my best~
even thou people tell me is not
but i still see the same thing happening

can't wait till exam finishes

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

undescribable happiness but ain't enough

i wanna go and sing k after exams!!