Saturday, February 19, 2011

thoughts on make ups

well this is my own personal thoughts on make ups. is all based on experience, what I've seen and what I was inspired by.

well as you people know that I'm truly obsessed with cosmetics, but you don't see me having the super thick make up often, most of the time i don't even put make up.

Make up is an art, a skills and knowledge for girls in order to enhance their beauty features, well it can be use to transform their look, and some of you guys will totally freak out after seeing a girl removing their make up on their face. But why do all these girls want to make themselves soo pretty? Well they felt more confident when it comes to having a good appearance towards other people, they may want to attract some guys that they've been admiring, well sometimes is just for the sake of the job, and some of them just loooove having make up on.

Well a girl is willingly to put the effort to take their time in order to make themselves looking beautiful shows that how much time they've used up just for doing that. Plus learning how to put on make up isn't an easy job as well, it takes time for girls to learn, step by step.
I myself have no knowledge on cosmetics and make up. I just love how to see girls putting on make up since young. When i was still a small girl, I'll try to sneak in to my mother's room and use up her cosmetics and pile up as much as make up as I can, i ended up looking like a clown, but at the mean time having fun doing it.
So when i got older, i kinda hated having cosmetics on, I used to think that people are fake when they have cosmetics on, and not being natural enough. Sooner I was amazed by this make up artist from youtube known as Michelle Phan. Slowly I start to search around on other gurus, and wahlah here I am now, being soo obsessed in making myself prettier.
So i learn by watching youtube videos from different make up artist, slowly doing some research, checking out reviews on what are the good cosmetics and tried on different types of it. Investing all my money on it. To some people I may be wasting money, but I gain happiness from it.

Of course i felt kinda wasted for buying so much and ended up not using that much, but there's 1 benefit, I love to help people as well. Start off by helping the choir members, dancers from temple, and that time, I was still very bad in it. Looking back at my own pictures with make up, GOSH! I looks like a ghost, well like i said, it takes time to learn, and by practicing and investing on good cosmetics, that's how it helps. Now I don't mind helping any1 to do make up for them for free, because i'm not a qualified make up artist, not certificates and not much experience. But I still love doing it. =)

As guys, most of them would prefer having their girls don't have any make up and being natural all the time, but come on, not all the girls in the whole wide world can look pretty without having make up on, well I'm 1 of them. Seriously having a girl investing their money on cosmetics and skin care products is a big sacrifice for them. How much time they've used up to try to make themselves pretty, and don't think that's it. Whenever they got home, how tired are they they still have to make sure that they remove their make up properly, fyi is a no no for any1 to have make up on to sleep. Is gonna cause their skin condition to be bad or worse.
So guys, do appreciate on how girls that put on make up.

and to the girls out there, I'm not trying to convince you to put on make up everytime and make it a must. If you don't like it is okay, no1 is gonna force you. Yes some of you may be really lazy to do so, well I am lazy as well, but look at the result after how much effort you've put on, isn't it great? But try not to put on the whole pile of make up on your face, you don't need that, u just need the right amount to enhance your features. Well you do not want to scare off any guys after showing them ur naked face rite? and overdoing it can scare of some guys as well. Try to seek for help from people that knows abt it, do some research or watch youtube videos, there're lots of awesome gurus there with different type of features that can help you.
well most important is your skin care routine, putting on cosmetic can enhance your features, but having a good skin helps better in it. With a good skin you'll have to put lesser make up and you won't freak out that much guys.

Besides, make up can be an art. I personally am impressed with lots of other people outside there, using such a simple thing and they could create a beautiful canvas, portrait or whatever you all it on their eyes, face and others. Of course that stage is kinda hard to achieve. Oh wells I'm still learning, and have more to learn. Hopefully 1 day I could really be 1 of the most successful 1, doing something that I like.

So i guess that's my thoughts of it. More to come about cosmetics =)
If any of you disagree with me is okay, every1 has their own thoughts on it.
Take care peeps
much love

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