Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the past 2 months~

i shall start from 28th march
Cheryl and Rae's super late house warming
well i have to say the food there was awesome~!
choc fondue, sushi, cupcakes, fruit tart, ice-cream, chocolates, salad and BAILEY~!!
hahaha i only drank abit of bailey, well cause i really don't like the milky taste, but it was overall not bad.
but i missed out the spaghetti =( i was kinda looking forward to it thou
having the big amount of food makes jiaern and I had a stomach ache, i really feel like vomitting, but after tat i was okay, poor jiaern suffer till home.
there's twister session, mahjong, ps3, and pictionary session, hahaha it was really really fun~!!!
but i only join in pictionary session, but seeing them playing i had a big laughter~!

well i have to say a big THANK YOU~! to cheryl and rae for organizing this party and inviting me, honestly never in my life had choc fondue b4 as in dripping the fruits in the choc foundation =D

3rd April

last day of exam~! wohoo~!! that day was really a big relieved so we ended up celebrating in pryamid's full house, and celebrate ai ling's advance birthday
well i've nth much to say about that, but overall was not bad =) i miss the girls soo much

after the exams, just nice i had 2 weeks of holidays in work
then a few of us decided to had an outing to genting~! there's catherine, elaine, alia, claire, puishan, and I that went, well i was pretty upset that anisah couldn't make it, if she was there, then there would be a lot more fun~!

7th april
early in the morning, cat picked me up from home (thanks dear) and head to her boyf's hse that came along, then we meet up with the rest of the girls, so the journey starts.
from breakfast then to ulu yam's damp

in the car with cat and puishan

well i've went there before, and is a really nice scene there
with pui shan

see i told u is nice rite

well i dun have the group pic is with some1 else's cam
next off to hotspring~!!

i fail drawing eyeliner in the car, the road was super bumpy and i ended up feel like puking

this is the hot spring pool

this is the original hot spring

but non of us went into the pool at all we only put our hands inside and thats it hahaha

see all dry

next head up to gothong jaya, changed our clothes then to strawberry park, well i should say is a multipark, not only it has a strawberry park, they sell different kinds of plants, they plant cherry tomatoes there, mushrooms, and honey~!! lol

after changing



caught stealing

orchid lah~

ling zhi~!!

next station skyway~! all of us took the cable car
the scene from the cable car
well when we reach up there i have to say that, never in my life, felt that genting was SUPER HOT~!!! oh gosh the hot sun and is not breezy at all~
well at least is a lil bit cool up there
from left: alia, may, elaine, catherine, adrian, claire

elaine was upset cause the snake has left, but she does not seem sad at all
as alia~ saje posing there hahahaa

well i was really sad that i didnt get to ride the cockscrew and the pirate ship was close =(
and i also wanna take pic with the snake~!!
but at least i get to carry it =D

the night scence when going down

elaine was super scare, as u can see she's closing her eyes hahaha

i was proud that i manage to entertain the girls in the cable car, by having a silly karaokae session, hope that i did not annoy them thou
overall it was really fun~! and i'm glad that i'm able to mix in the girls whereby i'm the only new 1 among them.
we should have a karaoke session together next time~!!

10th april
celebrate kenneth's belated bday and theng jee's bday~!
well nth much to say, i'm just happy to meet my boyfriends again.

theng jee

kah wai


zhen guan

koon rui

and we're always the only 2 girls that hang out with them hahahaaha
the Tan cousins

well our plan of having korean bbq fail due to the time we went for lunch all the restaurants were closed so we have no choice but to go wong kok

11th april
celebrate another 2 april babies and both of them are born on the same day
now i proudly present~

maxx and amanda~!!
the april fool babies hahahaha
yes no joke, they're born on april fool's day
the only 3 girls

chatting in the middle of no where
and we decided to go for ice-cream session~!
as i was really craving for ice-cream hahaha

something went into my eye

head to forever 21
spotted 2 minnie

wonder girls wanna be~! hahaha

while deciding for where to go for dinner
i got bullied =(


ole-ole bali for dinner
this girl never fail to entertain any1
thats why i love her

amanda got her hair burnt

spotted a couple *ngek ngek*

drinking session

i know i'm pretty lazy to describe everything now, but picture paints a thousand words
and it was super fun day i had =)

1st of April
to Maxx:
although i've not known u for long,
but you're a great friend, a great guy
and i never regret to get to know you =)
i heart you banyak banyak

1st of April
to Amanda:
babe, i'm really glad that i get back in touch with you
and you're still the cute girl that i know
i hope that i do get in touch with you more =D
thanks for giving this opportunity for celebrating your day with you =)
hope you like the present that i've choose
love you banyak

4th April
to Ai Ling:
i've know you for the past 2 years
and i never regret to get to know you, you are the one that were there even thou i'm really down
you are a really nice girl and i really appreciate you a lot =)
i'm gonna miss you sooo much dear
love you banyak
all the best in your career
i'll support you =D

5th April
to Kenneth:
well my brother, my entertainer, my friend, my boyfriend
ahh i dunno what to call you
although it has become a tradition for us to celebrate your bday each year
and everytime is not a big 1 and just a simple meal
but in a way is a chance where we get to meet each other too
knowing you for so long
you are the best guy friend that i've had
i really appreciate you alot for entertaining me all the time
i heart you banyak~!!

10th April
to Theng Jee:
this is the 1st time celebrating your bday
hope that you enjoyed the celebration with you
although i'm not quite close to you
but you're really a 1 nice guy friend of mine =)
all the best in your studies and everything

11th April
to Michelle Phan:
i know you might not be reading this
but i've followed you since a year ago
and from the day i've started to watched your videos,
i've become a big fan~!
you've inspired me alot
not only in terms of make up
but in other different ways
i really hope to meet you 1 fine day
that would be my biggest dream of all =D
well I'll have to thank your mother for bringing you into this world or else there wouldn't be you =)
hereby i would like to wish you
all the best in your career in Lancome and IQQU
hope that you stay well and happy always
keep up the work
the world needs you =)
i heart you~!!
and support you always