Wednesday, January 05, 2011

decision made

yes i've made the decision.

"What decision?"

well i'm soo sorry to make you all even more curious, because I'm unable to reveal it first until it has to be done. Perhaps if you ask me privately I may consider to answer you =)

tmr is back to work day.
I just realize I've been a year there, still remember how excited I got when is the 1st day of working, how blur I was, and how nervous I was. Well those were the silly moments, I still remember it takes such a loooong time for me to cut the things perfectly. I can't even cut with blades confidently, but now, fuiyo~! jus sweep across, and wahlah. oh wells, practice makes things perfect thou.

and why the hell am I still blogging at this time?
I just couldn't sleep =(
I'm gonna be sooooooo tired tmr.

oh wells people, i need some suggestion on what to post on this blog. Seriously out of idea, I know i need more pictures, and last time I'll make my post as colurful as I can, but now, I'm just too lazy....
well will definitely appreciate all of the suggestion given by you all and will try to fulfil it =)

much love from me

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