Thursday, July 30, 2009

ice cream!!

jus now jiaern keep telling me that she is craving for ice-cream, and she even google it
and i'm having it tmr!!!yipeee and since i'm free so i googled it too!!
this are what i found!
this is sooo sweet, awww
cupcake ice-cream
ice-cream cake
ice-cream hat
ice-cream maker, i wish to have 1 of this, then i can make ice-cream for myself everyday
this is the lame 1, melted ice-cream cone$zm$
toys for kids, omg this is damm freakin cute!!
ohh the yummy 1

and of course not to forget

delicious' brownie ice-cream

and also my haagen dass bday ice-cream cake from cheryl and rae

can't wait till tmr night!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


saturday's ball game was fun!

newletter is almost done

mike's hse is quite big and i'm still wondering where does he sleep he don't have any bed in his room

jiaern and i get to eat gummy bears weeee!!!

one of my student shit in the class, which made me laugh and scold him at the same time
*his shit is super smelly that kind*
if you know the scene you'll definitely had the expression as me

i missed out choir practice during sunday, and also the dance practice

i can't wait for ice-cream this friday yippeee!!!

from 2 pint of ice-cream became 1 already
*cz of me being honest and greedy at the same time*

i miss adrian, is been 2 weeks i haven't see him

i scared off hock hou by not telling him what i wanna give him today hahaha
*and is actually the cfc cd that i pass to him from kei*

i have to delay poor kah wai's bday celebration due to my busyness

i'm gonna missed out the rest of the ball training
cz i'm having class on saturdays

i'm totally broke and i still owe some ppl money

i want to get my pay asap!!!

i'm jus a little happy girl

Monday, July 20, 2009

happy weekend

friday-half day outing with mike

started off from the ss2 food court cz i didnt had my lunch

there goes a girl came by and ask donation from us started off by asking
"are both of you boyf and girlf" both of us stunt and i keep shaking my head bt seriously feel like laughing my ass off
then the 2nd thing tat she said is
"so both of you are friends lah! oh i tot both of you don't know each other"

omg??she is such a weird girl, then mike started laughing to chase her away
and the girl kept asking "why are you laughing does my face has the *laugh* word?"
and i started laughing cz mike was laughing
end up we really chased the girl away

then wanted to go some place at mount kiara there i don't rmb the shopping mall's name
bt seeing the jam, we jus change plan
indeed we went for pool
oh well, tat time i seriously don't feel like playing pool because

then called kei for suggestion should i go to play she said "why not?"
so ya we went and mike taught me how to play
i really feel super stupid tat time
bt after tat i find it quite fun

next station, 1u
started by going to look at those degree students with their artwork
quite impressed by them by their patient and really can see the results of it
and mike start collecting all the name cards there

i was running around jus to escape from his camera

next went for fish&co for dinner
and had some silly moments before and after dinner

there goes as crazy as usual

after dinner, then went for dessert which i was craving so much for ice-cream and choc
so we went to delicious!!

hock hou is the 1 tat made me dislike this girl

then we kinda got ignored by the people there
and i think is becase of the place that we sat is un-notice-able

then was deciding wheter to take the cake or the brownie
i asked mike to choose, meanwhile describing the difference to him
then he said "isn't it obvious?"
then i was like "so which 1?"
so he said " we count 1-3 then we said together okay?"
there goes
" 1, 2, 3, BROWNIE!!"

ahahaha we laughed together is because finally we had smth same in mind

seriously enjoy the moment when the brownie went into my mouth together with the ice-cream melting inside it yum yum

i looks like i got choked but i wasn't it was jus too dry

then had some long talk during dessert session
and next station is back to ss2
cz we're broke and really don't know where to sit down and have a talk so we decided to went to the park and have a talk meanwhile feeding the mosquitoe there

after a long talk i was really tired and i keep yawning to show the signs of i'm tired to him, indeed he don't care damm he talked to much hahahahha

although the trip might sounds simple to you all
but i had fun with this fella here
ya ya rumours are around, but do you think i care?
well he is jus a big bro that love to call me kid, but really knows what's in my mind
which is kinda freaky
and this outing makes me understand him more
oh well i dunno how to describe him more
he is jus a nice person thats my conclusion tadaa~

saturday- day before carnival

joined them after class and not working much that day
but had lotsa fun during that time
especially from kai wei
she is sooo cute!! hahaa
went dinner with them with lotsa funny conversation that sounds horny haha
then at night working out with pumping balloons and kai cong was shock with the balloon bursting, he is so afraid that the balloons will burst while he was sleeping
there goes the funny day


highlights of the day
woke up super early in 5am even thou the alarm has not rang

walk along the morning street with balloons

standing under the hot sun for hours

sang bday song for sui yuan

laughing at the people eating the watermelon

playing with all the cats and dogs

laughing at the tug of war

lost the captain ball match

carrying gallons of water

my body is not feeling tired at all

there goes, really not much to say about it, i was jus enjoying myself there *under the hot sun* lol, pictures credit to mike
to see more pic just click here and have some laughter

it was my happy weekend how's urs?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


keep clicking on other people's blog

and i really feel like going for a long trip don't care is it overseas or m'sia
really feel like going for a trip to have lotsa fun!!
take lotsa pics!
eat diff kinds of food!!!

and i've seen many of my high school not so close friends are actually at overseas now
i feel like going to overseas to study, but i'm afraid of so much things
i'm afraid that i can't communicate well there
i'm afraid that i will lost contact with my friends
i'm afraid that when i leave malaysia people will cry when i leave

oh dear what am i thinking??!!

i jus feel like going there to get some experience but, it really worries me so much
especially money problem!!!
nvm i shall stay where am i now first
i'm happy with my life now weeeeee~~

i'm craving for ice-cream and choc!!!

so desperate for it

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

midnight summer's dream (part 2)

these are some other unrevealed pic for prom

the 1 and only pic taken from my phone quite clear huh?

as y can see my dress is not long enough for me and is quite weird to see my feet there

some other pretty gals that are not introduced


chui yee

mun yee

yvonne damm i miss her!!

seriously i wanna say a big thank you to kei and mike to spend the time go shopping with me to get my dress, shoe and clutch

besides thx to hock hou and his friend for coming tat night

thanks to cheryl for setting up my hair nicely so i dun have to waste money to set up my hair

and thanks to rae for making up for me

and thanks to lixin for lending me her cam

and also the other girls tat took a pic for me, so tat i get a few pics for tat night


Monday, July 13, 2009


i'm just in the mood to blog

weeeee, carnival is coming i bet it will be fun!!!

i misses everyone
i just feel like talking to them every single day and moment
but i'm always out of topic

i'm still sad with prom night without pics nicely taken
i hope this shall be my last time to say this
or else i'll hurt mike

chiang still owe geetha and i chocolate
which he bought it 1 month ago!!

there's 31st in this month
and CHUA WEI CHIANG promised to belanja
geetha and I 2 pines EACH

i miss my birthday celebration
i wish to have birthday every month

i miss shopping
especially with my SOMG SISTER!!

i look back at this guy picture
and i super miss him!!
is been 2 years i haven't see him!!
and he is getting more and more handsome

i feel like taking lotsa pictures whenever i'm outside

i feel like laughing out loud right now,
but there is no1 that can laugh with me now

i wish to see every1's smile right now

i feel like talking on the phone right now
but i don't know who to call and crap with

i feel like going for a trip right now
is been quite long i went to have fun

i can't wait till youth camp
which is in december

i can't wait till the time i graduate

i can't wait till end of this month
so that i could get my salary!!

i miss soon heng and andrew
cz i miss the cake!!!

i'm sooo lazy to teach
but i jus like to see them
sayang them
hugg them
kiss them
and i love them for hugging me
love them for being so manja
love them for kissing me
and i love their smile

i feel like dating now!!

i feel like going for prom again

i miss sleeping over at kei's hse

i miss the moment where kei and I were hooking mike's hand and walk along the street

i feel like cutting my hair again
is time to go for a trim

i miss jiok li!!
is been quite a long time i really chat with him

i miss the clown
i feel like making up the clown again!

i wish that i'm a sleeping beauty right now
so that i can sleep forever until my prince come

i wanna go clubbing!!

i miss being an oscar

i wanna go karaokae

i wanna get to know new guys!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

mid summer's night dream


with clyne

the super hot gal and the 1 tat help me to make up-rae

with ai ling

my ugliest pic of the night

with li xin

with my babe, anusha

soo wei, lixin, anusha

if i wasn't in the middle i won't be seen

with mike's bowie

the brothers
*mike actually tip toed*

me and my hot babe-dear kei

hot babe with the 2 hot guys from different town

with hock hou

the super bright pic with mike


with the prom queen-cheryl

us with prom queen

with the 2 prom queens of segi college
segi college kl-rae