Tuesday, November 20, 2007

9 papers left

finally..after suffering from two weeeks..all the hardest paper for me had gone...hahahaha..bt of course i still need to study and work hard for those..at least i could get more A!!!
i took all together 11 subjects..i'm having the most subject in my class..or maybe among the pure art classes..why..? is because i'm the only 1 hu took additional mathematics among those classes...wahahaha..kinda proud of it... xp
so from 21 papers of 11 subject, left only 9 papers of 5 subjects to go...!!!!hahaa cant wait to the day on 4th december...

just felt so excited how am i gonna spend my time after SPM...of course i do planned some things to do:
1. going for youth camp on 5th and 6th december at port dickson,eagle ranch (thx to su for rearrange the date for me..thank you so much...muackxxx)
2. gonna learn driving and have a driving test between 7-13 december
3. going to jolin's concert on 14th december at genting (hahahaha finally i get my chance to meet my idol by not looking from the tv program or photos or website)
4. going to wei cheng's house and stay overnight there, of course hope she bring me to swimming (so sorry for her everytime ask me out but i always dun get a chance to)
5. might be going out with fiona and her boy to lagoon (of course not only 3 of us, i'm not tat bad to bcum a light bulb, mayb together with the other 3 person)
6. christmas celebration (maybe with my school ji muiz or temple ji muiz, either one..haha)
7. might be going to some of the friend's farewell party
8. looking for job for january-march
9. goin out with some friends that i've promised them ex: yuen wah, choon yu, tze chyong, jo ee and much much more...
10. of cousleep. rse i still need to eat and

hope that what i've planned dosen't go wrong..i'm will be having alot of fun on december...YEAH!!!cant wait until 4th december..n.n

Thursday, November 08, 2007

celebrity looks

today i viewed 1 of my friends blog and there he posted 1 celebrity looks alike and i try to do mine and this is wat i got..


Saturday, November 03, 2007

SPM coming!!!!

for those hu are having spm & stpm this year good luck and all the best in you exam..no more relaxing, no more playing, no more clubbing, no more going out late at night..!!! just stand for 1MONTH!!! after one month u guys can do whatever you want..
make sure you guys be healthy, eat well, sleep well and do take care of your own safety.. and also do pray alot for being well always, try not to be too pressure also...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


on the 31st october 2007 is one of the big day for me..is my graduation day and last day of my high school life..i'm so gonna miss the high school life, my high school friends, teachers and my favourite CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL!!!
in the early morning i reached the school and joee told me tat she has something to show me so she ask me to reach school earlier..so i try to rush as fast as i can..luckily i was in time..haha and then she showed me, weicheng and peiyi a video..made by her..omg i'm so touched by tat video she made for us the 4 jimuiz..then we had our last assembly many teachers wished us all the best in everything thank you for all the teachers for thier teachings..
then we went back to class get our ribbon and started to take photo with each other..
after that we assemble at the netball court to go into the school hall to have our graduation ceremony..1st we started from inviting the guest and our just retired principle came back..
then we start by siging the national anthem, state anthem and the school song..it was also the last time for us to sing the school song..so everyone sang happily and energeticly..
so started with the speech and kinda boring after that is the time to giving out the cert..haha my class and the other class which is 5p4 and 5p5 are so lucky we had the chance to get the leaving cert from our retired principle mdm. tan lin..so proud of it..
after getting all the leaving cert is time for the performance by students..our group is the 4th group..so when is our turn to sing kinda scare abit..we sang two songs
1st is the shinng friends then is the chinese song

A little faith brightens a rainy days
life is difficult you can't go away
don't hide yourself in the corner
you have my place to stay
sorrow is gonna say goodbye
opens up you see the happy sunshine
keep going on with your dreams
chasing tommoriw sunrise
the spirit can never die

sun will shine my friend
won't let you cry my dear
seeing you shed a tears
make my world dissapear
you never be alone in darkness
see my smile my friend
we are with you holding hands
you have got to believe
you are my destiny
we're meant to be your friends
thats what our friendship means


这些年 一个人
风也过 雨也走
有过泪 有过错
真爱过 才会懂
会寂寞 会回手
总有梦 总有你 在心中

一句话 一辈子
一声情 一杯酒
还有伤 还有痛
还要走 还有我

finish singing that song i almost cry bt try to stand it after that when the form six started to sing the second song and i dun remember wat is that and i cant stand it anymore i just burst out with tears omg i felt kinda stupid at that time...
then we sing the graduation song and auld lang syne, i was so touched at that time..sob sob
at night we having our class dinner we went to pyramid redbox had a buffet at there and sing along...haha..so fun bt still gonna miss all my dearie friends..and since that night was holloween so redbox had a free makeup for anyone to bcum a ghost..

my forever best jimuiz...

5p4 girls

5p4 boys
to all my dear friends i will never ever forget you guys and will keep those sweet memories in my heart. thx for giving me such a wonderful time in high school and i go to say sorry if i offended you guys thanks to all of u i will appreciateand treasure the friendship among us take care guys and all the best in everything..i love all of you..miss you all...n.n
if anything i will surely be there at your side my friends to support u all..take care