Tuesday, December 30, 2008

end of 2008 starting a new year

today is the 2nd last day of 2008. time pass so fast, people grow, people change, even the things around also change. In the year 2008, many things happen, well coming to the end of 2008 ready to say goodbye to 2008 and ready to say hello to 2009.
I've finish my 1st year of Diploma in Early Childhood Education, which shows that i got 1 1/2 years to go. Once reach college life, is totally different from the high school life.

Througout 2008 many things happen, the happy ones. the sad ones. and even the crazy ones.
To me year 2008 is a very wonderful year. First of all, i've get to know more friends at college, yea they are my college mates, they are my friends, some new faces that i get to know, and old faces i get to know more about them.

People change everytime, everyday, of course lah..u have to change clothes everyday 1 mah..bt still in my heart, every1 is still the same, they are my friends, even to those that i dislike, at least i still rmb u guys so u do have a place in my heart too...My dearies, my friends, my kalyana mitras, my family, and every1 that has been with me going through the journey of 2008, i would like to say sorry if i offended you, and i also appreciate everything that you people done for me. A very big THANK YOU to all of you.

High School friends, wei cheng, kenneth, sun, kahwai, daryl, soonheng, koon rui 2007 5p4-ians and also the others, i never fail to lose contact with you guys..except for some, and yea i always miss those times in high school life with you ppl. With you guys around, i'll never fail to laugh..you guys are always the ones that make me laugh the most, even thou how down am i. The people that really care for me, and of course i do care for you people..to have you guys in my life is really great and honestly i miss you guys alot..!!

My temple gang, a.k.a my kalyana mitras, kei, geetha, van, ming huiy, chiang, jiok, vincent, xuan shan, sui yuan, the junior citizens, and also the others, sorry if i didnt mention your name..bt if u're reading this u are included too..you people really are the ones that i can go crazy with, you guys don't mind me being siao or mad to you all. i cherish each and every1 of you, and you people are always the 1 that brightens my sunday. Thanks for being part of my life, i shall say tat i will never ever forget you guys until the day i die.

My college mates, it sounds like i've a very far distance with you girls by calling college mates, bt is easier..anyway you girls are always my friends, cheryl , anusha, ailing, von, jia ern, jeelian, lixin, jenyi, emily..i'm sorry for the first few months for what i've done i wasn't mature enough, bt througout tis year, although i only knew you girls for 1 year, you girls taught me to bcome more mature, more independant..i really appreciate everything that you girls have taught me, help me, and having every gathering with you girls are always the best moment. To von, is sad that i dun have you to go through the journey in another 1 1/2 year in college, i will miss you and i'm really glad that i knew you. I'm really glad to know you girls and have you girls going through the college life with me.

Also to the others that i just knew you people, thank you for going through the journey at the end of year 2008, and i will never forget you guys, keep in touch lah...Thank you for everything.

As a conclusion, I shall say that 2008 is really a wonderful year. I've knew the great people in my life. The people that i will cherish, the true friends, the best friends. I will never forget you people, I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! No matter how life goes, i will never forget to pull you guys to walk the journey with me..hahaha
Sorry for anything and THANK YOU for everyting!!

Year 2009, is gonna be a very busy year for me, well my wish for year 2009
1. to become more mature
2. not losing any1 of you
3. to be able to handle anything
4. have a healthy life
5. every1 is healthy and happy
6. to have more fun
7. have a challenging year
8. you people will go througout the journey with me
9. more money
10. ENJOY!!!

I'll be working next year, or i shall say i will start working next week...this job is not as easy as i thought, so i hope i do can cope with my studies and work in the same time...and i even have classes on saturday...no rest day for me at all!!!sunday, i will be teaching at temple as usual, and next year i'll be teaching 6 yrs old

I just notice how lucky am I to have so many people in my life. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In Unity We Stand

just came back from camp yesterday..i was exhausted..a camp for 5 days and 4 nights..
being crazy with these people there, going through the camp, working together, having fun together..is the best part ever...

van, kei, geetha, chiang, jiok, ming huiy, kevin, li ying, vincent, ying min, hui li, xuan shan, ngiap kim and sui yuan..
the committees, the people that i work together with...the people that made this camp a successful 1....in unity we stand..and made this camp..honestly..i'm speechless now..i dun really know wat to write summore..i shall jus give every1 a short message

van: my sifu, is very hard to wake u up, and honeslty this is the 1st time i go to an outdoor camp with you, thx for staying at my side, make me stronger and making this camp a successful 1.

kei: the kiap si fat queen..haha u form a kiap si fat group in this camp, and made it a very famous group..u sot girl..really can make the camp lively

geetha: we are the same kind, haha we scream together in the river..and everywhere..being with u..i will never have my queit times..hahaha

chiang: thx for sayang me so much in the camp...piu piu and driving together..and u know wat u did and made me speechless...

jiok li: my another piu piu and driving fella..u made the malam banana bolly a wonderful 1..i nvr ever had such a special dinner in camps..this is the best!!

ming huiy: thx for staying at my side when i'm really down in the camp..and dun worry..is not pain at all when u press my fingers

kevin: how was the feeling of staying in the cave??hahahaha is actually not tat bad lah..

li ying: u are so nice to hug tat i always love to hug u..and u are the story teller of the camp..i heard the most stories from u in camp..

vincent: sleeping buddha..good that u didnt call me teacher kelly already...

ying min: i always see u sleeping the most..u really can sleep lah

hui li: thx for helping me alot in this camp..and nice to work with you

xuan shan: i know u very relaxing in this camp lah...hope u enjoy it

ngiap kim: dun keep on eh when we are talking smth disgusting lah..hahaha

sui yuan: chill abit lah..i know the wheter hot lah..bt we all also hot mah...haiyo

to all these people, although there's only 15 of us to organize this camp with 79 participants, bt this is the best camp i've ever been, and thx for going through the journey with me. IN UNITY WE STAND!!

and also not to forget my dear participants..to the female ones...sorry to scold u girls and i might be annoying...bt i'm just doing my job....bt i hope that u girls did enjoy the camp...and thx to u girls that keep walking up and down..i get to lose weight..as for the guys..especially the kiap si fat gang..u ppl really made the camp a lively 1 too..without all of u to pariticpate this camp, it wouldn't be a successful 1..

thanks to every1!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i'm in love.....

yay..finally end of my 1st year..time passed so fast...and u'll feel like u getting older so fast..hahaha

and now finally exam's over...and what's coming up next....CAMP!!!yay..the one i've been waiting for since long long ago...it will be so fun having camp..and is my 1st time staying in the camp site...oooh...EXCITED!!!
anyway...i will only have 2 weeks break...so i'm gonna make my holiday as fun as possible...

ytd was my last day of my exam..and we went to celebrate together...yea..although is jus a dinner and hang around at yvonne's place..bt is really fun...wohoo..and ytd..i saw clyne changed her phone...and omg...I FELT IN LOVE WITH THAT PHONE!!

omg omg OMG OMG!!!
is damm cool this phone..i really love it..although it might be simple and not that good for u all..bt i really love it man!!fyi, i can hardly fall in love with phones..
well this is the original 1...
and of course they have different colours..
the red 1..
the black 1
and the PINK ONE!!!
although i'm not really crazy in pink..bt i really love this pink 1..IS DAMM NICE!!
well ytd i've done some research to it..and i found that is not available at Malaysia..
so if any1 spotted this phone selling at msia..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
and i've check the price...is around 200 for uk dollor..so it should be around RM1400 for that phone...
i really love THIS PHONE.....
or any1 of your friends or relatives are at uk...pls do let me know and help me to ask them about it...
and i'll save money just for this phone...ooohhh

Monday, December 08, 2008

home alone

suppose to update alot things, bt currently i'm quite lazy and some i have collect the pics
so things to update
1. class dinner-with my lovely ex-classmates
2. birthday dinner-with my kalyana mitras
3. november babies

so currently i'm alone at home now..parents jus flew to china in the afternoon and they will be there for 2 weeks, and my bro went to work, younger bro friend's place..and i'll be "mummy" for 2 weeks, there are plenty orders from parents, and i dun understand why they don't tell my brothers bt me??i'm having exam..haloo!!aih bt wat to do..

anyway..having exam on 9th, 12th and 16th..and finish exam wohoo..
ya i know is not the time to celebrate yet..bt i cant wait till exam finish so i can go to camp..wohoo..

bt currently plenty things for me to worry..and if anything happens, i'll be blamed and i'm responsible for it..i wonder are they training me to be responsible??or there is no other people to rely on, so they have to rely on me..aih..well i'm gonna miss my parents, hope they have fun..
and hope tat i can do well in exam..and so do my classmates..GOOD LUCK EVERY1
and also to my friends that are having finals now or soon..

hope everything goes well..n.n

Monday, December 01, 2008

have you seen the sky smile

just now this boy came to me


me: yeah?

kc: go check out the sky look at the moon!!

me: why wat happen?

kc: there's 2 stars above the moon and it shows a smiley face

and this is it..

notice the 2 stars are the eyes and the moon is the smile

even the sky is smiling, so people smile and live on..

thx chiang for taking the pic, and thx to kaicong telling me and send the pic to me..
i think the light outside my hse is so bright that i can't see this beautiful scence