Monday, February 07, 2011

2011's valentine

well for 2011's
u must be wondering why?
is it because i'm jealous of other people receiving chocolates, flowers, candies, having a romantic date.
the answer is NO

well i don't even bother about all these, as I'm still single
now u might be thinking "owh, that's why"

if u notice i did mention for the year 2011
well my bestie Cheong Hvey Jci a.k.a Maria is gonna catch a flight at 9am and fly to aussie
and I'm not gonna see her for 2 years. =(
well not only that, but I don't get to send her off due to being loyal to work. *ya rite*
yes i post this to make her cry~! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i know i'm the devil

i don't know what more to say here, but i know she's gonna cry for mua, and so do I xp
PLEASE maria cheong, have a farewell with us aite??!!!

full love from me~! =(


sp said...

i hope she cries! ;)

Hvey Jci / Kei said...