Tuesday, October 04, 2011

still continuing

So I've been thinking of deleting this blog and let it gone forever, but look, there's a post updated here now, i guess there's just too much things to be kept here, and showing how much i've grown by reading the oldest post compare to now.
I just don't know what to write in this blog, and since is public, I CAN'T SIMPLY POST WHATEVER I WANT~!! hahahahahahaha

but still gonna throw in some updates, probably most of you has already know all about it~

there goes 3 weeks back, another 2 of my babes left, cheryl and Jiaern~! i hate farewells, so of course I cried, and guess what I was the 1 that cried the most on the spot. gah i'm a cry baby i know. but I still miss them lah!!
Is hard even thou when they're here we didn't really talk much, but at least i have some1 to randomly text or call to hang out. but now....oh wells life gotta go on, but I'm gonna wait for them to come back, or just hoping till the day where i manage to save lots of money and visit them.

well i just hope for the best for both of them. And yea i am jealous that they seemed to have lots of fun there when i'm all alone here, pfft!

Next comes to work
So a few of my colleagues has already left the school. Well I miss all of them, Sara, Pui Shan, Emilia and Anisah, especially SARA~!!! I've been working with her for 1 year and 8 months ever since the day i started working in this company. Without her I wouldn't have been able to handle a class alone by myself now. I've learnt soooo much and it all thanks to her! Boo for not being able to work with her anymore.

well of course i wish her and the rest all the best in their future ahead. I'm happy for all of them.

So basically, I'm working with a younger age group now from 3-4 years old with Rani, and yea she's a great helper, am totally grateful to have her.
It was challenging for me for the 1st 2 weeks, and totally got sooo confused with everything. Well, it has been a month working with those children now, and I do enjoy that class alot, children there are just sooooo cute! well of course there're some that do get on my nerves, what to do? tell me which job that doesn't stress u up?

speaking abt my job, more and more freelance jobs are coming to me, which is a good thing~! it means more income! muahahahahaha!! but still spending soo much.

Basically that's all, nth much going in my life, meh what a boring life I have, well the latest was me going to S'pore with Anita and Jiaern, which was during mid august, went to universal studio and night safari there. All I can say is, things there are SOOOOO EXPENSIVE~!! but I kinda love that place, only if I'm earning s'pore money.

so this is us in universal studio.

Next, don't ask me about partying, I've been missing out all the parties, the last time I partied was i guess July??!! gah I know, I suck! hahahaha well, wrong timing when I was being asked, is either I have other plans, or I wasn't feeling good at all. Well I miss partying lah~!!!

I guess nth much else to say, just some updates about myself. Told'ya my blog is getting boring~
cz my life is.

Hopefully more to come.


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