Saturday, September 27, 2008


as you guys know, i'm having holidays now...and gosh...everyday is sooo damm bloody boring...i repeated the same things everyday, even i dun like to play piano and i went to play without my parents asking to...surprise huh..hahahaha....
bt i'm not the only 1 tat is bored, even the others are too..hahahaha

so on thursday, i went out with cheryl to 1u..both of us are too bored..we went for movies..we reach 1u around 3pm so we went to buy tickets for our movie, and there is 1 hour more b4 the movie starts..then we walk around..thought of doing window shopping, bt then we pass by theobrama chocolate lounge then we was thinking to just look at the menu, bt we find the food there are quite valuable for tis kind of we decided to went in have a drink and eat smth to waste our 1 hour of time..we saw many chocolates there...ooooh my u know wat..1 small piece of choc cost how much??rm4.50..!!!!omg..i can buy 6 ferrero roche around tat of course the quality different lah..

the rm4.50 per piece only part of it..there's more..

so we order 2 cakes, which cost rm8.90 for each piece of cake, for me quite expensive for a piece of cake to cost rm.8.90..then i ordered a drink which i forgotten the name of the drink..and cheryl ordered orange juice...then we find a place to sit..there's only 2 of us at there..hahaha so empty, maybe bcaz is not lunch time or dinner time..then we choose to sit on the red seat..
while waiting, we look at the menu and we decided to order their belgian waffle..
then the 1st 2 cakes came..
i like tis..
cheryl likes tis
after tat follow by our drinks
tis is wat i order, i only rmb there's mocha inside
so we start eating 1st while waiting for the belgian i start with eating the choc cake, is damm nice...1 layer was the choc moist cake and the other layer is abit the creamy, and it melts in ur mouth....and is abit the bitter, tat shows how little sugar inside, bt is DAMM NICE!!!!i love it..then cheryl tried the cheese 1..well i dun really like to eat cheese cake, i eat cheese but i dun like cheese cake...and she says is nice..and the inner part of the cake just melt when she cut the cake...then i try it, well i still dun like it cz is cheese cake..
the inner part of the cheesy 1
then, i tried my drink..ooooh IS SOOO NICE!!!is sweet i know tis kind of drink is fattening, bt i love it!!and then the ice-cream is abit the special, is not like the normal ice-cream we abit icy, and they gave lots of ice-cream in tat drink...nice NICE NICE!!!
see the vanila, not choc
b4 the waffle is here, i was kinda full..and i totally forgotten abt the waffle, and then the waffle came i was like...oh no..still got ah..and cheryl was kinda full also, cz we both had lunch b4 we came..see how greedy tis two girls are..then we just eat the waffle, so i start with the strawberry, oh so i mix the strawberry with lots of choc...and then the waffle actually is abit normal...while we're eating halfway..we forgotten that we haven take the pic of the we turn to the other side which is still nice..hahaha
obviously i stole tis from somewhere
end up, we cant finish we try to stuff in all the strawberries into our stomach, and i finish my drink, bt i cant finish the ice-cream..and the choc cake we cant finish, so i take away the choc cake home..and then we went to watch our movie..
we watch The Boverlyn Girl...if i wasn't mistaken the name of the movie..
well i'm lazy to describe the movie..u wanna know then go and watch not a bad movie, bt not a very good movie ok for least understandable...
then we went home after jam..surprisingly....
i reached home, i was thinking to leave the cake for myself maybe later, cz my stomach was still stuffed with the then the cake was all eaten by my lil bro!!!!i only ate for like 1 small spoon..and he ate all...AHHHH!!!without leaving abit for me...i was just asking him to try, and he just eat the whole thing...oh rm.8.90 cake just gone like wat can i all eaten by him...sob sob..
btw thx to cheryl for fetching me to 1u and least i have 1 day free from boredom..
and i shall go to theobrama chocolate lounge next time!!eeeek..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

celebration for end of 2nd semester

on 19th of september, which is the last day of my 2nd sem exam...weeeee
and of course is also the last day of our 2nd sem, so confirm we celebrate lah..have to relax mah after exam..all of us rush to lixin's place, where 10 ppl are goin with 3 cars.
jenyi and emily follow lixin's car, yvonne and anusha follow cheryl's car, as kenneth, jeelian and me follow ai ling's car...
well that night was fun, bt too bad jia ern missed the party with us, and some of us cant stay too most of u know tat my exam ends at 5.30, so by the time we drive out is 5.45pm..and those of you who always pass by usj should know tat IS SO DAMM BLOODY JAM!!!
every1 was stuck in the jam, as we're the last to follow lixin's car, and since both of them drive so fast, we always missed their car..luckily we nvr drove to the wrong place...and not only usj area, even kl..gosh..tat is worse...

so after around 15-20 minutes..we reach a housing area, so we follow lixin's car in...and those housing area are like those kinda resort..and we keep saying how nice tat place is, and confirm tat place is the car i said "tis is a nice place to jog" after awhile a man was jogging along the path then kenneth said "nah kelly got ppl teman u to jog"...=.=...after awhile lixin stop infront of her we went in and we're like..."wah, so nice!!"...seriously is a nice place to stay, if i'm rich enough i'll move to live at tat place too, is such a good environment..and ppl is SAFE...
then we get all the stuff from her hse, which are the chicken wings, sausage, drinks, plates, forks, spoons, tissue...bla bla bla...then we head to the bbq place, hey they even provide a place to bbq at the housing when we reach there, we wait for lixin, yvonne and jeelian to go and buy some stuff and also wait for the pizza waiting......all of us are sooooo kind and generous tat we donate blood, to who?mosquitoe lah of course...plenty of mosquitoes are there to bit us..and all of us are busy scratching our legs and i was scratching i saw two mosquitoes on emily's leg, so i jus grab her leg so tat i can hit the mosquitoe...and she got shock..hahaha..
even when we take picture, we try to stand the itchyness, and we've been jumping and stepping our leg...such a nice exercise huh...
some pictures we took before bbq-ing
jen yi
ai ling
emily, ai ling and jen yi

ai ling and anusha
so when is almost 8, we start to heat the so called stove to bbq, and cheryl start to cook sausages for sweet of us, we bbq the marshmallow to eat....ooooh!!!the marshmallow i bbq is so nice...well outside it looks normal, bt when u bite it, the marshmallow just melt in the mouth...imagine that!!so when they are back, they bought some mosquitoe incense, beeer, and some other stuff which i cant really rmb, then the pizza guy reached, so that night we had pizza, domino's chicken wing, bbq chicken wings, sausages, chinna stick, marshmallow, mocktail (sprite mix with sunkist and longan...) *nice*...oooh and dun forget CAKE!! cheryl brought the cake for us to eat...if u cant rmb..scroll down to the next post u can see the LV bag cake...eeeek...
all of us eat, chat and of course take picture!!!!so cheryl was the mummy of that night..she bbq sausages and chicken wings for us..then kenneth said he dun wanna eat her cooking..he says he will he took over cheryl's place...he bbq his 1st chicken wing, not even 5 minutes then he says is cook..omg...then some of us says of course haven cook lah...where got so fast...then he he bbq the chicken wings and give it to us....when cheryl sees it, shes says "if every1 eat ur chicken wing, we'll get cancer 1 day.."every1 laugh like mad...
kenneth took over cheryl's place
cheryl was sucking the beer from spilling out
anusha and von
ai ling and von
jee lian and ai ling
emily and jen yi
lixin, emily, ai ling, me and anusha
most of us
and then we had some crazy photo session, where we want to take together, so we set the timer for the i still lag of some pics..
our cute pose
and then, a funny pic was goes like tis, every1 was posing nicely, and yvonne ran to her place...when it left 2 seconds to shoot..yvonne touch jeelian, then jeelian scream, emily starts to scream and some ppl scream and tis is the pic..

WE LAUGH LIKE MAD!!!such a nice pic we had
well still lag of some pics, have to collect all...
then we had a toast, every1 has to say smth..all of the toast are meaningful, weee....
the toast
so after the toast we sang birthday song, the other purpose of tis party is to celebrate lixin, cheryl and emily's they are the september babies..then finally, the LV bag has been sad, bt we get to know guys, the cake not only have to look, bt is nice, tasty and delicious...oooh...well i shall describe the taste of the cake, outside of the cake are made of icing, which is very very sweet, and inside of the cake is those moist choc cake and is very chocolaty...eeeeek...i know is IS DAMMM NICE!!!welll have to thx to cheryl for sharing tis cake with us..sharing is caring ppl, she care for us...hahahaha

after everything, we clean up and went for a walk, we went to the club house where they have pool there...the pool is damm nice!!!and there are plenty of foreigners staying confirm this is a nice place..we even visit the nice...hahahaha...then at 1st we were planning to play monopoly and chat at lixin's place, bt we scare to disturb her uncle and we decided to go to asia cafe to ai ling has to fetch her bf from petronas, so she cant join us..and anusha cant stay sad...they missed alot of things
at ac, we had crazy conversation, we were talking about our fantasy wedding...while some ppl were saying their fantasy wedding, we spoiled their dream..hahaha
cheryl said she wanna have her wedding at 5 star hotel then we thinks tat is normal, bt she says is safe, not like those bungee jump, you jump, i jump, and if the string patah, they both will die..then tat is betul betul you jump i jump...and another dangerous example of wedding is sky diving, imagine if you cant pull out the parachut u'll die...then jee lian says why cant they fell into the tat they won't die...and then the priest will be waiting for them at the sea...and there will be 2 turtles waiting for the bride and groom at the sea so they willl ride the turtle as the priest will ride on dolphine...imagine how the dolphine swim...they willl jump up and down to the the priest will be going "woud *blurp blurp* you *blurp blurp* take *blurp blurp* him *blurp blurp* as *blurp blurp* your *blurp blurp* husband ?" ...we laugh like mad..and we keep saying if u married at a 5 star hotel is still dangerous, if earthquakes happen how?then if the chandelier funny...we laugh so loud tat every1 at ac stare at us...and even the guy selling nuts behind our table keep laughing just bcaz we laugh...omg...such a funny night..too bad ai ling and anusha cant join us....

and then cheryl says if she stand on the chair then we'll have to sing the birthday when she stand on the chair we start singing "happpy birth..." and she came down..then she stand on the chair again and we sang "happy..." and she came down..she repeat for like 3 times..and we leave the place...
and i just notice tat tis post is so long...maybe bcaz i'm too bored and i put everything so detailed...well tis was a happy moment for us thou..and i miss every1 this holiday...i've been living in boredom for 4 days..I MISS ALLL OF YOU!!i wont forget tis moment tat we have guys rocks and i love all of u!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

cheryl's birthday

on 17th september..went out with cheryl, rae, alina, jason, jason's sis and jason's cousin..
we went to the curve, TGI, and redbox to celebrate her bday...
well i'm kinda speechless, so i shall let the pics to say it all


cheryl: u better eat ah...
me: yiii..i dun wan!!!

alina and cheryl

the birthday gal with her bday flower

cheryl, jason's sis, alina and rae..

she love the cake fromTGI

bt she love this cake more, is her bday cake...

cool leh...
is by her friend too

ladies for tat night

all of us

me and dearie cheryl...loves

after TGI, we went to redbox and have fun until 12, and cheryl is 1 yr older..well not gonna mention her age..hahaha
btw i have to thanks cheryl for inviting me to her bday, THANK YOU SO MUCCH!!!
yesh although i know her not very long for like i knew her for like 9 months..and she really care and sayang me alot although bully me sometimes lah...hahaha
and i LOVE HER!!!
she is just like a sister for me...muackxx