Friday, January 30, 2009

worst water park

jus came back from sg. petani's water sucks!!
is like 1 quarter of lagoon..oh no..i should say..SMALLER THAN THAT!!! imagine how bad is tat..everything there is just SUCKS!!!
suitable for small kids..but not us...what to do..old d mah..

now i feel like going to any1 wanna go??? dun worry i'll ask u guys go when i'm free..hahaha
got tanned d..

lesson of the day: never ever go to sg. petani's water park..really sucks..and expensive

Thursday, January 29, 2009


hey peeps, i'm damm boring lah now....honestly, i feel like gambling, drinking and go out and have fun now lah!!! i sound like a bad girl..haaha

bt i only gamble once a year, which is new year, and i'm not alchoholic so need not to worry, is just the new year fest, and i dun have the new year mood AT ALL!!!

I wanna play mahjong!!I wanna play Wii!! (hahaha chiang i'm hinting u) , I wanna go shopping!! I wanna go sing k!! I wanna go clubbing!! I wanna go skating!! I wanna go for sports!! I wanna eat ice-cream!! I wanna eat SuShI!! I wanna eat brownie!! I wanna eat cookie!! (hinting jiaern) I wan a new phone!! I wanna personal laptop!! I wanna go gai gai!! I wanna go dating!!! I wanna go crazy!! I wanna go dye my hair!! I wanna go gym!! I wanna go dancing!! I wanna go for caroling!!! I want more MONEY!!!! AHHHHHHH~~~!!!!

(damm colourful right??hahhaa)

i'm sooooo greedy lah...yer... yer...YER...YERRRR!!!!

sorry if u can't tahan wat i said now..hahaha bt i really want all these...aih..wait until i got money first lah...i'm just sooooo desperate now..hahaha

was reading some1's blog..and i just realised how people changed. Thought back of last time, I was totally different, totally immature. Even now, i'm still in the process of growing up. So does every1, came back during new year, see how the small kids grow up..they are all so big now, aih suddenly feel so old..hahaa....

anyway...I WANNA GO BACK KL FASTER!!!!I cannot missed BR!!!issssh
i know i'm damm random now..i don't even know wat am I typing long peeps
take care..I MISS YOU ALL LAH!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seri Rasa Sayang-Pre-K

after so long..finally get to show u guys..i'm working at Seri Rasa Sayang, class teacher of Pre-K students tat are 3 years i proudly present my school.

the main entrance, where students come in and go back

the biggest playground, there are others

sand play area

now my classroom

and now proudly present my students..

ranma..the japanese boy



and hakim
azumi is no longer at my class the parents think that she and her bro can't cope with it if i wasn't mistaken..well is kinda sad to lose i got another student..wei xin!!too bad dun have her picture yet...will get it soon

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year

hey peeps, i'm currently at my hometown now..which is kedah..yea is damm far right?ahaha
i know u all miss me i also miss u all i wish i get to celebrate CNY with u all together.
currently using my cousin's com..i'll have to wait for my bro to bring back the laptop..i'm kinda bored at here is only the 2nd day..oh gosh..i cant imagine how am i gonna survive for the whole week. bt luckily today ain't tat i went shopping..hahaha yea finally got money to shop for new year clothes..abit the late at least i'm satisfied with it...

i seriously miss every1 lah..ahh i wish to go back as soon as wat to do..i want ang pao..hahahahaha anyway BR any1 on 31st??? well i can't confirm wheter i can make it or i'm really craving for it...eeek!!

so to all my dearie friends...i wish you people a
hope u all enjoy and get more any pao for those tat celebrate cny
as those tat are not celebrating it..enjoy ur hols..i know u guys do..haha
take care people

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

short updates

hey peeps, i'm sorry for not updating my blog, i know you all miss me alot, so do I!!hahahaaha
anyway tis will be a short update, i've been really busy nowadays, yea u might see me on9, you might chat with me at msn, bt honestly my mind was thinking everyday...wat i'll have to do for now is think for the next day...many things to remember..aiyoyo, so if i tell u i'm having headache it will be very normal.

Well a list of short update in a few things, i know my blog is very wordy as some1 mention b4, bt wat to do...load pic very slow...and i dun have any pic for now yet
1. Cheryl is back from US..wohoo!!which means i dun have to work everyday, yea quite relaxing huh..hahahaha yea she bought hershey chocs to me..muahahaha..and also a key chain from her and kenneth..thanks alot...i love both of u...

2. now i got 5 students..another new 1 who is a japanese too, bt she is a girl...FINALLY a girl in my class her name is Azumi....u pronouns it as "azmi" yea she is really cute, she has big eyes...and she is soo smart..too bad she can't speak eng..she only can speak japanese, so do Ranma, and he is as cute as usual i really love his smile oh gosh really cute lah Nicholas, he always love to ask question, he will use all the WH- jus on 1 object, yea and sometimes i felt annoyed..and he is getting worse..mayb got influence by Adrian. bt i think Adrian is improving. Hakim improves too, he seldom cry now..although he still now he is way better...
A few other child who are not my students like Keiron, the very cute boy with the very cute smiling face, bt very rough to he is really cute tat u will feel like talking to him...
Jesse, haaha always love to grab my butt...of course he is grabbing my pants lah..he grab it when we're lining up...
Zain Ashraff, always have to wait fo me to scoop for him then he will only eat, not feed him bt scoop for him..omg the slowest 1 in eating..
anyway, i like my job...n.n

3. Sunday School is as usual, just tat i missed dancing last week, so i'm kinda sad luckily i still got choir..and BISDS Youth AGM is this coming sunday, so to all the BISDS Youth, please attend this AGM...thank you...and i' looking foward to this sunday..n.n

4. college life, so far so good..except for the schedule for this sem and also the assignments tat i have to do..HEADACHE!!other than assignments i still have lotsa things to do for my class, sunday school.

5. yes is a busy life, bt tis is actually good for me, so i get to learn more and grow up...n.n
i hope part of my wish list will come true..hehehe...and I LOVE MY FRIENDS and FAMILY

Monday, January 05, 2009

Is only the Beginning

4/1/09 - Sunday
The first day of class in BISDS for 2009. I've been waited for school reopens for so long..and finally is here..yea and this year i'm teaching the 6 years old students, who are most of my students last year. Students are as cute as before, for some they are excited to come to sunday school, as for some others doesn't feel comfortable cause is the first day, is very normal for that thou. This year, i wanted to try something different since i'm teaching together with different teachers, and they are all PRETTY teachers. Well I still have some HYPERACTIVE student..who is sue san's nephew, Nicholas..he can bluff u by his looks, he got this very very very cute little face, bt he is the one that is the most active in class and nobody can stop him.
but he is stil my cute student..

After class, met my dad's friend at temple that wanna register for their sons. And i was soo happy to see his son, unfortunately he can't rmb me, who ask me seldom go to his house..hahaha these cute and smart lil boys that i will never foget. Too bad they are registering for school 2, or else i would get a chance to teach them..haha.
Then went for dancing class, so van taught the group B and C cha cha, as I teach the group A which is the youngest 1 as usual. Kei kei helped me as usual too. After teaching them, both of us went to have fun with the cha-cha's. and Bryan he is new in sunday school and dancing class there, but he seriously can so nice to partner with him in cha cha. But when comes to him explaining how to dance Popping, Locking and Breaking, you will definately go speechelss.
Finish dancing, then choir. Well i've been shouting the whole morning, so i couldnt really sing that well in still i do have fun in choir..
After everything, mamak session with geetha, jiokli, chiang, kevin, mike and the others junior citizens. is obvious to see which are the senior citizens and the junior citizens. Having fun chatting, eating, drinking and sun tanning at mamak.

Is so glad to back to school, hoping for more fun in BISDS. Many things are coming up soon, so what I need to is be stronger and more confident. All the best every1, wish you guys have fun too.

5/1/09 - Monday
My 1st day to work, luckily I don't have to teach for the first week, cause children need to settle down themselves. So today is more of the playing. Early in the morning, start to jaga gate since there is no1 except for 1 student that came very early and let him sleep at there. Looking at all the children coming to school, awww they are sooooo ADORABLE!! Some of them are excited, some of them are scared, some of them are still sleepy. Seeing all the adorable children in the morning really brightens up my day. Looking at them coming to school, smiling to them and wishing good morning to them. Then let them play in the classroom to settle down themselves.
After that they have colouring, and they love the artwork that they do.

I'm suppose to have 6 students in my class according to the name list, but there are only 4 that attend. All the cute lil boys. First, I started to play with Hakim. He is the boy that don't wanna mix with the others in circle time. So I'll have to play with him and I dun get o join circle time. Well he is the boy that when he speaks, you don't understand, and when you speak, he couldn't understand too. Maybe he understand, but he ignore you.
Another student of mine, Nicholas. Well i'm really fated with some1 that call nicholas in my life..hahaha..but he is totally different from that 1 i mention previously. The only similar thing is, both of them are sooooo cute!! This Nicholas, is a very obedient boy, and he is sooo helpful and loving. I'm really touched by him. He helped to pick up the things that another student throw it everywhere by volunteering himself. and he love to ask why. I still remember one of the conversation we had. That time i was playing with him while other boy started throwing things around.

Nicholas: He is so naughty

Me : Ya

Nicholas: Why is he naughty?


I really have no idea how to answer him, then I jus smile to him and ask him to keep his stuff.

Then the other boy, he is a japanese call Ranma, well i think that reminds some of you the cartoon call Ranma, and yes is his name. When he see me for the first time, he wanted to cry. Only to me he will cry, but after that when he comes to class, he started to be sooo obedient, and started to play with toys. He is sooo cute that you will feel like hugging him straight away. but of course i didnt do that lah..later he cry how..haha. Well when he smile to me, oh gosh the smile melted my heart. How i wish i would have a son like him..

Last one is Adrian, the very very very active 1..he started throwing things everywhere, but with the fun of it. Well he got no intention to do it. So can't blame him, but is very hard to talk to him. Well tats the one that I have to be strict with.
There are other students in the other classes that are soo cute, but too bad dun have the chance to berboding with them.
Yea is fun to go to work today, jus that i doesn't have enough sleep, and i'm hoping for tmr..haha so i get to see them again!!