Sunday, December 26, 2010

beauty is the key to every girl

many of you may disagree, but hello why on earth did girls ever want to be pretty and as skinny as possible?
so that they looks nice =)
why looking nice?
well perhaps they felt more confident, and they get the attention that they needed, they are trying to attract some guys, and mayb thats their style.

So hereby am telling you that, I AM VEIN ~!! so does the other girls, just depending on how vein we girls can be, and we have different style.
well of course girls would like to attract guys not only with thier body but the face! and here i'm gonna brag about the skin care and cosmetic i have, HAHAHAHAHAHA
start to be jealous people!! xp

well start off from this cosmetic table, well i don't rmb the word for it. so thats where i kept all my skin care and cosmetic stuff =)

before that WARNING! there're lots of blurry pictures, truly apologize for that cz i don't have a good quality camera and i have shakey hands
so let's start

well messy as hell but let's start from the right clear glass shelf
what's inside?

is messy inside too, so let's go smth more detail
basically what i have inside here are skin care products, some body products and etc

these are the skin care products, starting from left:
natio eye gel, iQQU acne serum, iQQU advance sunscreen spf35, clean & clear's toner, ZA's blemish shoot lotion, iQQU advance sunscreen spf50, Neutrogena's sunblock spf50, Neutrogena's moisturizer and iQQU's jasmine rice scrub.

no i'm not gonna talk deeply how good it is, if you're interested to know just ask me about it in the comments, i'm willing to answer you how i feel about the products =)

well these are my make up removers
elianto's cream make up remover, elianto's eye and lip make up remover, neutrogena's make up remover lotion, lancome's toner

here're my perfumes and some other stuff
dkny green apple, dkny pink blossom, mary kay's Bella perfume, the body shop's perfume in aqua lily, elianto's nail polish remover, stage's brush cleanser, bio-oil

and this is the body butter that i use, not oftenly only when my skin is really dry and flaky
is the body shop's cranberry body butter

these are my cleansers, well of course they stay in the bathroom
neutrogena's deep clean cleasing foam, st ives apricot scrub, the 1 in the cylinder i use it to scrub my body, but is okay to scrub on ur face, neutrogena's make up remover cleanser, neutrogena fine fairness cleanser

okay so that's it for skin care products let's move on to cosmetics
well i shall start off with the brushes i have, i kept it all in the shelf below.
do scroll back up and check out where izit

call me insane but yea i'm a huge brush collector, some are missing cz i've jus used it and is not wash yet. just so u know i've already threw a few brushes away as i find them really useless, but those leftovers are still what i'm liking =)

okay so move on the what's on the table
1st we have a mini traffic colour shelf on the table
so the top shelf are these

these are my concelers basically, some i didn't bother to put it together cz i really don't like using them at all. so the 2 blue tube is the Za's concealer, then definite's colour corrector wheel, and estee lauder's concealer/highlighter

move on to the 2nd shelf
where all the lip products are inside
the mini pink tube is benefit's mini posietint, the 4 yellow tubes are burtsbee's lipbalm
and i only have 2 glosses, YSL golden gloss and revlon's colour stay mineral gloss
from left: rimmel's lipliner, elianto's lipliner, 2 maybelline's pure watershine lipstick, 2 maybelline's moisture extreme lipstick, 2 lancome's colour fever lipstick, revlon's super lustrous lipstick and elianto's spa lipstick.

and yea they're all in different shades
so let's move on to the 3rd shelf

this is where i kept all my eyebrows stuff, eyeliners and eyelash glue

eyelash glue

rimmel's eyebrow pencil, and maybelline's eyebrow kit

left part are all my pencil eyeliners, elianto, silky girl, stage, revlon, in2it
then my gel and cream liners, 2 maybelline's gel liner in brown and black, loreal h.i.p cream liner in brown and bobbi brown's famous black gel liner
on the right are my liquid eyeliners, majolica majorica and maybelline's studio drama

so that's all..
hahaha still got more on the table and drawer

my nail polish, all from elianto

a cup of???


maybelline's magnum in borwn and black, loreal's double extension, rimmel glam eyes, lancome's oscillation, majolica majorica's and max factor's falsh lash effect.

a gold colour box full of foundations

rimmel's lasting finish liquid foundation, giorgo armani silk fabric, revlon colour stay, loreal true match mineral powder foundation, Za's two-way powder foundation and the mini 1 is the sample of bobbib brown's foundation.

then next off to a greenish box

it has blushes
from left bobbi brown's shimmer brick in nectar, lancome's sparkling cherub, shu uemera highlight radiant stick, elianto's touch blush, stage's blush and silky girl's blush

and just to show you smth that i'm really upset about =(
see the bobbi brown's blush there, is actually the 1 that i'm most proud of, and is suppose to look like this

gorgeous huh?

and i've dropped like a few times and it turns out to be

and that's out my heart turns out to be too, totally crush, is soo expensive and is my favourite too =(
okay let's move on, there's smth else in the box besides blush

sample size of definite make up base, lancome's make up primer, urban decay's eye primer, 2 shu uemera's eye lash curler, 1 is the normal 1 the other is mini. and the whole roll of silver thingy there is a cool stuff.
is known as the wet cotton bud, u can fix any smudges when you're out just bring that along.

well now let's move on to whats on this treasure box and the drawer

all the mini eyshadows and display it along with the 1 in the drawers

hahaha did i freak you out??
well yea i really love collecting all these

kate, silky girl, maybelline, loreal h.i.p, elianto and the eyeshadow palletes i got it online =)

well not to forget, FAKE LASHES!!

well as you can see where i spend my money at now XD
i love drawing on ppl's face, so yea if u need me to draw on your face, do let me know am willing to help you hahahahahaha.
well that's my hobby

do ask me anything by dropping comments
aite take care people
with much loves


Friday, December 17, 2010


okay is effin cold right now, no I'm not in an airconditioned room, there's only a fan in my room. I guess is the rain that cause the cozy weather, best time to sleep XD

so what's up people, I'M FINALLY ON HOLIDAY~!!!! *jumps*
so the upcoming event shall be camp, might be my last camp with them bohoo
so what's for hols besides camp?
i guess another plan was to have a great spa with my babe jiaern! yes our 1st time going for a spa, pampering ourselves after the whole year of not doing anything to ourselves.
so what's for christmas?? i seriously have no idea. perhaps i have a girly session with the babes.
You must be wondering why am I never ever bored of girls huh? working with girls, being in the same class with girls, now i'm still having out with girls???!! wth?!!
oh wells i guess i'm just used to it. FYI i'm no lesbo okay!

but of course holidays won't be sooooooooooo perfect, there's definitely a spoiler. ASSIGNMENTS!!! BOOOO YOU!! a big spoiler to my holiday, i don't even understand a bloody single thing from there, oh wells blame myself for not being able to concentrate in class at all.

sigh i have to say that I MISS MY NIGHT LIFE !!!! i need some alchohol~!!!!!
truly need alchohol!!! missing all the shaking the dancing and the "flirting" meh not really, is too dark inside.
well it shows that is coming to the end of 2011
if u ask me where to countdown just so you know ever since the day i was born i'll never go somewhere crowded to countdown. is just toooo pack! but i'm sure is fun, oh wells i can still see fireworks from my house, so who cares...

so what's for 2011?? i guess i'll just be busy with work and studies, gotta really know how to manage my time. If i'm lucky enough to be able to quit my studies then i should be alright! hahahahha xp please people i need you to motivate me and convince me to continue studying. I can seriously give up anytime. and what else will I be doing? crying the entire year, LOL

"gosh this girl is sooo WEIRD" i know that's what you're thinking right now, how can i be LOL-ing when i'm gonna cry the entire 2011?
well people that are closer to me are leaving. and I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL!!!
but they're all leaving for good, i cannot be stopping them right? wells I truly wish them all the luck and the best in everything. Make sure that they do mail me a boyf for my 21st birthday.

i guess i'll busying attending those birthday parties of my other friends too? but if you ask me how would I wanna celebrate. first and foremost, i will never want to invite every1 to my house and set a tent and look for caterer and whatever, no! not even for my bachelorette party.
well is just my point of opinion not offending any1 there, i just don't like it. I don't want to be sooo busy entertaining every1, and leaving out some ppl. is pretty unfair eh. and i guess i don't have that much friends to be invited. Yes I'm not a very socialize person, I don't have much friends.
2ndly, I couldn't afford to open a party also lah, budget wei~~~ is my birthday i'm suppose to receive money~!! HAHAHAHAHAH xp
well If you can't think of what to buy for me, don't need to crack up your head, just give me ang pao with cash inside! i'll be sooo happy~! XP
so i guess my choice is, not even bothering to celebrate at all. I don't like celebrating my birthday anyways. Call me superstitious or whatever but I'm still gonna tell you that, every time after I celebrate my birthday, there's definitely something bad happen. So yea, forget about celebrating my birthday, especially 21~! well is just turning a year older and officially being an adult?? well i'm still a child mentally.

okay what else to update? hmmmm
OH YA! my convocation will be next year!!! JANUARY 16TH, please don't even bother about it, is just a diploma, nth big. but the great thing is, i get to meet back all my classmates! yesh i dooo miss all of them! is sad that we might not be seeing each other so often anymore =( but i'm sure we will try to keep in touch with each other =)

so i guess that's about it, oh yes, just so you wonder, i'm still going to work in the same place next year and same class. Hoping for everything to goes well *crossing fingers*
aite take care people

with much loves

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i guess am still not strong at all, i can sound real useless at times, i know there're lots of people that can be worse than me, their life can be real bad and worse than mine for 10 times, but I felt like giving up at times too.

see i told'ya i'll be making more complains than usual. I felt real lifeless.
I guess i'm just too money minded. If i'm putting on all the hard work and i get paid, i don't mind. But having me paying sooooooooooooo much and making me do sooooooooooooo much work that can cause me to mental breakdown anytime, is just not worth it! =(

i'll be fine real soon

Sunday, December 12, 2010

coming to year end

so is already december, which means CHRISTMAS~!!!! i don't know why but i felt sooo excited about christmas this year, is not like i have any plans going on or whatever.

but this shows that 2011 is coming, oh wells time flies eh.
so 2010 i can't say is a great year, but is definitely a last year for me to enjoy before turning to an officially adult! lol it doesn't make sense at all i know. i shall do it in different categories

1st and foremost, whatever that i've been spending time on, work
yes I love my job, although i am truly unsatisfied with my pay >.< but seriously i never felt that i didn't wanna do a single thing from there. I wish to be even more committed, and help my senior, Sara, more in work based. yes she is my senior and my working partner for the entire year, so i basically spend the whole year with her from mon-fri! except holidays and our leave. so yea
she's my great great great senior, who guided me all the way the whole year, and i seriously learn a lot from her. I tell u i have the coolest senior of all, i bet u all won't have when u all are working! hah! xp
besides i do have other colleagues such as joanne, anisah, rani, kavi, pui shan, claire, amelia, aunty mary, aunty selvi, aunty prema, aunty susan.
and not to forget alia, irene and elaine, and they're leaving for good =)
alia all the best to you in ampang, wishing u the best luck and u'll get to know all the awesome ppl there.
irene, once again congratulations for becoming a principle trainee, u're 1 great person i've known.
e laine, although i still get to see u until january 8, but all the best to you in ur studies, i'm sure u'll do great in it =D

so yea, my i have 16 children in my class, and working in upper level for a new comer for me, is kinda hard, plus is a mix age group, which is even harder. well a great great challenge for me~ woot! so i guess i'll be working in the same age group next year, well is kinda fun to work with older children. there're lots of things that u'll get to see unexpectedly, children may surprise u with their knowledge, and there'll be 20 children for us next year, "congratulations" to both sara and I. lol

overall, my work life is great! it may not be perfect, it may be stressful sometimes but is definitely a job that i like =)

welll just started my studies in degree, am still not liking it, i only like it when i get to meet up with emily and melanie, lol. well this is the only thing that i felt stressful with. just so u know i'm not the type that likes to study or read books, am not a book person, sad case huh. I'll try to learn how to love books aite?

as to my sunday school peeps, am not very active this year, well i tend to slack off a lot, and i won't be going back in 2011 anymore, well perhaps mayb to help out in certain events and just drop by for a visit. but definitely not fully committed in it. But is great to get to know all of you there, will see u guys during camp, will enjoy that last moment with u all =)

so i guess thats it, and to whoever that are closer to me, well u just think you are then you are, hahahahahah xp im very greatful to have u all, people that have been entertaining me, trying to cheer me up, caring for me, spending time with me, u know i do love all of you =)
and to whoever that are leaving me next year, lucky u, to make me miss you all even more, lol.
yes don't expect me to stay strong in next year, i might be the weakest girl u'll ever seen.
I'll complain even more next year, who knows rite? So do ask me out when i'm having holiday i would love to hang out with u all =)

take care, much love from me